The Summer Yoga Camp, kept every year on the coast of the Black Sea, in Costinesti, Romania is one of the most significant and unique spiritual events of the year. Organized around the time of the yearly solar hiatus it gathered thousands of yoga practitioners who participate in numerous workshops, lectures, spiritual exemplifications, spiritual initiations, initiatic Art shows and more…

The Summer Yoga Camp was first organized after the fall of the communist regime. It was a landmark event, since it marked the end of the era where the practice of spirituality was deemed illegal by the Romanian authorities.

Since then, together with a Yoga Camp kept in May, in Baile Herculane, Romania, it is one of the largest and most profound spiritual events not only in Romania, but in the world.

Over the period of five weeks, the Camp offers a multitude of profound spiritual activities. Teachers from different counties will be delivering seminars and lectures on profound spiritual notions. Amongst those one should especially look forward to new conferences offered by Gregorian Bivolaru, who despite the prosecution by the Illuminati (connected with the Freemasonry) which resulted in his recent unjust imprisonment, continues to be the most prolific proponent of genuine spirituality of our times.

Participants of the Camp will also experience the one-of-a-kind spiritual exemplifications of profound spiritual states. Spiritual exemplifications, offered by Grieg, allow experiencing states which otherwise require intense training using spiritual methods. Having received a seed of a state through the agency of such an initiatic act of exemplification, you will be able to get a ‘taste’ of it and a great support in establishing the respective state permanently within your being.

The Camp will also offer a number of advanced spiritual initiations – such as induction into States of Benefical Trance, Svarga Loka, Indra, Kalki and more. Those initiations, made available to students of Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation Atman are unique occurrences world-wide and reveal profound aspects of our spiritual nature.

Activities will include powerful Yang Spiral meditations, Brahmarandra Spirals and the most famous – yearly Hiatus Spiral, open to all (even those who are not students of Yoga in any of the schools within Atman Federation).

Effects of Yogic Spiral Meditation

Like every year, the Summer Yoga Camp will include manifestations of Initiatic Art, presented by spiritual art groups. These shows uniquely present the Art as it’s seen and used by Initiates – as a means to channel elevated godly states onto the audience, as well as within Artists involved.

Out of the on-stage shows there is none more amazing than the annual Miss Shakti Contest. In this extraordinary manifestation, women from all over the world will involve in a sisterly-competition which will make them realize the superior nature and the infinite force of Shakti – the Universal Feminine Force. A deeply transformative experience both for the contestant as well as the audience, Miss Shakti has been the crown jewel of this entire spiritual event.

Separate conferences for Men, Women and then Men and Women, will offer invaluable information on developing your inborn polarity thus opening the doorway to immensely potent tools of transformation through applying milleniary tantric methodology. Special series of spiritual exemplifications offered on this occasion will help crystalize the profound states related to the manifestation of the universal polar nature in your being.

This year, for the third time, the Summer Camp will include an exceptional healing event. It will be kept on 1st September and is open to all. Since its first occurrence three years ago, this extraordinary event has proven to enable miraculous acts of healing and profound transformations, through the power of Godly Grace.

These are just some of the highlights of this year’s Summer Yoga Camp which will be kept 1st August –  4th September. For more detailed information, visit and