Some say Tantra is a path of spiritualised sex, ignoring the fact that the Tantric system actually considers sex to be nothing more than an inferior instinct. Others, out of ignorance, blame Tantra for all decadence. Yet, there are also many hopes attributed to the Tantric system which is said to re-emerge in times of crisis to save humanity from its perilous decadence. Out of all these false hopes and damnation, Tantra appears to be a spiritual Frankenstein: a mix of sexual perversions solved with incense sticks and candles. But what is tantra? And why is it so often misunderstood? Having walked this path for 30 years myself, I picked up these questions brought by Tantra teacher Foca Yariv for this talk, where we aim to debunk some myths and inspire some people to try out this path for themselves. A path which, in our experience, is the most efficient methodology for those who dare to leave behind all preconceived ideas and truly want to accelerate their evolution!