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Jun 4, 2013 | Silent War, Social Justice

Here are other inspiring Stand Up Responses to my article “Let’s Set the Record Straight: It’s Tantric Lovemaking!“.

In fact these are the voices of those that have the right to tell their story in the first place, the ones that silently are pursuing their spiritual goal using the amazing methods that are provided by Grieg and the yoga schools that are using these teachings. Telling their story is sometimes an exercise of courage, which is a quality necessary on the spiritual path. I am happy to see that there are more people taking this chance.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful experiences you have had within this school! Your example will inspire more to join and make the voices of those who really care to be heard.

In the end of this post there is a testimony from Hungary that bring up some of the hidden aspects of the MISA story: the involvement of the secret service in Romania and abroad. In his book “MISA: The Xray of a repression”, renowned historian prof Gabriel Andreescu is documenting beyond doubts the massive (and sometimes decisive) involvement of the secret services in the act of repression of this yoga movement. Previously i’ve been publishing the letters of an officer from within the secret service, disclosing some of their methods and confirming prof Andreescu’s researches. Here you can find the first letter. And this is the second letter. These letters were confirmed (apart from the direct meeting with their author by the journalists from yogaesoteric.net) by the events that followed exactly the path disclosed by that officer. Now a direct testimony is coming from Hungary form one coleague that decided to stand up and tell the truth, confirming the same situation. Congratulations Monika B.!

Here is the comment from Neuza Paulo with some very interesting contributions. Thank you Neuza:

It’s not with surprise that I found out the brilliant and elevated answer from Advaitananda to these accusations, and the loving and truthful comment from my Tantra teacher Ronan Pinto Goulão.
I was a journalist for a brief period of my life and this is precisely why I have quit it… It was a childhood dream to motivate, bring truth and change peoples lives for the better… Unfortunately, this is NOT how the media is working nowadays… The agenda is not to publish facts, but how to brainwash and control the masses… For those who really want to know more about how the media works, I leave you with some of the 10 Media Manipulation Techniques:

1. The strategy of distraction – Maintaining public attention diverted away from the real social problems, captivated by matters of no real importance (like this one…)
2. Create problems, then offer solutions – Like create an economic crisis to accept as a necessary evil retreat of social rights and the dismantling of public services.

This was a study done by Noam Chomsky, for the ones who want to know more about media brainwash techniques

With this said, I want to share my personal experience with Natha yoga school. I joined it almost 3 years ago, because something was missing in my life… Love! There, I found it in a beautiful and transforming way. I am more happy, more aware, more confident than I ever was… or ever thought to be!
No brainwash, or sect, or anything harmful in any way… It removed me the shades I was wearing! Life was something very painful for me, because I was always feeling judged, and pressured to fit in society patterns: Have a job, have no opinions, don’t fight, don’t speak, get married, have children, go along with the flow… I am very happy to have found a place, where I have the freedom to be myself, no matter what! There’s no judgement, there’s real freedom and real Love.

I don’t see any news published about the porn industry… Nobody fighting against the sex exploitation lived in the XXX business… No media showing the AIDS infections and drug abuse that occur during the shooting of some of those films… And this are FACTS! But still, if somebody tries to show something beautiful, elevated, with real and pure LOVE, this is what happens… Unfortunately, news about Love, compassion, spirituality and truth, never make the covers of the newspapers… People tend to reject it… Because with Love, there would be no wars, no crisis, no manipulation… and this is what they don’t want us to see… Long ago I stopped reading the news, I was sick and tired of only reading about bad and sad things, that really don’t add any value to my life…

With all of this said, I really want to show my gratitude, love and support to all of those that are helping the world transform towards Divine and pure Love… Thank you for not being afraid to shed light where there’s darkness… It is a huge blessing to know and be part of Natha.

With Love and Light.

Neuza Paulo.

And here we have another beautiful “eyewitness” account from Amanda V:

I am 43 years old, happily married and I practice natural medicine in France. I am in this yoga school for over 15 years now. Before coming at this school, I was a kid pretty hard to deal with, who was not even able to speak up until very late due to emotions. The environment I grew in was not easy and many times I was finding myself with runaway thoughts and not finding that ‘’something’’ meaningful about life, although I knew deep within me that there was one.

I chose medicine out of love and of a deep desire in my heart to be of a real help for humanity and this desire increased and added depth to its value while I was studying and practicing yoga. The more I went deeper through the yogic system of knowledge – that is fully and completely granted in this school – the more I was finding myself in ‘’awe’’ moments of clarity and force within, that were gradually enabling me to manifest out loud and to know myself and the universe in a way I never imagined to be possible. I discovered also that in order to really help someone, one needs to awaken his heart and to know himself, and that pure living and freedom from the illusion of this world and ignorance are some of the most healing gifts for humanity.

I am very social now, with many friends and connections worldwide, both in the yoga schools but lots of them in other spiritual systems and many in none, coming from different social classes, from extremely poor (materialistically speaking) people, to famous ones. I have visited many countries and joined different spiritual schools or systems of knowledge and was always enriched by what they had to offer and there was always a fruitful exchange within and without during these events. After each of such encounter with a new system I could not stop but contemplating with gratefulness in my heart the richness of associations and the unique set of real values for all areas of life that are offered in this particular yoga school that I am into.

The classes I have attended in this yoga school have always been fulfilling in what regards their completeness, the way they were addressing each and every common aspect of life, starting from brushing your teeth to opening of the heart and silencing the mind agitation as first steps on the way to discover who we truly are. Sexuality was never addressed in a pervert way, on the contrary, what was always stressed upon was the fact that the first condition in tantra is to truly LOVE and only then, you could go further in this aspect. And in this way, yes, making love became very beautiful and amazing and I got to be empowered in all the good aspects of my being, learning to fully accept and love myself and becoming less vulnerable to fluctuations and negative influences, contemplative, comprehensive and complete.

I can say that the more I find out in this way, using this awakened and strong energy of sexuality in all my life areas, the more I see that everything is a big, big mystery and that we are so small but still unique in front of the universe, eternity, God. I received and keep receiving this big lesson of love and humbleness that is embodied within all the oldest existing yoga treaties, as it is in each stone or grain of sand. Therefore, the word to best describe what is given in this school is: majestic (although completely opposite to what is known as Majestic 12 ;)). Far from the alienation that is described in the media, and that is done so with a clear purpose to damage the school.

This school actually is teaching awareness, love and compassion – in the real meaning of these terms. It has brought me great healing and has showed me the beauty of what a human being is and moreover, has made of me a more conscious and full of love being.

I am happy and grateful for the friends I have (many in this yoga school), for my whole life that was gracefully touched by this system of pure knowledge, and for the deeply loving and courageous example that Advaita and Grieg are for me and for many others that got to truly know them.

Here is the brave testimony of Monika B. from Hungary:

Hi! I am new to your blog and I like what i found and also the fact that people express. I wish to also say a few words. Not sure if it is an appropriate testimonial to be posted here, but I will do it however. It is for the first time that I speak about these things.

I am in this yoga school for 16 years, and I work in IT’s in Hungary. With the help of yoga and that of my friends, I have recovered from the following, although it had its effect on my life and relations. But, as C.G. Yung says: ‘’I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become’’.

Years ago, while I was working in Romania, I had a visitor who wanted to speak to me privately. It turned out he was part of the Romanian secret services (although he did not call it on this name, but said ‘’I am part of a powerful group of people who know everything’’). On that occasion, it proved it was my turn to be visited and big time threatened, like I found later on that many other yogis have been in Romania and this was common. For the first time in my life, I found out that there was someone else besides God who knew everything about me in small detail and this was kind of shocking and unbelievable.

Starting with my early childhood, he mentioned events no one knew about (I thought) and they were real! He also knew intimate things about my father’s past, about his brother – whose death was indeed suspicious and who was a kind of rebel for the ‘’system’’, about my husband – facts that were very hard to find (but not impossible, as it seemed!) and that were carefully synthetized and gathered. He also told me that my birth file was gone from the hospital I was born in (later on I checked and it was true!). He said they had their eyes on me since I was a child (again ridiculous!) and that I should immediately stop with yoga, or there will be big problems for me and for my family. He also made an attempt to ‘’buy’’ me, but he quit that instantly for my reaction was obviously appalling.

He was threatening me on a very calm tone and apparently friendly. He said that if I continue, ‘’there can be anytime an accident for your father or your husband and since they travel pretty much, you are intelligent and know that anything can happen’’, and also ‘’things’’ can happen to me too and it is so easy to have my life and career compromised and again, it was an advice not to speak about this meeting or ‘’things’’ may happen to me. In the end, I was aware I would still be surveyed in a way or another and told him I understood and asked him to leave and let me in peace. He never showed up again. Instead there were a few strange events in the coming years that showed me that the ‘’game’’ was not over. Useless to say I didn’t stop joining the school, whose methods were a breath of air and matching the deepest part of my being. ‘’Things’’ did happen. I will not present them not because of fear or shame, but because I have no wish to post in a victim position.

It may be a good moment to ask why all this effort with threatening people just because we do yoga? And why secret service? Why there is so much money and time spent in order to make such a fuss about who makes love with whom, where and how, when politics is that much violently involved in this case, and obviously they do this with a purpose?? The political abuse has been huge and this small case is insignificant in comparison with all secret services’ efforts against this school and its students in Romania. I hope we will reach a certain point where all these will end and people will be free to express and let to simply be and practice whatever they desire, in peace.

As for Natha and Mihai, I have a tremendous respect, love and appreciation for what they do and what they stand for. Not many have the guts to go against the usual current and bring upfront values that are so deeply buried in human consciousness. His conferences have had a beneficent impact on me over years and even if we did not meet in person, I am quite sure he is far from the image he is depicted in newspapers and their simulations and that he is wise and compassionate, a person who really cares.

From Hungary,

Monika B.

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