Apple’s iPhones, iPad and Mac Computers Collect Location Information…

Aug 10, 2010 | Politics

More evidence about the data collection that is practiced today at a large scale, through all the intelligent devices we are using in all domains of life.

It appears to be useful since there are interesting applications using our location and other information, but the problem is not there. In my opinion the problem is not that they didn’t ask permission for obtaining this data from people, it is just a misunderstanding that i am sure will be regulated by a law. The problem is the fact that this information is used by a system that is governed by people who are ill intended and who have strange elitist agendas. It is the destination of this information that is a problem and not what ‘useful applications’ we can find for them.

What the Western world is heading towards now (and the East closely follows) is a kind of “informational communism”! Exactly like in communism where people shared all the resources and production units, now we are asked to share all the information. But attention here: considering the fact that in the world nowadays information is power and it is also becoming the new currency … the conclusion is that we are heading towards a neo-communist era! 🙂

And more: communism failed exactly where this new system is weak: the spiritual quality of people was low, therefore the leaders could not help but abuse their position up to a level of dictatorship. In communism the leaders were corrupted by the power they were prematurely given, they were weak people without morality. But isn’t this the same problem we have also today?

Giving away the right to our personal information is giving away a degree of power which should be accompanied with a morality and wisdom that the ones who get this information have proved not to have at all. If people today are spiritually weak (thus the ones in power share this state to be optimistic 😉 ) and they can be corrupted by power, and if information is power… we have a problem!

The conclusion is clear: the ones who get control over the information have to be either saints or they shouldn’t have this control!

We can recall here all the recent situations when different levels of the world power system proved to be irresponsible, having strange intentions, or even hiding something from the ones they are supposed to serve. The 9/11 governmental murders, the swine flu hoax, and the global financial crisis are only a few examples of the level of “maturity” and integrity the people in power have in their approach to life. Since they are almost the same people always in power, the conclusion is even easier: they will make use of people’s personal information for who knows what kind of purpose the money/power machine requires.
They have already proved that no moral rules or spiritual principles will stop them from doing so. This is a real problem to which the solution will be a global raising of the level of consciousness until this will influence even the dynasties of power and will make them ready to carry the scepter of power without mutilating their souls.

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Apple told Congress it collects location information about users of the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers in batches and encrypts it before sending it over a WiFi connection from the device to Apple’s servers every 12 hours.

Apple said its iPhone, iPad and Mac computers collect location information, but do so anonymously in batches and encrypt it before sending the data over a WiFi connection from the devices to Apple’s servers every 12 hours.

The normally super-secretive company shed light on its data collection practices for location-based services in a July 12 letter, responding to a list of questions from U.S. Reps. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe L. Barton (R-Texas).

The Congressmen June 24 sent Apple a letter demanding to know about the company’s practice of collecting, storing and sharing the location of users’ mobile devices.

Apple June 21 changed its iTunes privacy policy to reflect how it collects data about the location of Apple devices consumers purchase.

Apple, which will not let users download any applications from the iTunes store without agreeing to the new terms and conditions, shares location data with application providers when consumers opt in to providers’ location services.

Apple’s revised privacy policy states:

“To provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device. This location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by Apple and our partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services.”

That policy change spurred concern among Congressmen Barton and Markey, who sent Apple a list of nine questions about this practice, which is becoming more pronounced among providers of Web services.

Bruce Sewell, general counsel and senior vice president of legal and government affairs for Apple, pointed out that Apple, like Google and other companies providing location-based services, uses cell tower and WiFi information to collect data from users’ iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Apple offers location-based services on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iphone 4, iPad WiFi/3G and on older iPhones, iPad WiFi iPod touch and Macs running Snow Leopard, and Windows or Macs running the Safari 5 Web browser, albeit to a more limited extent.

However, this only happens when users have toggled their device to turn the services on and only when the user runs an application requiring location information.

At that point the device “intermittently and anonymously collects cell tower and WiFi access point information from the access points it can see, along with the device’s GPS coordinates if available.”

Web services that leverage location such as Google Latitude, Google Buzz, Twitter Foursquare and Gowalla are becoming increasingly popular among users. Google, Yahoo and Bing are negotiating with Foursquare to use its location-based check-in data in their core search results.

The Congressmen nodded to this fact and appreciated Apple’s detailed response.

“As more Americans rely on location-based services as part of their everyday lives, it is imperative that consumers have control over how their personal information is used, transmitted and stored,” Markey wrote.

“Apple’s responses provided additional information about how it uses location data and the ability of consumers to exercise control over a variety of features on Apple’s products, and I appreciate the company’s response.”

He added that he was satisfied that Apple adequately lets users grant or withhold consent in their usage of Apple products, adding that consumer consent is the key to assessing the adequacy of privacy protections.

Barton chimed in:

“Our personal information has moved from our wallets and home filing cabinets, to the file cabinets of data brokers and online files of behavioral advertisers and now, directly to the Internet cloud from our mobile devices. Consumers must be made aware of this collection and they must consent to giving it up.”

Barton did admonish Apple for writing privacy policies “that run on for pages and pages,” which most people won’t bother to read.

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