Who else to invite on this topic than my life-long lover and wife, Adina. Continuing our talk on crisis mentality in “Episode 2: How to Thrive in Times of Crisis?“, in this episode we look closer at crisis in the couple relationship.
The lockdown has forced many couples to spend more time together. We used to complain about not having enough time together, then we were suddenly given more time than we could handle, and in the condition that society as a whole doesn’t even know how relationships work! 
Being together can brings problems to the surface, but where to find the solutions? There is a way forward, but it is not always the straight road. However, on the other hand, relationships are subject to very precise laws and principles, and can be transformed into what we aspire them to be. Not knowing how a relationship works, too often we quit at the first signs of trouble. Even though trouble is meant to be part of the next improvements.