A Similar Case of Abuses of Authorities in Tamil Nadu, in Chennai, where Satya Yoga School Has Its Headquarter: The Strange Case of Swami Premananda

Aug 14, 2011 | Silent War, Social Justice

This case that i will present here is strikingly similar with what we have been experiencing in the same city of India with Satya Yoga school. For all those interested to find the truth this case will maybe surprise you the most!

The fact that it is in the same style, the same place (that means the same state authorities that were fabricating the so-called evidences) make this case even more interesting.

And ultimately, like the others that were dying in a suspect way when in contact with the authorities, (as i wrote in the previous article about similar recent cases) Swami Premananda died in prison on 21st of February 2011 at the age of 60.

FILE CASE. A Shocking Case: the incredible process of Swami Premananda

By Maria Nicola

For more than 10 years, Swami Premananda has been imprisoned at Cuddalore (in Tamil Nadu, South India). A defamatory press campaign, torturous methods used by the police and prosecutors in order to obtain incriminating evidence, and the ignoring of laws and clear facts have led to a controversial legal process and to a verdict inexistent in Indian justice: “two life sentences” and no possiblility for remission of the sentence. A vivid example of the wisdom he teaches, Swami Premananda is serene and continues his work behind bars.

Wonderful India, you who have been the cradle of wisdom, giving birth to so many holy men, great wise men, illuminated souls, to so many “Christian yogis”, as Yogananda called them, can you not recognize them anymore? Or is it that materialism, the inability to understand, the striving for money and the thirst for power have corrupted you to such an extent that you throw them in prison and drag them through the mud of lies?

For more then 10 years, Swami Premananda, a spiritual guide from the south of India, together with six other people, has been imprisoned for crimes that never happened (1).

[Note 1. The raping of a girl who was brought up in the ashram and the killing of a young man from Sri Lanka who had mental disturbances and who was accepted in the ashram at his parents’ request.]

The Indian minister of Justice says: “All we can do is bow our heads in shame.”

This scandalous trial brought to light the corruption of a decadent society in which the administrative system, press, police and justice participate in an undignified way to this attempt to discredit and stop the actions of a spiritual guide. Faced with this shocking situation, Master Ram Jethmalani, Senior Counsel for the Accused, member of the Indian Parliament and former Law Minister of India stated as follows: “All we can do is bow our heads in shame.”

As for Swami Premananda, after more then 10 years in prison, he still amazes everybody with his attitude of profound peace, infinite patience and unshakeable joy: the spiritual guide at work. He explains: ”However far into the past we will follow the thread of ages, each time a great holy man, a wise man or an avatar incarnates, there are always opposite forces, people trying to stop the spreading of his message and who create difficulties. But divine beings are not sad or disturbed by this; they never give up. They do not get depressed, not stressed, living always in joy, whatever the events that appear along their life path.”

Now we can say with certitude that the incident of May 1987, with that old monk from Gujarat, can not be put down to one of his abberations, as many were tempted to do at that time, but that in fact it was an omen. Seeing Swami Premananda coming to the temple, that old monk bent down, saying: ”Oh, God! Why did you come now? People are not ready for you, they will not understand.” And, indeed, people did not understand Swami Pramananda. They brought calumnies upon him, accused him of horrible crimes and threw him in prison for 29 years. Or, which would be even more terrible, did this happen rather because some understood him too well and therefore they wanted to keep him away from the world? Was the light too disturbing for some? And then, could those ones have hatched a plan? It is hard to imagine, and even harder to accept. Yet, when we go through the history of Swami Premananda’s trial, all we can do is keep wondering.

Torture And 10 000 Euros For Fake Testimonies

Why did the police remove the young girls from Sri Premananda’s ashram, take them to the police station and torture them with “third level methods”, thus violating Indian law (2), in order to force them to say that the Swami raped them?

[Note 2: The Indian penal code specifies in article 160 that no woman may be taken away from her residence for any kind of interrogation. The fact that the Indian judicial system issued such a law is enough in itself to give us an idea about the usual practices of the police during interrogations, especially when it is about women: rape, torture, etc.]

Why was each of them promised 10 000 euros, plus acres of land, jewellery and clothes in exchange for their testimony? Why were four lawyers brought in in order to tutor these girls to memorize certain testimonies and to “train” them in how to make a testimony in court, while threatening them with torture? How is it possible that a prosecutor from the Public Ministry participated in this blackmail? How is it possible that fabricated scientific tests can serve as a basis for such a sentence? Why do the police stop the defense witnesses from making testimonies, confining them or blackmailing them, threatening their children? And especially, why and how come not only one, but three Courts of Justice can justify all these abuses and, on these grounds, convict some innocent people in a way never heard of before, which does not even exist in the penal code – two life sentences, to run consecutively – to which the prosecution added a 150 000 dollar fine and one year imprisonment for the crime of cheating people. In addition to all of these, no act of clemency or remission was to be accepted under any circumstances, by this breaking completely its attributions.

Raping Young Girls Or Raping The Crowds?

In the beginning of November 1994, a genuine press campaign against Swami Premananda and his ashram was launched in the Tamil Nadu region. At its origin were two young girls, Suresh Kumari and Latha, who were raised in the ashram. Lured by the promise of consistent material advantages and pushed by two men, Marc Dennis and Anand Mohan, they made a few very compromising declarations to the Indian Express newspaper in Madras (Chennai), one of the most read newspapers in India. Suresh Kumari claims that she was raped 8 years ago and that Latha witnessed the scene. She then added that other girls from the ashram were subjected to the same treatment.

Buddha himself had a Suresh Kumari. Her name was Cinca. An adept of a wandering sect, who was pushed by her teachers who wanted to compromise Buddha, she claimed to “have become pregnant through his deeds”. At that time, the trick was immediately disclosed. But now we are not in the same age. Nowadays we have the press! A press craving for the sensational which, without making any inquiries, or caring about the truth, grabbed this story, sacrificing with impressive easiness all the principles of journalistic ethics for profit and mercantile interests. Shortly afterwords, the accusations against Swami Premananda were presented in unison by all the newspapers; he was accused of the most hideous crimes and the people… believe everything they read in the newspapers. And this wise man, whom they worshipped in the previous week, the one who healed some of them and helped others to overcome their difficulties, or to find water in their fields, the one due to whom an access road to the village was built, the one to whom they came to at the end of each week and of each great religious holiday, looking for peace, comfort and a spiritual message, is he not the same one they are now willing to hang? And to burn down his ashram! The ashram that, since its opening in 1989, had been receiving more and more children from the neighbouring vilages, especially poor children; those in the greatest need for help are able to find refuge at the orphanage and they receive free teachings, education, shelter, food and medical care. There they find a chance to escape the limitations given by being born among the dalits (3) and to be able to have an honorable place in the society.

[Note 3. Dalit – untouchable, outcast, according to the Indian system of social classification]

Despite Cultural Tradition, Premananda Offers Equal Chances To Women And Men

In Sri Premananda’s ashram there are no differences: ”Here, social position, cast, religion do not matter. It does not matter to me whether you are buddhist, hindu, muslim or any other religion. What matters to me is the way you behave,” said Swami Premananda.

And, after reading all those lies in the newspapers, people wanted to burn down the ashram! The mass-media power of manipulation is terrible… a place where social and religious differences no longer exist, a place where there are no differences between men and women, is such a place disturbing for certain people? Swami Premananda believes that women can reach an elevated spiritual level and he offers them the same chances as men. They perform public rituals, and have positions of responsability in the ashram administration – one woman was even appointed to lead the spiritual shelter. It is a big hit to Indian culture, a progressive attitude serving the truth, which also has other consequences… One day, in Cuddalore prison, Swami Premananda asked with a playful glimpse in his eyes: „How many women are here? There are only two men. Most of the prisoners are women. This is why I am imprisoned. (4) If I had taught Sanathana Dharma(5) to men, I would have followed the traditional culture. Jesus Christ had men apostles, and not women. Buddha had men disciples. Mohamed – men. So, you see? For almost 30 generations there have always been men. When, all of a sudden, somebody gives women the chance to follow a spiritual path and teaches them, what happens then? He goes to prison. This is because he is a little bit different.”

[Note 4: This is not the only explanation Swami Pramananda offered along the years for having been imprisoned: among them, the fact that he says the truth fearlessly, as well as the game of politicians, of religious officials, of the government.]

[Note 5: Life’s eternal and universal laws.]

Familiar Charges: Drugs And Weapon Possession, Making Of Porn Movies, Trafficking Of Young Girls.

The press published 28 charges against Swami Premananda and his ashram. Among them: rape, murder, weapon and drug possession, trafficking of your girls, making of porn movies, child seclusion, abortion, terrorist activities on the part of the Tamil liberation movement (LTT), etc… Things developed to such an extent that the government asked the Police Criminal Department to intervene. Police started an inquiry based on the declaration of Suresh Kumari, but this had no legal value, as Indian law does not accept declarations about facts that took place more then 8 years ago. Besides, the girl’s mother gave evidence in Court in favor of Swami Premananda, exposing her daughter’s huge lie (the evidence was ignored by the judge). The two instigators of the press campaign – Mark Dennis and Anand Mohan – serenely declared in Court that they wanted to harm Premananda, because they were excluded from the ashram and marginalized. The second one is a drug addict, and the first is an american, whom Swami Premananda refused to give the sannyasin initiation, which he actually offered to many people.

The press campaign was doubled by a campaign of some organizations, among which the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), known for its affiliation to the comunist movement. Huge billboards representing Swami Premananda behind bars covered the entire region, asking for his arrest. At the political command of the governing party, the police made a forceful intervention.

An Indian „March 18th”

(March 18th 2004 is the date when Romanian authorities had an impressive force operation with 300 police officers and prosecutors, in 16 raids, when they invaded the homes of Romanian yogis).

On November 18th 1994, 200 armed police officers raided the ashram and Swami Premananda was arrested, together with 6 other people, accused of being accomplices. Among them, a woman, the doctor of the ashram, who was later on charged for having induced abortions. She was imprisoned for two years. One of the five men died in prison in 2001, and the other four, together with Swami Premananda, are still imprisoned for more than life sentences.

Rape… without doubt, there was a rape. Not the fake rape they speak about, but another one, of which nobody speaks about: the rape of the consciousness. A rape of the crowds, through a virulent and deceitful media campaign that caused considerable violence and huge blindness. Defamation continued during the entire trial, building up so much pressure that the defense lawyer said: „The Government, Police and judges know he is inncoent. But he was convicted in order to satisfy public opinion, the groundswell of opinion generated by the mass-media for profit.”

The Indian Police Use Third Degree Torture Methods

Do you still have illusions about the Indian police? I invite you to Puddukkotai, the closest town to Fatimanagar ashram. We are at the All Women Police Station, November 19th 1994. 20 young girls from the ashram have been brought here for interrogation. Why is that?

They did not press any charges! Besides, Indian law states that no woman may be taken to the police station for any kind of interrogation. Yet, they are here and everyone is mocking this law. Four years later Aruljothy, one of the young girls brought for interrogation, will expose the incredible reality: „Our nightmare began at the Pudukkottai Ladies’ Police station. There, police women forced us to take off our clothes. We were so afraid and so ashamed because we had to stand naked in public. Above, on the balcony, there were men watching us. The policewomen pricked us under our fingernails with long pins. They tortured us and beat us severely with their hands and with sticks to make us say Swami molested us.”

„The police women kept us all for 15 days in one small, dark room. Their sole motive was to force us to say that Swami raped us and did other awful things to us. They pressured us into signing blank papers and they wrote on them what they liked. Some girls were so badly beaten that they fainted. Princy tried to hang herself from the fan in the room.”

This episode at the police station in Puddukkotai resulted in 13 rape accusations against Swami Premananda which will be used as evidence in Court and for conviction. But the declarations are so contradictory, imprecise and ridiculous, that normally the Court would not have even taken them seriously. After the 15 days of torture, the girls were told the ashram was closed and they were taken to Madras, to a poor people’s home – with the generous name ”Helping Hands”. They were subjected to similar treatments and confined for two and a half years without the possibility to contact anybody in order to prevent them from giving evidence. Before the trial, they were moved to another home and there, under the surveillance of police inspectors, four lawyers trained” the girls to give testimony at trial, on the basis of false declarations that they had to memorize.

Evidence Of The Tortured Persons Is Ignored

Yet, in March 1997, Aruljothy gained courage and, despite the threats of Inspector Kuppaswamy who said that he would break her bones and send her to work as a prostitute if she told the truth, she gave evidence and declared in court that the girls’ testimonies against Swami Premananda were made under torture.

At this moment, we could expect that the truth would prevail in this vile conspiracy, but behold! Judge Banumathy believed this procedure to be justified: ”Even if such a force was used, such use of mild force might have been essential to bring the victims out of their self-imposed reluctance and the influence of Swami Premananda and to remove them from fear. Such use of mild force was not to instill fear in the victims impairing their evidentiary value.” (trial extract).

The judge concluded: “Prosecution Witness 14 Aruljothi is won over by the accused Swami Premananda at a later stage and hence no weight could be attached to her statement. Her earlier deposition remains valid.”

After Aruljothy, seven other girls changed their initial declarations, telling about how they were obtain through torture, but this no longer had any effects. On September 1st, 2005, Master Jethmalani declared to Onelines newspaper: “The effect of this decision is to authorize the police to use third degree methods and transforms police stations into torture chambers.”

These events are neither new nor singular in India, considering the many reports of the International Organizations for human rights(6), such as Amnesty International, who wrote in their report from 25.03.1992: “The torture of suspects has become part of the daily routine throughout all of India. In this country, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been beaten to death by the police in the last years and women are often raped in cells. Torture and killing continue because the police know that the chances of them being touched by the law are small, even if they kill the victims and this truth is made public.”

[Note 6: Only in Tamil Nadu, from May-October 2002 there were 36 justified complaints against police violence.

Indian police use torture http://www.frontelineonnet.fl2016/stories

See also the report from November 30th 2000 of the Norwegian Foundation for Human Rights. http://www.nhrf.no/india200.htm]

During the investigation, there had been many cases of people tortured and beaten until they fainted to force them to give evidence against Swami Premananda. An impressive example is Sam Perera, a 28 year old man who was in charge of filming and music in the ashram. He talks about how he was beaten almost to death to force him to say he made porn movies in the ashram. In front of his eyes, they created photos of Swami Premananda by cutting out women’s pictures and putting them next to a picture of Swami, in compromising positions. Sam was tortured to force him to declare that he made those photos and that they were genuine. Although he was beaten almost to death, he did not sign any declaration.

The accusation about the murder of Ravi, a young man from Sri Lanka, appeared two months later. The prosecution claimed the young man was perfectly healthy, although he had spent most of his life in different psychiatric hospitals, diagnosed with schizophrenia and being on heavy psychotropic medication. He was accepted in the ashram at his parents’ request, and died in April 2011 from an infection. However, four years later, in 2005, the prosecution claimed that the young man was killed because he had found out that the girls in the ashram were raped systematically. The judge refused to consider the medical evidence, and the witness who gave evidence for this murder was not even in town at the respective moment!

A Parody of Justice

Coming back to the story of the 13 girls, Aruljothy was a key witness for the prosecution, despite the extremely contradictory and incoherent declarations she gave between 1994 – 1997. The prosecution claimed that after being raped in november 1994 by the Swami, she was in fact pregnant at the moment of the investigation. It was stated that she had had an abortion in january 2005, and the foetus served as evidence for the prosecution and was genetically examined for fatherhood. The later declaration in which she states that she had never been pregnant is even more shocking!

At the end of the trial, Dr Wilson J. Wall(7), a specialist in genetics and an expert from the Court of England said: “It is extremely rare that a Court is involved in fabricating test results!”

[Note 7: Dr Wall exposed the Premananda Case as an example of misusing DNA evidence in his work “The DNA Detectives”, published in 2005 by Robert Hale Ltd London.]

As a defence witness, he scientifically proved the fabrication of the prosecution, which misused DNA evidence to prove the “rape”, without even respecting the international standards in the field of forensic medicine. For instance, evidence recorded (8) produced by Dr Singh (prosecution expert), one of the absolutely essential requirements of quality assurance, was indecipherable.

[Note 8: Process implying the systematic documentation of the entire performance for assuring the integrity of the expertise.]

What did the Court have to say about this? That these strict rules regarding event documentation are obligatory only for private laboratoriess, which could fabricate or modify the results (since they are private), but these “strict rules are not applied in India, because the only institute making forensic DNA tests belongs to the government.” (trial extract)

Should we question the government’s fairness? The conclusion of the cross-examination done in England with precise techniques is ireffutable. In genetics, this is called “exclusion”. Dr Wall stated: “When I say that the accused has not fathered this foetus, what I mean to say is that there is not even a chance, or even an infinitesimal chance of him being the father”.

Since the results of the tests are so different, Dr Wall suggested a third examination, but the Court rejected the proposal. Why? Eventually, the Court declared: “Defence Witness 49 (Dr Wall), called and paid for by the defence, is heavily tilted in favour of the accused, and hence his evidence and EX.D.98 Report are to be rejected.” (Extract from the court decision.)

Indian Justice Distorts Defence Evidence

An unbelievable trial! In the Indian heat, amongst the noise of the fans, the judge dictated to the clerk exactly the opposite of defence evidence. Westerners, such as Renee and Xavier van Bambeke, disciples of Swami Premananda who came to India to give their testimonies, were shocked by the way the trial was conducted and they immediately pointed out this aspect. Although they made certain declarations, the judge distorted their declarations and dictated to the clerk things they never said.

More then 60 defence testimonies were rejected on the grounds that they “are in favor of the accused”, but it is acceptable to use inhumane torture methods to obtain prosecution evidence!!! The authors of the crimes, the policemen, earned compliments and promotions, instead of being accused. Master Jethmalani said: “The honour of Indian Justice has been blackened for all times.”

The same parody was repeated thrice. After the first trial that ended in 1997 at Puddukkotai, there was an appeal before the High Court in Chennai, which ended in 2002 (without remission of sentence), and a second appeal before the Supreme Court on April 5th 2005. Each trial was a genuine fake, we cannot even call it the “biggest judicial error in the history of law”, but rather a well directed theatre play. Whose interests do these “scientists” serve, who are cheating on the public under the cover of science? And what about these “judges”? What is the point of being bold enough to speak in the name of justice? In this network of lies, perjury and false evidence, one must be Swami Premananda to be able to keep smiling and to patiently say: “Truth will finally win!”.

What Does Modern Society Do To Spiritual Guides?

Here we are far away from the little Suresh Kumari. How is it possible that her declarations went to such proportions and how could the pillars of Indian society take an active part in this trial? Was the original “small plot” orchestrated from the very beginning and was it the instrument of a stronger hand? Where does the money that financed this plot come from? There were some voices saying that a powerful foreign organization in collaboration with a certain religion – let’s call it X – aimed to stop the flow of westerners who adhere more and more to eastern spirituality(10) by discrediting the spiritual masters.

[Note 10: In this period, Sai Baba, Premananda and Amma have been three great incarnated wise beings, attracting many westerners who are searching for alive and authentic spiritual teachings. “They are living proof of what we must become”]

It is noticeable that this affair started when Premananda centers began to spread in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Generally speaking, it is an attempt to stop everything that pursues the liberation of consciousness. In 1993, there was an attempt to assassinate Sai Baba: one of his students jumped in front of him and took the bullet destined to Sai Baba. In 1994, Swami Premanada was arrested and imprisoned. Soon afterwards, a new defamatory campaign against Sai Baba tried to blacken his name, accusing him of pedophilia. A few months ago a man attacked Amma (Amritananda Mayi) with a knife…

The many attempts, covered by the fight against sectarianism, to stop all actions that aim for the progress of consciousness are well known. In an article from October 2003, published in the magazine “L’Essentiel”, Olivier Manitara explains: ”Western democracies hate spiritual guides. It is the same authority conflict that existed between the Sanhedrin’s priests and Jesus. From this point of view, we can say that each spiritual master that interferes with the current power or the spiritual (religious) authority is similar to Jesus, due to the risk of exposing its fakery.” In his turn, in France, Olivier Manitara was also the victim of raids, interrogation and a fabricated trial.

Swami Premananda: “You Must Trust Your Spiritual Guide”

What does Swami Premananda say? “You should not worry that those who oppose the true Dharma try to destroy the work and ashrams of the spiritual guides. You must trust your spiritual guide, knowing that he or she is genuine and pure. Many people fear spirituality. They are afraid to open their minds and souls to the truth and they want to destroy that which they do not understand. They make campaigns and plots against the spiritual guides, to destroy their work. This has happened throughout history. So, do not worry; the spiritual guide has always had to undergo trials and difficulties, in all ages. Rama was exiled in the forest for 14 years, but this has a meaningful significance. Krishna was born in prison due to King Kamsa’s malice. Jesus was locked away, tortured and crucified by the ignorant people. Mahatma Ghandi spent a long time in prison, and still he continued his work. Sri Aurobindo reached the state of spiritual enlightenment while he was in prison. Beings willing to destroy the work of spiritual guides, either due to jealousy or lack of understanding, will always exist. Therefore, do not let them destroy your faith.”

A westerner asked the Swami: “In some European countries there is an official opposition against authentic spiritual guides. Why would some intelligent beings oppose spiritual aspirants?”

Premananda said: “We should not pay too much attention to these matters. In this world, when we say that God exists, problems arise. People oppose us, claiming that God does not exist. If you say that a saint lives in a place, there will be somebody to say: “No, this is not true.” This is especially because the word guru produces many misunderstandings. Leaders of certain groups and different organizations are afraid. Mostly people with high positions in religious organizations often believe that they must protect their interests, their status, power and affairs. This is why they do not like the empowerment of saints, wise men or spiritual schools. They want money, material rewards and power. They are afraid to lose them, so they oppose the others and criticize them publicly. Do not take these too seriously. Continue your spiritual practice, and be honest, genuine and authentic.”

There Are Also Other Questions…

Since he knew a long time ahead what was going to happen, why didn’t Swami Premananda do anything to stop these events? More than six months before his arrest, he spoke of a Judas living at the ashram. And even before that, passing by the prison in Trichy one day, he said, to everyone’s surprise, that that place would become an ashram. Why did he stay in prison when he could have left it a long time ago by using his yogic skills? His guards know this from the day when they found the cell empty! He said: “The Divine Mother does not do anything without a reason. If Her wish is that the truth will manifest more strongly, through lies, then may Her will be done!”

What is the message of Swami Premananda? It is probably too soon to understand all its consequences and implications, but there are already certain obvious things that can make us wake up.

We hope that the truth will come out of this network of lies and that the imprisonment of Swami Premananda will expose the corruption and dysfunctions of current systems in India. We hope it will serve the thousands of innocent people who were imprisoned and the women who were raped and beaten by the police, in order to stop this behavior: to make it impossible for someone to be arrested and convicted just because that person is disturbing or did not vote for the government, or he is a ‘dalit’, or because he or she tried to write an article the authorities were not pleased with. It is also an opportunity to sharpen our discernment, which empowers everyone to see beyond appearances. We can all learn from Swami Premananda’s attitude, like we learnt from Jesus or the great saints who faced human ignorance.

“Obstacles are less important. May the truth and purity remove ignorance and may all human beings attain enlightenment through the light of the divine reality. I pray for all of you and each moment I overflow upon you the entire love in my heart. I am always here for all of you. Think of those who have fewer chances than you. Think of the hungry, the poor, the thousands of innocent people unjustly imprisoned. If possible, we must do something good for them in this life, and not just care about our own spiritual elevation” – Swami Premananda.

Swami Premananda thinks positively

Swami Premananda was born in Sri Lanka on November 17th 1951. From childhood he already manifested an exceptional spiritual fervor and the ability to perform so-called miracles. After a profound period of introspection, he decided to dedicate his life and and his divine powers to serve humanity. At 16, he founded his first ashram: „The place of peace for all faiths” and an orphanage. At 17, by divine initiation, he became a sannyasin.

In 1969, one evening while he was addressing some 200 people, his body began to glow and the white robe he was wearing suddenly became an ochre-coloured robe. The ochre-coloured garb is that of sannyasins, the ones who renouce the world in their search for the divine.

His teachings are far beyond the teachings of an ordinary hindu monk; they are universal. Already from this period he got into conflict with the narrowness of ordinary mentalities and in 1983 his ashram was burnt to ashes during ethnic riots. He went to the South, to Tamil Nadu, the birth place of his parents, and built a new ashram and a new orphanage, which was officially opened in 1989. After only five years, his reputation of holiness, devotion, infinite love and spiritual wisdom had conquered many hearts. People from all over India and from other countries came to see him. Then followed the new attack on his mission: defamation, arrest, conviction and imprisonment.

After more then 10 years in prison, Swami Premananda continues his divine work not only for the ashram, for his close ones and for his disciples, but also for the other prisoners. He said: „I am mother and father even to the most atrocious killer”. When asked about the time he would be relased from prison, his answer was: „I will definitely be released from prison as soon as the game of politicians, communists and religious leaders will end.”

„God chose to send me to this prison in order to make a divine work and I accept this mission with great joy. […] I am here to help everybody. I am mother and father even to the most atrocious killer. […] I hope you will also learn to accept the situation and the problems.”

„I never think negatively. Even if the entire world watches and the press criticizes me, I continue to be happy.”

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