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May 30, 2013 | Silent War, Social Justice

A Stand Up Response to My Last Post

In response to my post “Let’s Set the Record Straight: It’s Tantric Lovemaking!” I received a very touching reply from a student and teacher of Natha Portugal, Ronan Pinto Goulão. The comment makes some excellent points and represents a standing up that I would hope to see more among those that are engaged on this path of self discovery. By posting it here I hope that it will be an inspiration to more people to adopt an attitude when they see that their beliefs and rights are taken away by the irresponsibility and sometimes even personal interests of the few.

Thank you Ronan for daring to speak up and for sharing your opinion. Definitely there is a great wave of awareness that starts to sweep the world “dormitory” and more are waking up.

Here is the comment:

I wish to leave here a brief comment about this topic.

I am an engineer, I am not from Denmark, but I had the pleasure to be and learn with Advaita a few years ago, and even talk with him personally about some of the issues approached here, such as the movies, which I have seen and learned a lot with.
I never felt from Advaita the want to manipulate or get me involved (in spite of my obvious interest). Actually he talked about what he did, how and why he did it (in the same way presented in this article), and how important it was to help the world get a different perspective on sexuality and Love.
In my view, this is a move of excellency and of brilliancy. Advaita did this out of his own interest and will to share, but I see this as a needed move into a global revolution. Not many people are interested in esoteric arts, the percentage of the population that is curious and open towards spirituality and tantra is not even close to constituting a critical mass for a global change in the way human beings approach Love and sexuality.
But there is an ocean of human beings (where I was included) that are searching activelly for pornography. Most people know inside that what they have cannot be it, there must be something more. And in this search for something more (on a sexual level), they resort to all that there is: pornography. What I have learned from the teachings of Grieg, and from my personal talks with Advaita, was the practical way into the real “something more”, which most people don’t even suspect exists.

So again, in my view, to make tantric lovemaking movies is brilliant, desirable, and probably a genius way to reach a huge amount of souls in this world that are unconsciously searching for the true potential of their beings.

tantric lovemachingI know I was unconsciously in this search, that has since then become more conscious. My whole life was changed for the better through personally meeting Advaita, through the tantric lovemaking movies, and through the spiritual teachings and practice given by Natha and by Grieg.
I do not feel manipulated or brainwashed, I feel happy, blissful, I am enjoying and experiencing life, relationships and sexuality at a totally different level.

Hearing that Advaita is being considered a “mastermind of criminal activities and a figure of immorality” cannot but awaken a sense of irony inside of me. For as I said I am not from Denmark, I had the pleasure to learn with Advaita the most life-changing teaching I ever encountered in my life and in my personal case I did not pay for this, nor did I pay for the extra hours he spent answering all our questions and doubts from his obvious first hand experience with what he teaches.
So who exactly is abusing who here? 😉
I feel in my heart a deep and profound gratitude towards Advaita, Natha Denmark and Grieg, for all that I was, and still am, offered, for all they teach, and for their incomparable courage to stand together with the Truth in front of such a libel and slander campaign.
Dear Advaita, I have to underline here the integrity, love and compassion that I feel in your answers.
Thank you for standing up for yourself and in this way standing up for all of us and for Truth.
I do not know contacts to newspapers or the “Bubber” show, if it would be possible to make these emails available I would be happy to send them my reply also.
Together in Love and Spirit,
Ronan Pinto Goulão

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