Honoring the Millennial Traditional Yoga and Tantra Practice

Saturday, November 24th was the big day of the congress and contained most of the activities (34 lectures and seminars) together with shows that were offered by the magical theater Sophrozin. The public was extremely delighted by the academic performance of the presentations, by the welcoming hosts and by the warm and relaxed atmosphere inspiring for dialogue between speakers and audience, as well by the spiritual richness that was so generously offered by the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, the organizers of this congress. We will name now some of the most appreciated activities.

The Obor Ashram Halls Presentations

Chloe Hünefeld from Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga, Germany started the day speaking of Amma, the famous contemporary Indian mystic and saint. Afterwards, for the increasingly attentive people, followed Adina Stoian (Natha Yogacenter Denmark) with a presentation of a new model of understanding love from the tantric perspective. The participants were very pleased of the practical value of everyday life given by the proposed model, which could facilitate the rapid and lasting harmonizing of their relationships and even (re) acquisition of a state of inner harmony and happiness by practicing the active love in the Tantric way.

Then there was a seminar of Spiritual therapy with sounds produced by Tibetan bowls (Danielle Ruah and Dorin Achim – MISA, Romania) and one about Yogic practical modalities for awakening and developing capabilities of subtle sensorial perception, tactile visual and auditory (Jayson Acs – MISA).

A Nobel Prize Worth Research on Laya Yoga’s Effects

Agenor FischerDr. Agenor Fischer (Kőrösi Csoma Yoga, Hungary) presented his medical research on the beneficial effects of deep yogic meditation. Using electroencephalography (an electro-physiological method of exploring the central nervous system, consisting of bio-currents registration of the trans-cranium fields at the level of the skin and their computerized recording in time as waves) together with a simultaneous monitoring of the heart rate and of the breathing, he obtained a complete picture over the physiological and electro-physiological changes occurring during deep yogic meditation.

Such beneficial results on the brain and on the entire human body resulting from the yogic meditation (especially Laya Yoga technique) are now medically proven. At the end of the lecture, the audience suggested that such an approach deserves to be deepened and even submitted for an award to those awarding the Nobel Prize for medicine, since such study would place the millennial practice yoga in the place of honor it deserves, even as an unconventional form of therapy designed to improve the quality of life for modern man!

Marvin Matos (Natha – Escola Espiritual de Yoga e Tantra Yoga, Portugal) had a touching speech on personal revelations about faith, that he had during a pilgrimage to Fatima (a village in Portugal that became famous for the entire Christian world after Virgin Mary’s apparitions there and the miracles that occurred on those occasions in front of thousands of people, especially in 1917).

maha-300x243Foca Ofer Yariv (Tara Yoga Centre, England) held a presentation about Reincarnation and life after death from the modern scientific perspective. Dr. Magdalena Hau from the same yoga school talked about the Mysterious science of love – a necessary tool for spiritual transformation. Irina Childs (England) spoke about the Integral conscious education – the education of the future.

Dr. Simona Popescu and Ciprian Fodor (MISA, Romania) continued with subjects on Tantra Yoga. Uriel Yariv (Israel) made a connection between spiritual states of consciousness and the nervous system. He presented a very interesting scientific research on the effects of yogic ecstasy ( Samadhi) on the brain.

The Pipera Ashram Halls Presentations

In Pipera 2, this day started with a session focused on Ayurveda and alternative medicine. Sigismund Papp (MISA, Romania) spoke about the Unity of the traditional ayurvedic knowledge. Felicien Hoţiu (Romania) presented some very intriguing results of a study on the transformation of the energetic structure of a food substance after prayer and blessing. Dr. Cristina Campeanu lectured about an ayurvedic concept that has recently become confirmed by the scientific experiments: vipaka (the mysterious taste which appears in the mouth after digesting food). She talked about the numerous studies in modern neurobiology which undoubtedly confirm the existence of certain taste receptors at the level of the intestines which cause researchers in the field to assert with the utmost seriousness that “we feel the food taste not only with our tongue but also with the intestine “- exactly that what Ayurveda postulates for thousands of years.

iustin capraDr. Monica Maria Pascalau (MISA, Romania) presented an interesting case study about the mysterious healing power of the prayer to God. She showed medical evidence of a case study encephalomyelitis healed through a 6 months prayer. The healing has been confirmed by a Magnetic Nuclear Resonance examination that was performed one year after the beginning of the disease. Austin Allen (Tara Yoga Centre, Ireland) took us through the Universal holographic reality explored through science and spirituality while Mr. Dan Craciun (Romania) lectured on the Sphere of knowledge and spiritual practice.

We had more Happiness following the seminar of the yoga instructor Daniela Dae from Finland (part 2). Swami Mahalayananda (Natha – Escola Espiritual de Yoga e Tantra, Portugal) amazed us again, speaking about the fact that when we “do not know “, we can actually live a special yogic state. His interesting lecture deciphered something about “Mysterious and enigmatic power of the Infinite Void manifested in all phenomena that involve inspiration, art, deciding: The power of I do not know “.

The lectures in Pipera 1 had a large global audience being transmitted online by MISATV and watched by thousands of spectators. In an atmosphere of respect and consideration, dozens of present people and others several hundred spectators watching online MISATV rejoiced listening to the world-renowned inventor, Mr. Iustin Capra. He gave a very interesting lecture on the philosophy of religion and its implications in modern science. In the end, due to the many questions from the public, organizers had to delay the program in order to allow for their completion.

Physicist and yoga instructor Cristian Ion (MISA Romania) presented a lecture on Quantum consciousness, the principle of the minimum distance regarding states and spiritual evolution. With the necessary scientific expertise as well as his trained yogic perspective, after more than 20 years of yoga, he has shown how the principles of optimum and Yoni-Lingam extended model, the laws of physics and the laws of spiritual evolution are revealed to us as particular manifestations of the same Divine Laws of Creation. The new model of quantum reality, which now explains in a unified way the behavior of different structures, from the quantum level up to the macrocosmic one, validates scientifically a known pattern that was revealed by spirituality more than 10,000 years ago as the basis for everything that exists in Creation. It expresses the universal law of Yin-Yang polarity and the simultaneous, non-dual and non-contradictory behavior as a wave-particle quantum entity, yet another step towards the desired unification in modern physics and that between science and spirituality.

Vedas and Modern Physics

doru bodeaDoctor in physics Benjamin Bodea (Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga, Germany) continued with a fascinating parallel between the ancient spiritual writings of mankind (the four Vedas – sacred Indian Hinduism writings of over 5000 years) and modern physics. We found out this way that all cosmologies presenting “the genesis” of all major religions are based on the Vedas.

The term “Veda” means ‘’knowledge’’ in Sanskrit (through direct revelation) and these writings are considered of divine origin (dictated to humans by the “gods” – celestial beings or aliens coming from other galaxies). They were passed from generation to generation with explicit instruction to not change even a single letter of this vast body of knowledge. It transpires wisdom and more than that… a complete understanding of the mysteries of the universe, as does not exist yet on our planet…

The question is how it was possible 5,000 years ago to appear such writings and, moreover, how it was possible that the wise men who wrote them were able to include these books simultaneously, yet without leaving the possibility of interference generating confusion, different levels of knowledge. This is that what gives an inestimable value to these writings: they comprise, without any form of segregation, of possible discrimination, all levels of human development. They address to simple human beings, such as farmers or shepherds, and to those with high education, philosophers and scientists. Vedas versatility can only be a testament to the versatility of those who wrote them and of the amazing depth of their understanding. That is why we believe that the return of scientists to this fountain of wisdom and knowledge will mark the beginning of a new era, a spiritual period when the boundaries between religion and spirituality will cease to exist.

Religion and Science at Work Together

advaita stoianStarting to decipher the deeper meaning of the Vedas, even researchers in physics, like Dr. Bodea, are amazed to discover a lot of issues (related to the genesis of the universe) that are recently validated even by contemporary science! The representative of the Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation – Advaitananda (Natha Yogacenter, Denmark) rejoiced as well a great popularity. His lecture was: A deeply revealing comparison between modern scientific paradigm and the traditional yogic approach to human life. We learned how spiritual traditional systems come to converge with modern scientific systems, demonstrating once again the possibility of reconciliation between religion and science.

The cutting edge science has made remarkable progress in the last years, approaching amazingly the mysterious essence of its studied aspects. On the other hand, millennial spirituality, out of which authentic yogic tradition occupies a prominent place, started from essence and, also in our times, and has approached very closely the everyday life. One of the characteristics of these contemporary times is the great possibility that these two “parallels” even meet. In fact, they use, fundamentally speaking, for the initiated one, the same principles and methods. Realizing this, both spiritual seekers and scientists will be able to communicate better with each other and even work together effectively for the good of all mankind, who will benefit from the synergy between science and spirituality, so necessary now.

In the end of the evening, in Pipera 1, we had the pleasure to meet again (on line) Swami Suryananda. Founding member of the European Federation of Yoga and of the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, he is the President of the World Movement for Yoga and Vice President of the Italian Official Confederation of Yoga. Since 2005, when the European Yoga Federation conducted its annual congress in Bucharest, hosted by MISA, Swami Suryananda became an enthusiastic supporter of Romania yogis who practice under the guidance of Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru in the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. Swami started his conference with an affectionate word reminder for this Congress, seven years ago, and expressed his friendship to the organizers (MISA), to Atman Federation and Adina and Mihai Stoian with whom he kept a sincere friendship over the years. He presented 2 lectures: From suggestion to authentic knowledge and Practical aspects regarding the secret of the life’s breath.

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The end of the evening was crowned by the show “The school of love” performed by the magical theater Sophrozin. In a room full to the extent, nearly 800 people lived alongside with the actors three hours of objective art that reached and exalted their souls. Pantomime, dance, inspired words, sacred music and exceptional inspiration were all woven into a magical story about the eternal ideal of Divine Love. And we, the lucky viewers, with tears of joy, cheered and applauded a lot in the end, not wanting to leave home, although the next day was announcing already to be so interesting …

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