CONSCIOUS TALKS is about daring to ask constructive questions about everything we talk about. It is not only about the subject we are concerned with, but also the way in which we discuss it, ask questions and look at it from several angles. The purpose of CONSCIOUS TALKS is not to find new, clever views in an attempt to rise above anonymity, but rather to obtain a deeper knowledge of the most important problems of our time. We take our discussion to the next level where the inner voice quietly listens to the fearless questions of the heart.

In CONSCIOUS TALKS we believe in the possibility of creating change by thinking in an unusual way. What is freedom of speech without the freedom to pose questions? In CONSCIOUS TALKS we emphasize that the right questions are asked. At the same time, the best tools and true human characteristics are carried out in a way that prepares us to search for deeper answers. CONSCIOUS TALKS seeks to lead us toward mutual understanding, respect, reconciliation, recognition, new insight, healthy reasoning and connection to the heart. This is why we are more interested in content, intention and essence than in decoration, production and rhetoric.

*Science and spirituality, health and life style, sexuality and relationships, art and culture, environment and technology, alternative research and novelties*

An event open to all those who are open and curious to see the reality of the world.
Admission: 75 DKK
Location&Tickets: Natha Yogacenter