The path of the man is the path of facing and overcoming challenges. One of the biggest challenges we face in life comes in the form of our relationship to women and satisfying them as lovers.

We know from our own experience and popular research that we as men are struggling today to meet all the needs of our partners.

Happily, modern science and ancient spiritual systems are revealing to us that every man is actually already equipped with everything he needs to fulfill in ecstatic excess all the needs of their woman. All that is needed is proper training.

Training in what?

To find out, join us Tuesday February 13th at 19:00 for the final lecture of the trilogy: Awakening Virility. Advaita will introduce the real roles of men in relationships and what principles and training ancient systems offer us to become the heroic lovers that we want to be and that women need. You will learn…

-How to become the heroic partner that women dream of
-How to become the perfect lover that fulfills her needs in excess
-The secrets of controlling the powerful energies that awaken in the union of masculine and feminine

Practical info:

Seminar for Men Only
Date: 13th February 19.00 – 21:30
Location: Natha Yogacenter, Nordre Fasanvej 230, 2200 N
PREPAID: 100 DKK (75 DKK Natha students). Bring a friend 150 DKK for 2.
At the door: 150 DKK pr person.
Sign up: [email protected] or
Payment: Please transfer the payment for the event to our MOBILEPAY 59673 as your final confirmation for your participation. Please mark the payment as “Awake+your name” If you pay for more people add their name as well. For example “Awake+your name+your friends name”. Limited places available, please make your payment as soon as possible. Tickets are based on first come, first served