In this episode, my guest Sahajananda J. Porslund, founder of Copenhagen Conscious Talks, joins me again to continue our talk on a subject that seems to become more and more important by the hour.
History repeats itself when the lessons are not learned. And if we hide the lessons we definitely don’t have a chance to learn them. I was out on the streets when the revolution happened in Romania in 1989 and witnessed firsthand many things that did not go down in the history books. 
Now it is more important than ever to speak up and help others wake up. Despite talk about unity, democracy and science, what we see now is a totalitarian regime in progressive sheep’s clothing. 
Today, many of us put power and hope in creating a true society that is shaped from the inside out. We can do this by turning our attention inwards and facing our inner challenges – where we have no-one to blame and no place to hide from our responsibility.