Another Proof of Malintent

May 19, 2013 | Silent War, Social Justice

The Kafkaesque Media Campaign Continues…
The latest absurd accusation I am facing is that I am the webmaster of porn sites!

An article appeared in Romania stating that now they have proof that Mihai Stoian is the owner of a porn empire because his name is given as the administrator of a website and the email address which appears as the address of the administrator has been connected to some adult entertainment sites.

This is again a story of unprofessional, sloppy journalism which rather than proving my guilt proves the incompetence and immorality of the media involved. If they would have bothered to properly investigate the story they would have found out the reality is something other than what they reported. For example, they state that all it takes is a brief investigation on the internet to find out this information. A thorough, ethically sound, and brief investigation could have revealed to a well-intentioned reporter the fact that my email address is not and never has been [email protected]. My email address is not a secret and has not been changed for years.

The email address they claim is mine belongs to a web programmer and administrator, Corina, who offered her assistance in working on this blog.

I first encountered Corina when she wrote a comment here on 28th June 2010. Below is a picture of this comment where you can see the address she is writing from is the same one as appeared in the articles. If the journalists had employed just a little bit of professionalism in their “investigation” they would have found out that Corina’s email address appeared in relation to the adult sites in 2008, long before I had any contact with her. How can I be in any way responsible for or linked to what she did before I even met her?!

In this comment she contacts me to offer her assistance to administrate my blog in order to improve it. She had some excellent suggestions for optimization and so on and I agreed to take her on board. When Corina started in this project it was exactly that time when the blog suddenly changed its face and became much more user friendly and pleasing to the eye. Consequently, Corina also assisted in setting up as a programmer and that is why her email address was placed there.

She also worked as a programmer on several adult entertainment sites which then carried her email address. She never owned or ran these sites, but merely played a role in creating them. She also made sites for restaurants, sports venues, health care, erotic sites, etc. All these sites she made were without any personal interest, but were just paying jobs, the subject matter was irrelevant.

Untitled1Perpetuating the same libelous accusations, 2 days ago a newspaper in Finland called MOT reported the same information that was in the Romanian media, without themselves looking any further into the story, regurgitating the same information without any proper investigation, except “a very simple online search.” What kind of an investigation of the truth is that? It is also important to note here that the journalist who wrote this article is the same one who made the very poor documentary in Finland that was shown last week, where she regurgitated the same lies and made the same defaming accusations. All in all she has done a very good job at showing how unprofessional and ill-intentioned she is and the people she works for.

Furthermore, with just a little bit of journalistic nouse, the reporters could have found out that more than one year ago the email address of Corina on the tantric path of love site was changed to the correct address of the one administrating the site. Therefore this information that is stated in these articles is not even current, as they would have us believe. So much for ethical, investigative journalism! How should we understand this correlation? Does it mean that anyone who collaborates with me on a project is in danger of being labelled in a negative way, and of being discriminated against for associating with me?

Again this situation only highlights the agenda which really lies behind this smear campaign to do irreparable damage to my reputation, the reputation of my spiritual guide, Grieg, and ultimately to destroy the spiritual school Natha. This media campaign is not about finding out the truth but only about fulfilling this agenda. I urge all of you who are interested in truly finding out the truth about this campaign and its intentions to look more closely at all the information and to not take anything you see or read in the mass media at face value.

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