2012 Warnings: The Third Secret of Fatima Starts to Come True

Oct 13, 2010 | Spirituality

2012 Catastrophic Predictions of Fatima become active…

Last year in the InternationalYoga Camp in Costinesti, Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) published a booklet called “The Third Secret of Fatima Revealed”. In this booklet Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) warned people about this prophecy and its validity. At that time, there were some raised voices (as there are for many of Gregorian Bivolaru’s (Grieg’s) powerful statements that disturb the ego-centred ones) about this book, with concerns saying that its ‘airy-fairy prophecies’, which are only speculations, alarm people.

It is not the first time Gregorian Bivolaru’s (Grieg’s) vision has proved to be right, and the book that was published for the participants at the International Yoga Camp in Costinesti has now been validated by the recent scientific news of the solar activity during 2012 – 2013.

With this article i am opening a new section for all the events and initiatives related to the difficult times we have today in our world.

I strongly hope that the public awareness will be raised and will not follow a direction of meaningless panic or by the exteriorized efforts to fix the universe before solving our own problems.

The 2012 Catastrophic Predictions used by the freemasons are a method to induce more fear and create more confusion in the masses.

The free masons use these opportunities to raise the levels of fear and to create even more confusion in the masses, in this way making people become even more docile. And the reaction of denial that some people have towards the news about these difficult times – a reaction that is justified by the feeling that they are manipulated with these news – is at the same time serving thefreemasons, who find a place for everyone in the machine

The way i see these ‘signs’ of our times is just like seeing warnings that are meant to raise some fundamental questions in each of us (and of course to find certain solutions within) and not to feed the freemasons with the result of our panic and fears.

What makes our time difficult now is not the problems that might occur in the near future, but our reaction to transformation. But by learning from each other and learning how to live our life paying attention to our inner universe, we will become more open to transformation and the times that will come will be watched with interest and preparation.

Soon i will post the translation of Grieg’s message regarding the current situation and also the program “No To Apocalypse” that he recently launched.

Mary-and-FatimaInternational media on the 2012 Catastrophic Predictions

Here is some of the news that starts to appear in the mainstream media:

The following article was taken fromhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Solar flares could paralyse Britain’s power and communications, Britain’s electrical system, financial networks and transport infrastructure could all be paralysed by a solar flare or a nuclear attack, Liam Fox will warn next week.

The Defence Secretary will next week attend a summit of scientists and security advisers who believe the infrastructure that underpins modern life in Western economies is potentially vulnerable to electromagnetic disruption.

Such disruptions, which can shut down electrical equipment and cripple orbiting satellites, can be triggered by man-made nuclear blasts or natural events on the surface of the sun.

Dr Fox will tell the conference he believes there is a growing threat, and he wants to address the “vulnerabilities” in Britain’s high-tech infrastructure.

“As the nature of our technology becomes more complex, so the threat becomes more widespread,” he will say.

“While we all benefit from the products of scientific advances so we also create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by our enemies. However advanced we become the chain of our security is only as strong as its weakest link.”

The Coalition’s Strategic Defence and Security Review is considering potential weaknesses in Britain’s defences against high-tech attack or disruption.

While conventional military units, cyberwarfare and other technology-driven capabilities are likely to get more money when the review is concluded.

Much of the Ministry of Defence’s planning focuses on the risk of a hostile state exploding a nuclear weapon in space, creating a sudden, intense burst of electromagnetic energy called a high altitude electro-magnetic pulse.

The Daily Telegraph can disclose that one “nightmare scenario” being privately discussed by senior defence figures involves Iran successfully detonating a nuclear device high over Europe. “They could reduce our civilisation to the dark ages,” said one insider.

Some scientists say there is a similar danger from a once-in-a-century solar flare, a disturbance on the surface of the sun that could cause geomagnetic storms on earth.

A major flare in the mid-19th century blocked the nascent telegraph system, and some scientists believe that another such even is now overdue.

The Westminister meeting is being jointly hosted by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council and the Henry Jackson Society, a think-tank.
The meeting will be addressed by Avi Schnurr, a former US government adviser who said that “super-flares” occur about once every hundred years, meaning the next is overdue.

The electrical grid, computers, telephones, transportation, water supply, food production are all vulnerable to a major flare, said Mr Schnurr, who also works for the Israel Missile Defence Association, a lobby group.

“Our electrical infrastructures are so ubiquitous that an EMP or geomagnetic storm could shatter nations all over the earth, and we cannot wait for disaster to spur us to action,” he said.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed earlier this year that Nasa scientists believe Britain could face widespread power blackouts and be left without critical communication signals for long periods of time, after the earth is hit by a once-in-a-generation “space storm”.

Last week MPs were told that a “virtual team”, involving officials from the agency, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence and Home Office were currently investigating the “resilience and security impacts of space” and its impact on Britain.

David Williams, acting head of the UK Space Agency, told a Commons committee that any negative impacts on technology, particularly satellites, would have “severe problems both short-term and long-term for Britain.

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