Esoteric Agenda

Mar 26, 2009 | Politics

Esoteric Agenda is a movie which speaks a lot about elements of esotericism; it is in an excellent movie to learn how to read all the symbols. However, in my opinion not all the elements are revealed, it doesn’t completely enter into the whole picture of power and manipulation by certain initiates who know about different esoteric elements, but some of these connections are very well made.

Esoteric Agenda is actually a very good exercise for learning how to look at an event from an esoteric point of view, from the point of view of an initiate. So I would even recommend this movie as a guide for analyzing the happenings which occur around us with the eyes of an initiate! Actually a person who knows these symbols should be able to decode them and the esoteric elements around them in the same manner. However, there are a lot of people who have learned from books or different communities which contain such esoteric information, they have learnt esoteric elements but they never apply them in the daily life. If people would apply in their daily life, at least as an exercise, all the esoteric information which they know, making intelligent correlations and connections between different symbols and different elements of their life which appear to be separated, but as we know are connected at the subtle level due to the law of resonance, synchronicities would appear, which are visible for initiates. Then their life will appear completely different and there will be thousands and thousands of people which will be able to cut through the illusion, to cut through this smoke screen which is created by the people who hold the keys of power who also have esoteric initiations and create the smoke screen especially to divert the attention of other people.

So the situation will be much better if people will use this information in the way that Esoteric Agenda uses them. Therefore, I especially recommend seeing this movie as an exercise for decoding the reality from an esoteric point of view.
Of course I am not saying that the point of view presented in the movie is the only point of view, there are also other possibilities to connect and I even invite the viewers to make other connections starting from what they say in the movie, to add more connections and to even write these connections here on the blog and to open up a dialogue for this esoteric view upon the world, as when we start to apply these esoteric elements in the daily life then what happens is that the emperor is suddenly revealed as ‘having no clothes!” – the conspiracy is revealed and all these strange manipulations are extremely simple things, they are so simple that people cannot imagine that they can exist in such way in their world, they cannot imagine it because they never analyse from the point of view of their esoteric information which they actually have, because they don’t exercise it. They just perform their esoteric practices on Sunday when they light a candle or go to church, having the impression that they have done something sacred and feel they are ok, but in reality people have the possibility to apply all the esoteric elements in a larger extent! Especially the knowledge about the law of resonance and the knowledge about the law of correspondence which is says “was is here in the microcosm of my being is everywhere in the universe”, these things can be applied and we can filter the reality through that and in this way the new reality will appear very simple to us.

I am waiting for your contribution to the esoteric work .. enjoy the movie

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