Adina’s Surprise Birthday Party

Jun 28, 2009 | Personal

Here is one of the events very close to my heart: Adina’s birthday. This year (after more than 10 years) we shared her birthday celebration in a larger circle of friends.

I decided to share this event here, as homage to her and what is she for my life.

Friends, teachers, lovers, and students of NATHA, arranged a surprise party for her in Concordia. It was wonderful to see how many people participated in the preparation of the party, and without Adina knowing almost anything. I say ‘almost’ because with her feminine intuition, she tried to push me to say something by using the strategy of ‘ making arrangements’ for the evening of the 12th of June , so that I would then have to say that it’s not  possible due to ‘other’ arrangements… but i didn’t say anything!

Adina Stoian
The idea was to give her a gift of love and transfiguration in an exemplary way, as for many years she has celebrated her birthday in a very small group of friends, and rarely celebrating with a party.

Adina’s day had been quiet, she had spent many hours meditating and she arrived in Concordia serene and completely unaware of the wonderful surprises that were awaiting her!!! I had told her that I wanted to take her for a romantic walk in the park and on the way we would have to pass by  Natha because I had left a book there.
The night had been prepared with a lot of love and great care of Adina and what most fits her. The gestures of love and the heartfelt thoughts were openly expressed and this was somehow the mark (highlight) of the evening. Even how the room was decorated in a beautiful, feminine, romantic and delicate way perfectly matching Adina’s soul and her qualities…

“The theme of the night was ‘Adoration of Shakti’!!!

Adina StoianThe party was organized in the largest yoga hall in Concordia – Ananda, Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit, and the setting for the night was truly blissful!

As Adina entered the hall, the room was in almost complete darkness and her eyes were closed while she was greeted by all the guests who had made a long passageway for her to walk through, we call it the “angel walk”, she was gently caressed and touched as she was escorted person by person into the center of the room… (this is usually one of her favorite exercises in the camps but now she was in the center of attention!

It is a very special experience, the sensation of gentle touching and caressing evokes a feeling of expansion and opening at the level of the heart… and there she was…

At the end of the passage of angels, she was gently lifted in the air, giving her the sensation of flying… an important experience for an air sign like her. After she was placed on a chair… opening her beautiful innocent eyes she was met by one of her dearest friends Cami, (Cami was also part of the surprise: having flown from Romania as a gift for Adina…)

Adina StoianOne of our dear friends, Celestine, made a special dance whereby she was worshiping Shakti in Adina, in a ritualistic transfigured way. Indian music played whilst a Celestine dressed in traditional Indian costume danced around Adina, symbolically purifying her with holy rose-water, and sprinkling on her frankincense and rose petals.

Then it was the time for the girls from Adina’s famous Shakti groups: they made a fascinating “parade” around her (see the pictures) displaying various forms of femininity and beauty in overwhelming nuances.
>I observed the men in the room straightening their spines and proudly pushing their chests forward in a discreet sign of polarization and adoration. The fascinating parade moved in two circles clockwise around Adina and each Shakti offered her a mudra (mysterious sacred gesture) or a spiritual gift. This was a very touching moment evoking a sacred atmosphere, emanating from the amazing attitude of these wonderful women who were giving their love to one of them in such a specific feminine manner. You can say that the beginning was lacking rhythm but this was only because of judging in a masculine manner. As soon as you were letting the heart to exalt, you were caught in the secret rhythm of Shakti and all the moments were revealing a secret rhythm.
It was then turn for the Vira (the men aspiring to be a spiritual Hero) to express their adoration! The guys came to Adina with declarations and expressions of their love.

Adina StoianThis was a very humoristic and special moment. Each one of the Viras expressing their love in  their own unique manner, there were poems and serenades, jokes and even a samurai dance.

Further surprises came in the form of some messages from Adina’s family in Romania! Her parents, sister and small niece had made a recording of their birthday wishes, it was a very touching moment with tears and laughter as Adina listened to her family’s greetings

… More wishes and expressions of admiration were to follow in a short movie made by some of Adina’s friends  and students, each were asked some questions about what Adina represents to them and the inspiration she offers to them in their lives… the movie was indeed a great idea and we all enjoyed seeing how Adina is giving inspiration and even strength in her feminine way to so many people.

Then a selection of pictures of Adina were projected, to compliment the pictures Julie and Nori had chosen some beautiful poetry that they read aloud.
Adina StoianFollowing this I spoke, telling Adina what she represents for me. Preparing this party I realized some of the things I haven’t told her for some time and I decided to remind her some of the things that make her what she means for my life. I also wanted to tell the others some things about Adina that, out of modesty, she is not saying and they might go unnoticed for the careless observer. I am sure that after this moment many of the people around her will be more careful to value this precious gift Adina is for all of us.
Happy ecstatic birthday my love!

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