This coming weekend 9th – 11th December, I will be participating in the 5th edition of the International Yoga Congress in Brasov, Romania, where I have been invited to keep a talk entitled, “Yoga: the wise solution to the challenges of the modern world”. I will be joined in the programme by many other great speakers, including Adinathananda (Nicolae Catrina), Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Andre Riehl, Dr. Doru Bodea, and my wife Adina. This theme of this edition is, “Divine Solutions to Modern Life”.

Since its inception in 2005, The International Congress of Yoga and Alternative Therapies has played an important role in bringing to attention the invaluable benefits of the ancient system of Yoga. Uniting teachers, scientists, physicians and accomplished practitioners from various cultures around the world, the congress has proven the universal character of Yogic methodology and provided clear proof of the great benefits it holds for humanity. One of the standout achievements of the Yoga Congress is its unifying of ancient spiritual teachings with modern-day scientific discovery, dispelling the idea that the two perspectives are opposing and cannot fit together.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this initiative from the beginning, I’ve been able to witness its continuous development. Over the years, the congress has accomplished the goal of bringing the Yogic knowledge not only to a handful of specialists, but it has also had a significant impact in the popularization of Yoga amongst the general public. An indication of this is the recent appearance of a pioneering nationwide TV program introducing the gems of the Yogic methodology to hundreds of thousands of Romanian citizens, under the name, “The First Steps in Yoga”, run with great success in a collaboration between NasulTV and MISA Yoga School.

In this year’s presentation, I will focus further on underlining the immense value Yoga has for the contemporary human being, showing that despite its ancient roots, Yoga remarkably fulfils the deep needs of the individual living in our modern society, as well as society as a whole. The growing popularity of Yoga we see around the world these days, is not a mere sign of fashion, but a validation of the way it manages to improve the lives of people everywhere. Unlike other solutions offered today in an attempt to combat challenges of life in modern civilization, Yoga brings solutions without generating any kinds of crises, allowing the unrestricted and universal access for anyone – regardless of age, sex, culture, financial situation etc. At the same time it allows the awakening of the full potential Nature provided us with, propelling humanity into a future much brighter than anything we ever imagined.

Due to the success of the International Congress of Yoga and Alternative Therapies 2014, this edition will take place in two locations. Answering to the increasing demand to present interesting content online, and if possible live, together with the request to integrate other cities, the organisers decided to slightly change the format in this 5th edition. All the lectures and workshops will take place in Brasov while the now famous International Yoga Contest: “The Competition for Promoting Spiritual Values” and the artistic events will take place in Bucharest on 11th December. This competition has become a central part of the congress programme, and it is a very important event which highlights in a practical way the benefits of Yogic and meditation practice and has become an important model setting the standard for serious Yoga practitioners.

All talks will be transmitted live to a public viewing location in Bucharest, Berlin and other cities.

For more information about the Congress and the International Yoga Contest, please visit the website.

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