Masculinity is a gift to the world when it is present in its superior aspect. There is a lot of talk today about ‘toxic masculinity’, but I dare say that it is the rhetoric and opinions about this topic which are much more toxic. To understand the extent of the bias in the discourse on masculinity, you can start by imagining the social media storms that would be triggered if the word “man” in their stories would be replaced with any other category of people. It makes me wonder, where is the superior response to this bias from the strong, moral and virile men?
Masculinity obviously IS in a crisis today, but it is not facing the kind of problems claimed by the ‘woke’ culture or the ones who are calling themselves ‘feminists’.
The problems that masculinity face today need a true masculine attention – one full of responsibility, discernment and accompanied by action. In this talk I am joined by Tantra teacher Foca Yariv, who has been guiding men’s groups and workshops, and raises the questions from the men he has met and from the challenges he has experienced.