Getting Closer to the Truth
Concordia TV launched tonight at 20:55 UTC+2. Log on to

Finally the adventure starts. The young, enthusiastic team of Concordia TV has got off to a flying start, and tonight it will open its heart for all the world to see.

I could not think of a better choice for launching Concordia TV than Sandhedsseminar (translated: Truth Seminar) which is making its debut in documentary film making with the story of “Natha – turning black into white and white to black: An investigation of a truth activist”. Even in the middle of an attempt by the mainstream media to twist the public opinion about Natha Yogacenter and to vilify it as a dangerous sex sect, Sandhedsseminar (translated: Truth Seminar) has triumphed with this documentary that takes you deep into the heart of the yoga school Natha Yogacenter and connects you with many different people who have come into contact with Natha over the years. Tonight the first part in this documentary will be broadcast on Concordia TV.According to Sandhedsseminar, “this is a documentary about the persecution of the Romanian yoga school MISA / Danish yoga school Natha. The film offers insight into orchestrated media campaigns, incredible stories about asylum between EU countries and new perspectives on the issue of freedom of conscience in today’s Europe. Spiritual leaders and movements are still being persecuted in Europe today. While politicians, experts and human rights organizations are fighting to stop persecution, the media play, often actively, through unilateral and demonizing images of the persecuted. “Natha – turning black into white and white into black” is a critical examination of the role of the media in the harassment of some yoga movements in Europe, the waves of which are also found in the Danish media.”

Regarding the story by Bubber I will come back soon with more information on the subject of his alleged witnesses.

Until then, let’s wholeheartedly support this initiative of Concordia TV to bring a ray of light and hope to our world. God speed!

Watch here: Natha – turning black into white and white to black: An investigation of a truth activist (English subtitles)