In Italy the conspiracy theory is promoted by the authorities themselves

A few days ago I was preparing my contribution for the International Seminar “The role of spirituality in the modern world”, held in Copenhagen by Soteria International. Suddenly, the phones began to ring simultaneously both mines as the ones of those around me, indicating that something was happening. I was told that Italian police was carrying out a raid in the homes of our fellow yoga instructors from Italy. At first I thought it was a local situation, a legal error amid the rising social tensions. Within minutes, I discovered that the situation is very serious and that we are dealing with an abuse of the Italian authorities, an excess worthy for a better cause.

The accusations that were brought to the Italian yoga instructors are absurd but they sold well through the media that is hungry for scandal. But what caught my attention is that the Italian authorities attempted to put into question the whole school. The Italian authorities – and not everyone but the anti-mafia brigade – have ripped up a planetary yogi conspiration theory. Yogis who attend the courses structured by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru are such presented as an international network of recruitment. According to yogic conspiracy theory, the methods used should be attracting people to the International Yoga or meditation camps and then manipulating them. And not any manipulation, as the Italian authorities claim, but transforming participants into slaves that afterwards would be asked to provide sexual services for the benefit of the head of the network, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru. And moreover, the network asks them to come with their blood tests in their hand so that yoga instructors would know whom to recruit and whom not. The slaves-to-be are supposed to be healthy from the beginning, no?

This network includes all yoga instructors from different schools who are teaching the yoga discipline following the curriculum of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. The aberrations supported by the Italian authorities are a real record in terms of weirdness. And they do not come from any brigade sector but from the Carabinieri brigade that fights mafia?! Judges Borsellino or Falcone would twist in their grave to know what their colleagues are doing nowadays.

Unfortunately the sad “performance” done by the Romanian authorities in 2004 tends to be let behind by their Italian colleagues’ aberrations in this campaign that has just begun.

This situation occurs probably because in Italy the “source” used in order to make-up this theory of the planetary yogic conspiracy is an ex yoga instructor in Italy, the self-called “master” Virgil Calin Catalin. What newspapers, of course, forgot to say is that he has been removed way earlier from the yoga school. The reasons for the removal of Virgil Calin Catalin were his poor training in yoga and his serious violations of moral conduct (his dictatorial tendencies, aggression in relation to certain students, tax fraud, enhanced manipulative tendencies). Of course, like all those who have been sanctioned for their personal matters, he began to cry out that in fact he does not have problems but that the school who removed him. And obviously he is the only one who knows what yoga is and others (who, otherwise, have noted his deviations) just want to get revenge on his competence …

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru himself was the one who reported the serious problems of this instructor’s character through messages and letters that have been well known to many people at that time. In response to Mr. Bivolaru’s request to him to withdraw for a better preparation, the former yoga instructor launched a tirade of accusations against Mr. Bivolaru and the school whose mentor he is. Through this, the former instructor Virgil Calin Catalin demonstrated – as if it would have been more needed – that his elimination from the yoga school was the only option that was left.

Virgil-CalinKnowing this case closely, I promise that I will soon publish its complete presentation. So far I have not found it necessary to make this gesture, considering that the gravity of this elimination (we could call it ‘’self-elimination’’) was a sufficient lesson. I’ll do it now out of respect for those who lose now their jobs and whose rights and even lives are trampled. And everything starting from the chaotic and absurd ideas debited by the vengeful mind of this man.

Obviously he is not alone, because his zeal has been used by former professional attackers that we already know very well.

It has become more and more clear that things will not stop here. Those who have ordered such aberrant investigation will continue to attack other yoga schools in other countries just because they follow a spiritual system that is effective. Wherever these shadow people will be able to infiltrate within the authorities and to convince those in charge of their aberrations, we expect such abuses to occur. But the evil force is only an exception comparing to the universal law of the Good and ultimately it cannot win.

Big raid against the yoga schools in Italy

Investigations are based on a series of complaints of a Romanian-born chef who lives in Italy and who wanted to take revenge for being expelled from the Romanian school of yoga

The anti-Mafia Directorate from the General Prosecutor’s Office in Italy has initiated an aberrant investigation targeting various associations and individuals in Italy, simply because of their links with the Romanian school of yoga – MISA, founded by Gregorian Bivolaru. In the investigation, on the 6th and 7th December 2012 there were conducted searches at 25 associations and private homes of Italian yogis in many cities including Florence, Rome and Milan. Some searches took place at 6 am. There were seized computers, laptops, documents, diaries, letters and photographs. Several dozen people were taken for investigation, and they were fingerprinted. Out of these, 18 persons were informed that they are prosecuted.

The search warrants relate to very serious offenses (as it would be the case for an investigation of the anti-Mafia Directorate), such as recruitment of persons for prostitution and pornography, but also “sexual slavery”, violent sexual orgies. On the other hand, they refer just a little bit to the fact that those associations are concerned with esoteric practices of yoga – in fact, we can easily assume that this is the real reason for the investigation against them. We witness with dismay to a replay of the violent events of March 2004 when the yoga school MISA was attacked in a similar way in an investigation of the Directorate for Investigating organized crime and terrorism. There were then circulated in the press horrific allegations related to drugs trafficking, weapons, people, prostitution and countless crimes, for which, however, there could not be brought any evidence whatsoever.

The reason alleged in the search warrants issued by the Italian prosecutors consists of several hilarious, ridiculous or bizarre elements (which normally would not ever be placed in official documents that refer to such serious allegations made by the department that combats mafia) of which we note:

– the fact that after the investigation conducted by the Italian prosecutors it was discovered that MISA was excluded from the European Alliance of yoga in 2008 (note that during the interrogations in these days people were questioned on this issue that contains information of a public nature, none secret or unpublished and not illegal).

– the fact that in order to participate in yoga camps in Romania it is necessary that all yoga students submit two photographs in bathing suit and HIV and VDRL tests – this is considered an argument proving that in these camps future victims are recruited, who will be forced into prostitution or to participate in violent sex orgies;

– the fact that some yoga students complained to the prosecution that for the yoga classes they have paid the participation for the course (for this motive there should be investigated all gyms or fitness clubs where you pay the entrance fee!)

– that yoga instructors are guilty for “advertising” yoga camps in Romania, yoga and Shakti groups, thereby facilitating yoga trainees indoctrination.

The mandate brings into question the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru is the spiritual mentor of the various associations concerned and they considers him to be the “head” of a criminal network. In conclusion, we deduce that Italians yogis are accused actually for practicing yoga under the guidance of instructors who have connections with MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. The italian prosecutors seem to not be aware that in Romania Bivolaru is not accused of trafficking people at all related to pornography and prostitution and that none of those absurd charges are not included in the files that were set-up in Romania. The italian media writes that Gregorian Bivolaru is also being prosecuted alongside the italian yogis, but also notes that the Romanian yoga teacher is receiving political asylum in Sweden. The articles are illustrated with a Gregorian Bivolaru’s picture behind bars, picture fully circulated in the Romanian press, for which MISA press office reported repeatedly that it is a gross manipulation of the public perception and a violation of the presumption of innocence and Gregorian Bivolaru’s right of image. The accusation the most circulated in the Italian press is “sexual violence” (after years of frenzied media campaign in Romania, this charge is also for us something new!).

The complaints who started this investigation were made by Catalin Calin, former yoga instructor in the MISA Yoga School, who has taught yoga in Italy and was afterwards excluded from being a teacher because of certain serious mistakes he did. Professional chef, Catalin Calin, who calls himself “Master Virgil” now, wants to take revenge against his former colleagues. There may have been also other denunciations, belonging to fans of “Master Virgil.” Before the International Congress of yoga which was held last week in Bucharest (Congress which was a great success and about which the Romanian press has not written anything), Catalin Calin contacted one of the guests, Swami Suryananda, to threaten him that if he goes to this Congress in Romania, he will be arrested as well.

The Romanian media (eg Mediafax and Reality TV) dealt the news with the lack of professional knowledge that is already known to us, without noticing the serious inconsistencies comparing with the allegations circulated by the Romanian prosecutors (to match them with those of the Italian prosecutors), marching on the same charges invented and circulated by the press, without any evidence for years (sexual orgies, prostitution, pornography). In fact, recently aired a lying story stating that Romanian yogis are judged in Cluj being charged with human trafficking for pornography and prostitution, which is a totally false statement.

In conclusion, the action against the yoga associations in Italy that are linked to the MISA Yoga School falls among the other abusive actions against yoga practitioners. According to information provided by an employee of the secret services, since 2010 there were setting up these actions against the foreign yoga schools with links to MISA. This is an outrageous witch hunt against authentic spirituality. The italian authorities have also done other abusive and illegal activities such as the armed attack against the Ananda Assisi yoga school, which took place in January 2004, and we have serious reasons to doubt the correctness of the investigations to be carried out in this case.