A (not so) subtle message to MISA yoga school on March 18th?

Mar 19, 2013 | Silent War, Social Justice

March 18th again proves the direct involvement of Freemasonry

On March 18th 2013 the Romanian news agencies were buzzing with the headline of the hour: former PM Adrian Nastase was released from prison. Apart from the news value of this event, one cannot stop noticing the recurrence of the same date, 18th of March, in a significant context.

On March 18th 2004 the Romanian authorities started the biggest police operation against the yoga school MISA. The whole operation was made under the direct orders of the PM at the time Adrian Nastase. This severe violation of human rights resulted in Mr. Bivolaru’s political asylum in Sweden and in an immense number of yoga practitioners’ lives being destroyed. Today, 9 years later, the Romanian authorities still haven’t done anything to solve the mess they created. On the contrary, there are more abusive actions against the yoga school going on at the Supreme Court of Justice.

See here the public declaration of former PM Adrian Nastase admitting the mistake of starting the MISA case:

After 2004, Adrian Nastase’s star was dimming (he lost the presidential elections to the current president of Romania, Traian Basescu). He and his brothers (he is a 33 degree Freemason) ended up being forced to take some steps in washing his public image that had been severally tarnished by his abusive behavior in office. It was decided to take Nastase through “purgatory”. He was convicted in one of the files where he was accused of abusive use of power. In soap opera style, as the police came to take him to jail for the next two years, Adrian Nastase shot himself … in the neck. The wound was so superficial that he was hospitalized for one week. There was no confirmation of the real wound … only his doctor who was his friend told the media the story.

The wave of sympathy was not big enough to result in his being immediately freed of all charges, therefore he was sent to jail. After nine months though he has been released from prison, reborn for a new career. And this began on 18th March… the same date when the “Operation Christ” he ordered nine years ago began.

If you add all the other information about the significance of this date for Freemasons together with Adrian Nastase’s involvement with them and with the 18th March “Operation Christ”, the release of Adrian Nastase on March 18th 2013 holds very powerful significance. Many have noticed it to be a message that addresses MISA yoga school and its mentor Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru. Acting with symbols and significant dates has always been a passion of the Freemasons and this time they did it by the book. I bet that this message will not stop here and we will soon see more actions targeting the Romanian yoga school MISA, with Adrian Nastase in the background.

March 18th – The Revenge of Freemasonry

adriannastaseTo better understand why this date is so important for worldwide Freemasons, we need to take a short look at the history of the Knights Templar, an Order that represents the most important origin of today’s Freemasonry.

In the 13th century, The Knights Templar gained more and more power and privileges. Earning the right to carry weapons and to travel the world freely gave them control over the security of the roads. In particular, they gained the monopoly over money transfers between the East and the West. Their general headquarters was in the south of France. The king at the time was Philip IV. He soon realized he had no control over them, and they were a kind of a state within a state. He succeeded to gain Pope Clement V on his side, moving even the capital of Catholicism from the Vatican to Avignon. Shortly afterwards he heard about the horrible rituals the Knights Templar did. They sacrificed children, engaged in sexual perversity and performed black magic, “killing” dolls representing the King and the Pope. He then decided to dissolve this Order that dealt mostly with intrigues and had started to have military and financial supremacy over France and Europe. He ordered that all Templars in France be arrested, but, due to their influence, he only succeeded to arrest 620 out of 3200. Among them there was Jacques de Molay, the Templars’ Grand Master. He was judged, sentenced to death and burnt at the stake on March 18th 1314. The Templars who managed to escape swore to avenge Jacques de Molay’s death. They secretly reestablished the Order and created the structure of today’s Masonic lodges.

Read below about the rituals Freemasons perform every year on March 18th, according to proof collected by Juri Lina and published in his book: “The Architects of Deception”

“Every year, high degree Freemasons commemorate the death of Jacques de Molay by symbolically killing a doll dressed in 14th century style, embodying Philip IV. The doll is either burnt or beheaded. In the same way, Pope Clement V is “killed” every year. Then the Freemasons must step over the royal crown and the papal tiara.”

Professor Lars Erik Bottiger reached the 11th degree in Swedish Freemasonry, the Knight degree. On November 11th 1997, he told Nacka Varmdo Posten that the coffin (one of the secret elements used for Freemasonic initiations n.n) is placed in the Freemasonic Hall during the Freemasonic ceremony that takes place every year on March 18th. He says: “It is an old celebration. Many generations of Freemasons have commemorated the death of Jacques de Molay, the Templars’ Grand Master, with the biggest celebration of the Order”.

March 18th signifies the hatred of Freemasonry towards spirituality

In the fragments below, Juri Lina refers to the Freemasons of the 30th degree and up. This degree has a special role within Freemasonry and it is closely related to the meaning of the date of 18th March.

“Degree 30 in Freemasonry (York Rite) is also called “Knight of the White and Black Eagle”. Members of this degree must violently direct their daggers towards the royal crown. They must ceaselessly avenge the Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, who died on 18th March 1314 in Paris. This is why the 30th degree Freemasons are called “The avengers”. Albert Pike considered the 30th degree to be very important, due to the fact that “from him there starts the fight against other beliefs and religions”, he wrote this in “Morals and Dogma”.”

Freemasonry has left its hallmark upon several important events in the history of the planet. Jacques de Molay’s death has been avenged, as we could see above through the destruction of spirituality, but also through the inciting of the masses to rebellion, through the assassination of disagreeable persons or through punishing those who oppose Freemasonry. To illustrate these here are certain events orchestrated by the Freemasons, which have marked the history of humanity, not at all by chance, on the date – 18th March.

18th March 1793: The Republic or the District of Mainz in Germany was declared with the help of the French (Freemasonic) troops.

18th September 1793: (the complementary moment to March 18th): The angular stone was raised on top of the US Capitol, within a Freemasonic ceremony conducted by George Washington.

18th March 1848: There were simultaneous outbursts of revolutions in Venice, Milan, Stockholm and Berlin – the instigators were well known Freemasons. This moment constituted the beginning of the Freemasonic “year of revolutions” all over Europe.

18th March 1871: The (Freemasonic) District of Paris was declared.

18th March 1913: King Georgios of Greece was assassinated as a result of a Freemasonic plot.

18th March 1981: After being elected president of the International Organization of Freemasonic lodges, Licio Gelli, the leader of the Propaganda Due Lodge from Italy publicly declared that “Italian Freemasonry is like a marionette doll in his hands”. In order to wash away this statement a Freemasonic court judged him and decided to exclude him from Freemasonry and to close the Propaganda Due Lodge. A very clear message about the source of his fall was sent to Gelli in the moment the police descended on his residence precisely on the 18th March. Since Licio Gelli felt perfectly protected knowing that he had the support of his Freemasonic brothers, compromising documents were found at his residence. For example a list with the members of the P2 lodge, among whom were high ranking judges, ministers, business men, diplomats, army officers, journalists, university teachers, party leaders, secret service leaders (this is the lodge of which Nicolae Ceausescu used to also be a part).

18th March 2004: The Romanian authorities started massive actions against the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. The mentor of the Romanian yogic movement, Gregorian Bivolaru, can rightfully be considered enemy number 1 of the Romanian Freemasons due to his courageous revelations about the satanic sect of Freemasonry.

Now it has become obvious that the moment of starting “Operation Christ” against Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA was SPECIALLY chosen by the Freemasons and it reveals the fact that this action is an abject ritualistic revenge by the Freemasons. This action was ordered by the US lodges to be carried out by 33 degree Freemason Adrian Nastase, who was promised support in his presidential campaign of 2004 if he managed to destroy MISA. In his turn, Adrian Nastase gave the famous political order of dissolving at any cost the Romanian yoga school – political command that was revealed simultaneously with the secret PSD stenograms. It is significant to note here that “Operation Christ” began EXACTLY DURING THE EASTER WEEK and the first arrest of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru was made on Good Friday.

Besides other Freemasonic signs and signals, this date of MARCH 18th is meant to forewarn the Freemasons of all involved institutions that this anti-MISA campaign is a Freemasonic action. And that it is their duty to support it on the grounds of the vows they have taken for the lodge. This is the only way to explain the excessive activeness and flagrant breeches of law by certain prosecutors, peace officers, judges, journalists, and politicians in the MISA case. So we cannot only speak of lack of professionalism as it seemed at first sight, but of total obedience towards the Freemasonic lodges, of which they are all a part.

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