Experiencing the Inner Blissful Peace of the Spiritual Heart

Here we are, at the gate of 2013… after going through the fatidic year of 2012 with all its mysteries. And the speed of transformation just got bigger.

As already a tradition, together with an enthusiastic team of Natha, we are hosting in Paradise Retreat Center (our new holiday resort) the ‘Silent Retreat for Revealing the Supreme Self’ ATMAN. The first part of this celebration has ended with the New Year festivities – that included 2 nights of invocations of all the divine aspects.

silentretreat-6Using this special moment of border between eras – the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 – almost 100 yogis have decided to follow the inner call for deepening the paths of the Spiritual Heart, aspiring to awaken their souls and prepare for the blissful moment of revealing the spark of Divine Immortality present in each and every one of us – ATMAN (the Supreme Self).silentretreat-5

For this we have designed a special program of guided practice meant to help everybody to realign the deepest levels of their beings in order to experience the inner blissful peace of the Spiritual Heart.silentretreat-4

During the first five days of the retreat – the aspirants were supported on many levels to dive into the mysterious sacred space of their inner beings – with the help of asanas, pranayama, relaxation and many guided techniques of meditation aiming to quiet the mind and to exercise dharana (the mind focus) and dhyana (deep yogic meditation).

There were also inspiring lectures from our beloved spiritual Master Grieg, our dear friends – Nicusor Catrina and Dani Bozaru, and several needed exerts from the meditation course that I am teaching in the regular classes in Natha – altogether marking the path of meditation towards Transcendence.silentretreat-2

In the serene retreat atmosphere of the surroundings of Paradis, enhanced by the profound practice of deliberate silence (mauna), each of us have celebrated the present moment – the source of bliss – and entered into deep states of meditation that have brought spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

New Year’s Eve was the crowning moment of this first module of the Silent Retreat. The program (spiritually supported by Grieg) included 2 nights of more than 12 hours of invocations and meditations with different divine aspects of the Absolute Reality such as – communion with God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, different angelic choirs, all the ten Great Cosmic Powers of the Maha Vidya tradition, the divine facets of the Oriental Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) and more. In this way we celebrated our entering into the New Year, filled with indescribable occult resonances of aspiration and even profound revelations.silentretreat-3

And, from the 1st of January the second module of the retreat began to unfold its potentialities, taking everyone deeper into the practice of meditation toward the revelation of the Supreme Immortal Self ATMAN by stabilizing the awakening of the Spiritual Heart and the centering into the present moment…

All is integrated into the seven steps method that is now systematically implemented in our school and extensively explained within the meditation course.