An Excellent Video “Invisible Empire”

May 18, 2010 | Politics

This movie is the best I have seen on the subject of the New Word (Dis)Order. The great amount of material that was taken from the mainstream media completely changes the perspective that you usually get from these movies. Here you can see the immense arrogance of the world leaders who are talking about these secret plans in a quite relaxed way in front of the public, but always knowing when to stop so that people will not start connecting dots. It becomes obvious that behind this global elite is a great apparatus of manipulation and an exceptionally skilled team of advisors who know when is too much, based on scientific data. Please enjoy the movie and share it with as many people as possible because this is the time to wake more people up, before the plan goes to the next phases.

For all those who are disturbed by all these “conspiracy theories”, you should think of two aspects:

  1. Since you feel so disturbed by these “conspiracy theories”, this shows that there is something deep inside of you that links you with these theories. Better search deep inside and maybe you will find with amazement that you also know that things are like the “conspiracy theory” presenting it, but accepting it will ruin your comfortable, ignorance based bubble.
  2. If these theories would all be false and reality would be as it was presented on TV, then how come most of these theories are proven to be right over the course of time? Just because it is more comfortable that some things are in a certain way and the one that takes advantage from these aspects presents them in that wanted way, doesn’t prove that it is the way things are…

Yet, there is also something I disagree with in this movie. It is the message of Alex Jones, the producer. His call for unity of the many in order to take the power back from the few is unfortunately a part of the plan of the globalists. Without knowing it, Alex Jones  (and the others who are giving the same message to people) is serving one of the most delicate parts of the elite’s plan and this is usually their style: to use the enemy for the dirtiest jobs. The unity that Alex Jones is calling for is premature and even unproductive, giving a great opportunity to the structures of occult power to manipulate and better control the situation.

I know that this might sound shocking but in a coming post I will explain this point of view, showing that the exterior revolution is not a solution in times like this, at least not in the way these people want to start it.

Therefore I strongly recommend the movie; I strongly call for the informing of the people and the sharing of this knowledge with as many as possible, but I disagree with the suggestion for the people to start to unite and to attempt to take the power before they are ready for this because this is exposing all of us to greater danger.

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