Bhoga Case Comes To An End

Dec 31, 2010 | NATHA Denmark, Silent War

Open Letter To Everybody Involved In The Bhoga Case

10 years after the acquisition of Ådyssegård which became Bhoga Ashram and the camp facility for Natha Yoga Center – we have decided that Natha will no longer continue the fight for Nathas rightful ownership of the farm. Therefore we will withdraw the appeal and also the tenants will terminate their renting agreement with Kim Schmock and move out by the 1st of February 2011.

In short Natha bought the farm in October 2000. Kim offered his help by signing the property deeds and many of the students of Natha came to do voluntary work in order to build Bhoga into what it has become today. We trusted each other and each others word. Even though it was Kim Schmocks signature on the deed, we also trusted that 2 written agreements signed by Kim Schmock would be suffcient to ensure the integration of the project.

However after 5 years passed Kim wanted to move out and gradually he also became twisted claiming the whole farm as being his – since he had his signature on the contract.
The case was so obvious for Natha, that we filed a case against him in court which we expected to win since we had a clear agreement and since Natha had paid all the running expenses of the place and was even building there for 5 years. A total of 2.8 millions which Natha has invested in the place.

After careful consideration we have decided that it is meaningless to continue fighting for Bhoga, a decision which also includes the advices of Grieg (Gregorian Bivolaru). The case was so clear that if we had had a fair trial we would have won it. Since we did not receive a fair trial to begin with, it would be highly improbable that we would get a fair trial by appealing it, not withstanding the economic risk of continuing to run the trial is great and also it would take energy and ressources from other valuable projects in Natha to run harmoniously.

With the trial we stood up for Bhoga and the principal of truth and justice showing that it is unacceptable for one man to steal the results of the work of many people and we feel we have made our point. We fought with all the correct principles and methods and since the other side was not doing the same we are free to give them the full responsibility for taking what is not theirs and was obtained with fraudulent methods. Kim Schmock has clearly stated that he is willing to take the karma of his actions on his shoulders.

With the odds against us it would be wiser for us to concentrate our efforts on finding and building up a new place, this time securing the papers in time and making better sure we never again attract a situation in which a person is tempted beyond his means in the same way Kim Schmock was.

To all of you – members of Natha, former members of Natha, friends of Natha and family members to members of Natha, all of you who have sacrificed your time, energy and resources believing that you were working for a spiritual cause for the well being of many and not for one persons personal profit – we deeply apologize for our naivety!
You thought you were doing voluntary work for Natha and instead it became the profit of Kim Schmock which is regrettable for all of us.
We have all learned a lot about human nature and how personal interests can conflict with the general interest and by exposing all these facts in the public domain through the Bhoga case, we hope that in the future we will learn to do it better.

We look forward to finding a new and much better place for Bhoga ashram to fulfil our vision for a spiritual community and retreat center for the common benefit of all.
On behalf of the board of Natha and the members of Natha Yogacenter
Amrita Hansen, Elodia Thallon, Florin Hiru, Selena Andersen, Mira Munteanu, Hans Hvass, Mariah Clairere and many others.