Bhoga Case: After Court Verdict

Dec 16, 2010 | NATHA Denmark, Silent War

Verdicts In Trials: For Now No Truth – Just Cocktails Of Interests And Lies

The verdict in the Bhoga case was given out in the local court of Helsingor on Tuesday the 14th of December. As many people were waiting for this important decision, it was regarded by the vast majority as a moment when the confrontation between formalism covered by personal agenda is getting a lesson from the reality of facts and agreements that were made between responsible people. It seems that this lesson have to wait a little more for the formalisms and personal interests are much stronger than the Truth least for now. (The immense interest regarding the Bhoga case was reflected also into the immense number of visitors from Denmark on this blog, placing it above the rating of many popular danish sites 😉 ) The judge (Morten Larsen) considered that all that was said in the court was not worthily his attention more than writing down, and in almost 50 pages of justifications he concluded that Bhoga farm belong to Kim Schmock. Later on I will comment on the decision with more details but for now here it is just the general view.

The Choice Between Truth And Blatant Lie Is A Grey Line In The Local Justice

There is a saying that says “Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind”. Once again, the lies in the court are leading to a wrong decision of the judge. Yes, i know the rhetoric of the few fanatics on Kim’s side that will claim that finally justice have been made and that we will say that evil

forces were stronger but this is not about what we are saying on one side or another. This is about clear evidence that was dismissed in the court by proven lying witnesses. And this is a serious juridical problem not a mystical or a philosophical one (at least not for the moment). In the previous writing I was explaining some of the most striking evidence that were showing as clearly as daylight the counterfeit of the witnesses that Kim was producing for the court in the Bhoga case. Yet they went unnoticed by judge Morten Larsen. For him it was normal that all Kim’s witnesses were manifesting an open aggressive attitude towards mylself (even if I was not the object of this trial) proving to be biased by their opinions. For the judge tens of witnesses that were saying the same thing from all kind of different angles was not enough to counterbalance some obvious and often incoherent lies provided by three people driven by their obvious personal hate and revenge feelings.

And this is something that makes me wonder: how long it takes until one can have a fair treatment in this country? In Romania, (a country with severe problems on the justice department and for this reason receiving a special attention from EU commission on Justice) after few years of abuses and severe attempts of authorities to silence the witness in the trial against Grieg (Gregorian Bivolaru), the court found him not guilty of any of the charges. After a long and often abusive juridical procedure, Romanian authorities were capable to find the truth and to give it to the people.

Meanwhile here in Denmark it took one lying person to corrupt the act of justice in a previous case . At that time I thought it was just an accident or an exception. Yesterday we were all given another example of an exception that underline a strange and even dangerous unwritten rulership: the rule of chaos (based on lies and lack of morality) and arbitrary over principles and justice. I am aware that there will be some “smart guys” that might be bothered by the fact that I consider that we were right and the others were wrong, but I take that risk because in the normal world (where people are direct and honest with each other) telling your opinions and standing up for them is a normal act of living, even if you have to put out arguments.

Moral Values

Moreover I am talking here about the truth based on facts and their moral value and not about some hypocritical formal considerations that are hiding the personal agendas of the ones that are using such arguments. At a closer look one can easily notice that this situation, prefigured by the Bhoga case, is somehow symptomatic to what happens today with the society ruled by a formalism meant to cover the personal interest of the ruling elite. For any intelligent observer, the parallel between the Bhoga case and the structure of the society is obvious and shows that we should continue our stand up if we believe in Justice.
Judge Morten Larsen seem to be a fair guy until the end of the trial. He even admitted to recall one of the witness that he misunderstood at a certain point. Yet it seems that this was only a facade and the courage to take a decision against the pressure that was coming from the society and even from the “brothers” was not enough and his spine broke, leaving the justice crippled again in Denmark.

The courage to defy the thief (that was protected by the lying witness) easy not there to cover the price of being the first one that is taking a decision based on the witnessing of people against formalism and lies. He wanted to be open and fair but in the end it seems that he was more concerned about his comfort in the career and having his back covered with papers. In the final decision in fact we read a bunch of impressions.

One important observation is that Kim was winning yesterday in the local court with the help of two persons that were changing their previous statements and went in the court against their own previous decisions, decisions taken out of their free will. To me this is what we can call “professional liar”. One of them, Karsten Brask Fischer, is a recidivist since he did the same thing in another trial that he has started and later on went in the court against his own principles and decisions . Now he did it again but he was not alone this time. His girlfriend Celia Clausen joined the “group”, a lawyer-to-be in the fourth year of the law school that had previously wrote and signed a declaration that she has now denied and dismissed by saying that “out of the feeling of being responsible she falsified!” Sadly I wonder if (seen from their recent actions) this attitude is at the new foundation of their family that will replace the moral values learned from yoga?

What Do We All Make Of It?

Aristotle once said that “We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly”. Acting rightly means also to take hard decisions, or to stand for the truth. To me bending the spine once will lead to hunch back and this is not an option that I would encourage in anyone’s life.

All in all the present situation demand a clear answer from Natha’s team and in my opinion this should be just to continue the stand up until a fair treatment and justice will be given.
In the following days a decision will be taken in Natha by those that are taking this responsibility of the Bhoga case regarding the opportunity to appeal to the superior court. You are all welcome to tell your opinion here about the future continuation of the Bhoga case and what the team should do in the given situation…