Eroticism is one of the greatest mysteries of life. It does, in fact, hold the very key to unveiling the very nature of the Universe. Throughout the ages, eroticism has been a subject of a taboo, and even today, in the times of an apparent sexual freedom, little has changed and it commonly remains as unknown as it’s ever been.

While other spiritual systems regarded the erotic power as a dangerous thing to deal, eventually leading to its application only as a means of the physical procreation, Tantra recognized the full potential which lies within this most profound and sacred of activities known to mankind. In sacred eroticism we experience lovemaking not as a brief outburst of instinctual desire, but as a intricate game of love and passion which allows the lovers experience truly mystical states of divine nature of our lives, our love – and the very existence of God.

This reality is accessible to every human being. One does not need to be specially endowed to reach such high states, but the willingness to begin a life which is much more is the key which will unlock this reality for anyone. Whether you are already in a relationship, or wish to find one that will fulfil you, this seminar will introduce you to ways which will transform your erotic life forever.

Advaita Stoian, a legendary Tantra teacher, author is the Tantra Intensive course taught in Natha Yogacenter and a practitioner of over 28 years of experience, will share the profound vision Tantra has on our erotic life as well as the methods through which you can experience the most sublime aspects of eroticism.

You will learn:
– the fundamental difference between ordinary sex and sublime lovemaking
– the attitude which will let you experience states of ecstasy, during lovemaking as well as in life
– the art of adoration/admiration of your partner as well as yourself as a giver of sublime love
– how to overcome the blockages on the erotic level and attain great sexual stamina, sensuality
– how to deeply fulfil your lover, expanding the erotic experience to the levels you never thought possible

The experience of sacred eroticism has been a lost art which has no comparison. It has been hidden for centuries, being transmitted only to emperors, kings and communities of initiates. Attending this seminar you can take first steps on the amazing journey of living a life where every moment is an unforgettable experience of the Godly reality of existence.

Location: Natha Yogacenter

Price:  PREPAID: 100 DKK (75 DKK Natha students). Bring a friend/partner – 150 DKK for both of you. At the door: 150 DKK pr person.

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