Elenin Comet – More then a Hollywood Scenario

Jul 23, 2011 | World Today

From “Deep Impact” To Elenin … A Journey That Will Soon Come To An End

In 1999 when I saw the movie Deep Impact I commented upon the strange fact that there were two movies on the same subject released on the market at the same time: Armageddon and Deep Impact.

The interesting situation is that in both movies a celestial body (an asteroid and a comet respectively) is threatening Earth and a team is flying to that body to place a bomb there in order to blow it up. While the blockbuster Armageddon is just another Hollywood production where the laws of physics do not apply to the main characters, where the hero saves the planet in the end without any problems, Deep Impact is more like a scientific documentary. Most of the scientific data is correct and the setup respects the physical reality.

Yet most of the publicity was for Armageddon while Deep Impact passed almost unnoticed on the market. Why would someone make two movies at the same time with the same subject and even the same storyline, both of them involving quite big budgets?

Moreover, Deep Impact (being the lesser known one) was full of very interesting synchronicities that I will explain below. Why is it that from the two movies the most popular (Armageddon) is so unrealistic and the other movie that appeared in the same time is so realistic and almost prophetic? In Deep Impact the name of the boy who discovered the comet is Leo. The discoverer of comet ELEnin is called Leonid. Comet ELEnin is coming from the direction of the constellation of Leo.

In the movie Deep Impact they call the comet ELE when they refer to it (before the public announcement). The comet that is coming now is named ELEnin.

Deep ImpactThe president in Deep Impact is black. Today’s US president, at the moment when ELEnin is coming towards us, is also black. In 1998, when the movie Deep Impact was made, this was a very unusual situation and there were no other movies than this one which showed this.

One of the measures announced by the US president in Deep Impact, before announcing the coming of the comet, was to call home the troops from abroad. These days, as ELEnin is approaching, president Obama announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Can all of these only be coincidences? Only if you believe in coincidences. For me they are amazing synchronicities that give the signal that something is happening and we should be aware.

Here are some very interesting data about the alignment of ELEnin and the Sun and Earth, showing some amazing synchronicities:

Cosmic Event
Distance to Earth
27th of February 2010
6.042 AU*
8.8 earthquake, Chile
4th of September 2010
6.258 AU
7.2 earthquake, Christ Church, New Zealand
15th of March 2011
2.101 AU
9.0 earthquake and tsunami, Japan (4 days earlier)
27th of September 2011
Alignment (the closest with the Sun, Earth and Elenin)
0.381 AU

*1 AU = average distance between Earth and Sun, aprox. 150 mil km. (for those who want to play with numbers, here is the official program of NASA that shows Elenin’s trajectory )

Consider that the gravitational pull is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two celestial bodies. In the above table the alignments that already took place were at distances that were quite big but the next one is extremely close to us and the effect upon us therefore grows exponentially.One can argue that it is a small comet and it cannot trigger such effects. In fact this is the official story, yet it is quite unconvincing since they forgot to show clear evidence about the real size of this celestial body that is called ELEnin. Maybe it is a small and super-dense object that has a gigantic mass anyway, despite the reduced size. In this situation the gravitational pull would be significant even at such a distance. And there are such small dense objects out there (such as white dwarf stars). It is also highly significant that the final alignment of this celestial body with the Sun and the Earth will be on the famous date of 21st of December 2012! Even if we cannot see with precision the alignment for that date, it is for sure around it. How many chances do we have to get this final alignment around the most debated date on Earth today? Can this be an amazing coincidence or is it indeed another piece in an amazing message that we have now in front of us?

According to some astronomer’s calculations, based on the law of gravity, an object with an orbit of around 11 800 years (long period orbit) is possible only for a huge mass otherwise smaller objects such as comets and asteroids have short elliptical orbits from two up to a maximum of one thousand years. I find this argument very interesting and explanatory for the possible gravitational influence in the moments of alignment. In all the information about Comet Elenin, the orbit is said to be over 10 000 years. This is the only data which everyone agrees on. We have to add to the synchronicities and unusual elements the fact that in the area where it is supposed to appear some amateur astronomers found another kind of object, larger and apparently having five moons (or planets) gravitating around it.

Moreover, the program Google Sky is having a glitch exactly in the area where one was supposed to discover the comet, the whole thing having been erased in a rectangular shape. (see here a picture about this)

And last but not least, all these are supported by other indirect signs such as the recent NASA announcement about the protection of their employees and their families. (see here the article with the video included). It is better to become aware and understand what happens instead of just waiting for the inevitable to take place. In times like this the spiritual practice and the personal enhancement is one of the best investments one can have…as we still have time. And this is also the best investment because if nothing happens we will anyway remain with the qualities that we have awakened in us.For those who are interested in engaging in more spiritual actions that effectively can generate a protective field for planet Earth please find here the program initiated bymy spiritual guide, Grieg, which is called NO APOCALYPSE.

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