According to the ancient scriptures written millenia ago by Yogic sages, the capacities of our minds are nearly infinite. They state with confidence that it is within every person’s power to be the author of his or her own life, using the intricate connection between our minds, or bodies and the world around us.

How many of us however can claim with confidence actually using this invaluable tool to the fullness of its potential and achieving such amazing effects? Or to even be able to have access and practical understanding of its functions? Don’t we rather feel that we have little influence of what is going on in our minds?

In modern times we are barely aware of the vast potentials of the mind – or have little understanding of how we can access them. In this era of information, we are constantly bombarded by images, words, concepts, ideas – but it’s nearly impossible to filter through and use them. In fact, the reality is even more disturbing, as often the information is programming our behaviour without us even knowing it.

All that can be changed, when we will rediscover that we do have access to the remote control of our mind and learn how to operate it with ease.

In this seminar, Advaita Stoian, a scientific researcher who devoted his life to the exploration of the hidden human potentials and who managed to access a great many of them, will teach you some fundamental techniques to access the enormous potential of your mind and to transform your life in whichever way you want.

You will learn:
– to improve your memory and focus
– to be free from stress, remaining fully conscious in all life’s experiences
– to experience the silence of the mind – the blissful state when that occurs when the constant chatter of the mind stops
– to purify your mind, removing unnecessary thoughts, keeping it clean for frustrations and confusions
– to make your mind efficient, fast and clear

If you still wonder if that seminar is for you, answer to yourself this very simple question: Can I focus on something for an indefinite amount of time, without any other thoughts? How about 5 minutes? How about 15 seconds?

If your honest answer is ‘no’, then this seminar will open to you brand new possibilities.

Location: Natha Yogacenter

Price:  PREPAID: 100 DKK (75 DKK Natha students). Bring a friend/partner – 150 DKK for both of you. At the door: 150 DKK pr person.

Sign up: [email protected]