Another Victim of the Romanian Authorities: Madalina Dumitru

Jul 3, 2012 | Silent War, Social Justice

The Minor Is Treated As Disposable

The human dimension of Gregorian Bivolaru’s case is constantly ignored by the Romanian media and the Romanian authorities. Apart from Gregorian himself who has been suffering from judicial and social abuse for decades, it is now eight years since the Romanian authorities, together with most of the media, were responsible for transforming the life of Madalina Dumitru (the alleged victim of Gregorian) into a nightmare. And this happened after she was invited before the Swedish Supreme Court of Justice to give her testimony where she clearly showed that she had nothing to do with Gregorian Bivolaru and she was not his victim but THE VICTIM OF THE ROMANIAN AUTHORITIES. What can one do to be taken into account in Bucharest if such a public statement (made in such clear circumstances) does not make any difference?
Harassed, beaten and mocked by an entire country, Madalina’s life has become a living nightmare from which there is no escape unless she plays the game that is set up by the Romanian authorities. In this game she is merely a disposable object that they use in order to get what they so desperately want: the conviction of Gregorian Bivolaru.

In all these years, Madalina’s cry for justice, for decent treatment and normal life was denied by the same people that were so busy traveling to Brussels and Strasbourg to present their country as an example of upholding human rights and fair justice. Why is it that none of the newspapers that were so keen to publish excerpts from her personal diary, to present her almost naked (with pictures taken by the police!), and to depict her as a prostitute (while hypocritically claiming that she is the victim) never in eight years showed her life as it really is, or reported about the injustice and moral torture that she is continuously subjected to by the authorities?

You can see here a relevant short video revealing Madalina’s traumatic treatment during the last 8 years of the trial.


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