Today we are told to trust science completely – but true science never asked us to believe in it. On the contrary, true science always asked to be scrutinised because that is how science reaches perfection. In this episode I chose to take a boldly direct approach on the obvious signs of degradation of science simultaneously with the weakening of spirituality when they both refuse each other. Coming from an academic background, I have seen the best and worst of science from the inside. As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, tantra and meditation for more than 30 years, I have also seen and experienced spirituality from its very core. I aim to offer a perspective of how we can bridge the gap between science and spirituality, between logical reasoning and higher heart values. Considering that today science claims to be the owner of the absolute truth and religion tries to fight back, we need to reflect more on these topics.
One of the most important lessons for us personally and as a society.