On the tantric path the divine feminine, SHAKTI, plays an important role in the spiritual awakening. The 10 Mahavidyas or Great Cosmic Powers are called the wisdom goddesses (”maha” means great and ”vidya” means wisdom) and they inspire and challenge the spiritual aspirant towards achieving the ultimate spiritual goal as well as being a daily guiding companion on the path.

• Presentation of the tantric tradition of adoration of Shakti and the manifestation of the universal feminine force as the 10 Great Cosmic Powers
• Tantric principles under the sphere of force of CHINNAMASTA
• What is the ego and the importance of transcending it
• Divine anger and its role in overcoming limitations
• Courage and self-sacrifice on the spiritual path
• Unique exemplifications, meditations and practical exercises with specific nuances of the energy of the Great Cosmic Power CHINNAMASTA
• Tantric exercises of transfiguration and rituals of adoration


KALI: The Great Cosmic Power of Transformation
TARA: The Great Cosmic Power of Compassion and Godly Grace TRIPURA SUNDARI: The Great Cosmic Power of Beauty, Truth and Harmony
BHUVANESHWARI: The Great Cosmic Power of Space and Knowledge
TRIPURA BHAIRAVI: The Great Cosmic Power of Discipline and Sacrifice
CHINNAMASTA: The Great Cosmic Power of Courage and Transcending of the Ego
DHUMAVATI: The Great Cosmic Power of Sublime Vacuity BAGALAMUKHI: The Great Cosmic Power of Fascination and Stopping
MATANGI: The Great Cosmic Power of Universal Order and Wisdom
KAMALATMIKA: The Great Cosmic Power of Godly Fulfilment and Abundance This year we will explore

CHINNAMASTA – The Cosmic Power of Infinite Courage

CHINNAMASTA, the Great Cosmic Power of endless Courage and transcendence of the ego. She manifests the supreme self-sacrifice: the cutting off of the head (the mind/ego) in order to discover what is beyond, instantly taking you beyond all limitations!

CHINNAMASTA manifests the true spiritual heroism, boldness and bravery. She helps the aspirant to immediately overcome tormenting and negative resonances, such as fear, anxiety, being stuck in the mind, temptations, demonic attacks, enabling us to achieve a heroic attitude, to look our fears and inner demons in the eye and with an instant enlightening flash of clarity and superior perspective severing their influence over us and setting us free.

CHINNAMASTA awakens in us an attitude of self-sacrifice, courageously and joyfully giving up everything which holds us back, daring to step into the unknown, to be without the apparent safety of the mind or anything familiar, in order to be able to rise to a new level.

The divine anger (oriented against all evil but especially against the ego) is the specific energy of CHINNAMASTA, which can act instantaneously and produce sudden transformations and change of perspective. She is known as the most efficient protector against any negative influence and the most fierce enemy of the ego.

About the teachers
The Chinnamasta retreat is kept by Advaita and Adina Stoian, founders of the Mahavidya Retreats with more than 25 years of experience in the work with the Cosmic Powers. Countless hours of meditation and reflecting on the universal principles which guide our lives have resulted in an amazing wealth of understanding, personal revelations and experience, which they share with inspiring enthusiasm, brilliant clarity, relatable stories, and humorous perspectives.

Advaita and Adina are also co-authors (together with Gregorian Bivolaru, the original founder and spiritual guide of Natha and its sister yoga/tantra schools) of the revolutionary Tantra Intensive course with almost 400 lessons taught in Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation.


Price including food & accommodation: 3795 kr / 510 €
(EARLY BIRD price until 1/5: 3495 kr / 470 €)

Sign up and more information: write us an email [email protected] or sign up on our website www.natha.dk

OBS! The Chinnamasta Mahavidya Retreat is for those initiated in Mahavidya Yoga (from 2nd year & up in the Atman Federation teaching system).

The retreat will take place in the lush Danish countryside of Stevns, in Paradise Retreat Centre. The spectacular garden will be transformed for Summer Soul with various chill-out spaces, hot tubs and meeting places of unearthly delights. The main activities will take place in the amazing, modernized 450 m2 Valhalla Hall coming out from the old farmhouse granary.

Paradise Retreat Centre offers simple dormitory accommodation. If you wish to have your own room we will help and guide you to guest houses and hotels in the local area within a few minutes’ drive from Paradise Retreatcenter.

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