Bhoga Case: Another Violation of the Property and People in Bhoga (Video update 30th July)

Jul 29, 2010 | NATHA Denmark, Silent War

Wednesday, 28th of July 2010, saw another round in the ongoing saga of Kim’s abusive behavior towards the residents of Bhoga. At around 17.00 three cars and one motorcycle pulled up the drive way of the peaceful farm. From the vehicles embarked 5 men, lead by Kim Schmock. This is another in a long series of violations of the law that states that Kim is not allowed to visit the farm without announcing 6 weeks in advance. Kim has repeatedly violated this law, but in the absence of any response from the police, his lawlessness seems to be without an end.Two of the people in Bhoga (a man and a woman) approached the men and informed them (yet again) that they are not allowed to be there, but the 5 men just continued none the less in their plan. From their cars they unloaded paint and brushes and began to quickly paint the segment of the wall next to the access road, on which was painted a beautiful art work bearing the name of Bhoga Ashram. bhoga caseKim and his friends didn’t seem interested at all indoing a good job in painting the wall – for example, they painted over old peeling paint and were not at all interested in painting any other segment of the wall. All they seemed to be interested in was to destroy that art work, lovingly painted by the yogis of Bhoga years ago. It was one more act of vandalism and spite against the spiritual community. The female resident of Bhoga tried to block the intruders from destroying the art work, putting her self between them and the wall, but they pushed her with their brushes mounted on long staffs. She tried to take away their paint and then one of them – Peter, (we remember him from the episode with the chainsaw) – grabbed her aggressively by her wrists and threw her violently on the ground, and then followed the attack on her, chasing her around the parking lot. As this was taking place, one of the other friends of Kim approached the other yogi who was filming the event, he displayed very aggressive behavior towards him, and in a very sinister way trying to prevent him from filming Peter attacking her, he aggressively pushed the yogi, tried to snatch the camera away from him and began chasing after him. Kim’s crew hurriedly concluded with the cover-up of the wall art-work and now set them selves on a new target for their vandalism: the security cameras that the residents of Bhoga have installed to document exactly this kind of attacks. bhoga caseThe intruders ripped one camera from its place, cutting the cable, and through it from a height of 5 meters. Another camera which was set to high for the courage of the goons had its cable cut.In between the destruction of one camera and the other, the police arrived, having been called by one of the residents. Unfortunately, the presence of the police made no difference, even worse, it made the situation more grave. The police did not take any action to stop the vandalism of Kim – and the second surveillance camera was cut off in their presence. The police seemed to be more upset at the residents than at the intruders. They concluded that ‘’the residents were not allowed to stop the intruders… if they want they can complain to the court’’, that will take years. The police themselves, did nothing when the female yogi complained about being thrown to the ground violently, the police indicated that Peter threw her to the ground after she had thrown him – here let’s mention the fact that Peter is a guy twice the size of the woman from Bhoga. When it was pointed out to the police that the very presence of Kim in the farm is a violation of the law (stating that he is not allowed to visit unless he announces it 6 weeks in advance) – they said the residents should complain to the court about this– this takes years and is very expensive. This raises the question – what exactly is the police’s job? bhoga caseThe police displayed favoritism to Kim during the event. When a car with 3 friends of the Bhoga residents arrived, worried about the situation in the farm, the police became immediately very angry at them, saying they had no right to be there. The police did not mind the presence of the crew of Kim! Yet, the clearest manifestation of one-sidedness on behalf of the police took place towards the end of the whole incident. The policemen were separating the two sides, when an argument erupted between one of Kim’s goons and a yogi. The intruder grabbed the yogi forcefully by the arm and was pulling him into his car, and the yogi struggled to get away and eventually managed and walked away. The intruder started chasing him accusing that the yogi punched him and that he was attacked. Kim immediately jumped aggressively towards the yogi and the police raced back in to separate the sides. Their intervention, however, was neither just nor fair. The yogi who was aggressed was taken in handcuffs to the police station, while the goon was free to leave. Later that evening, the respective yogi, after being released by the police, went to the Hospital to be treated. While waiting for the doctor, he was suddenly attacked by a stranger who grabbed him by the throat and tried to choke him. It took him several moments before he realized that his attacker was no other then the goon who had aggressed and accused him earlier that day. The attacker punched him several times before the police separated the two. When the yogi wished to file a complaint to the police against his attacker, the police replied that he himself had attacked the other earlier and this was just revenge! bhoga casePerhaps I am not acquainted with the law in Denmark – but since when is an attack in revenge for an alleged attack hours earlier, permissible by the law? This sounds more like the wild-west. We would expect this behavior from Kim, but not from the Danish police. In the background you can see Peter chasing and attacking the female yogi, he pushes her to the ground, whilst the bully with the helmet is trying to prevent the male yogi to pass Until when will Kim be allowed to continue harassing and attacking the residents of Bhoga? Until when will the police keep on watching his actions and do nothing, turning themselves into silent accomplices? Who will be held responsible the day that Kim’s violence will bear more grave victims? Read here for more information about the Bhoga Case