Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level and to share with others the profoundly transforming path of integral yoga?
Atman – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, offers you the chance to join its unique yoga teacher training program. The coordinating teacher of the course is Advaitananda Stoian.

Course Description

Course application

Any student who finished the first two years of the Intensive Yoga Course in one of the member schools of the Atman Federation is welcome to take part in this course. Since the course is entirely held in English language, a fluent understanding of English is required.


The Yoga Teacher Training Course includes the first five years of the Intensive Yoga Course as being taught in the member schools of the Atman Federation. Additionally, many esoteric notions about the teaching activity will be given. Before every training course, the aspirants are required to study certain lessons from the curriculum of the Intensive Yoga Course, lessons that will be announced in the previous meeting. Each aspirant will also need to make a presentation on a topic that is offered in the class. The aspirants have the chance to select their preferred topic.


The course lasts for two years and consists in twelve weekend meetings approximately once every two months. Only three meetings are allowed to miss during the two years period. Missing more than three meetings or missing two meetings in a row results in loosing the right to continue the course.


The Training takes place in Paradise Retreat Centre, Denmark. Vegetarian meals and basic lodging are available onsite. It is also possible to stay in hotels and cottages in the surrounding area and be shuttled to and from the retreat center. For more information about all the options, transportation, prices etc. please visit: 

How to sign up

For more information about prices of the course, accommodation etc. and to register to this course, please send an email to [email protected]