Tantra is the science of life, an empirical approach to spirituality, in which all the “theory” is validated by your practice and direct experience. It is not a philosophy but a way of living life. It is not something you know but something you do. Tantra is an ancient spiritual way of living, a system of self development in which all the energies in your life and all your erotic desires are transformed, ravished and harnessed into the fuel for an amazing spiritual development and journey.

At the tantra course you will learn about personal development, energy and awareness, chakras, love and relationships as well as tantric eroticism and much more. You will get a “toolbox” with methods to work with energy and to get to know yourself at a deeper and more profound level. 


The mind is a fantastic tool but like any tool we need to know how to use it seems like most people lost the user manual and the phenomenal tool turned into an enemy disburbing our inner peace. What you don’t control, controls you!

The mind is like a super computer and keeping it pure and fast is in fact quite easy, all we need to do is to do is to clean up the harddrive (the subconscious area) and expand our capacity to hold information and increase our attention span. We need to organize data well instead of accumulating experience that are never processed and assimilating but just slowing us down. A healthy habbit of daily mental hygiene will keep the mind pure in perfect shape. 


Since time immemorial, brotherhoods of men passed down from generation to generation the fundamental principles and guidelines of masculinity intended to forge the harmonious and powerful development of the masculine power. This was needed not only because perfecting the masculine nature requires understanding and training, but primarily because this process is a result of conscious evolution.
Being a man in today’s world proves to be more complex than we acknowledge and far more than we care to admit.

Developing masculinity and a harmonious masculine relationship with the world requires wisdom, guidance, and well directed effort. When we understand certain principles and mechanisms of masculine development and apply them systematically in our daily life and relationships for long enough we can become the unstoppable spiritual hero and live a life that many men today can only dream of.


This course is for serious Tantric practitioners who wish to deepen their own understanding about the Tantric system through teaching and guiding others on the Tantric path. The TTTC was created by senior Tantra teachers, Advaitananda and Adina Stoian, under the guidance of their spiritual mentor Gregorian Bivolaru.

Advaitananda and Adina also teach the TTTC assisted by other senior teachers from within the Atman Federation. Because of its structure, requirements and number of hours of training, the Atman Federation’s Tantra Teacher Training Course is the most indepth course of its kind available worldwide. It is one of the only existing tantra teacher training programs in the world today and the only one that is connected to a specific, ongoing tantra course.