The arrogance of the modern European power structure reaches new heights

In the last days we have seen an hallucinating story of the political class of Europe that clearly cannot see any value in respecting people’s choices.
The new leaders are behaving like feudal lords on their own property, no longer even bothering to keep up a front.
What was unthinkable some years ago is now put out in the open, in front of everyone, with a very lame argument.

The European superstate has always been denied by the eurocrats, who labeled any attempt to depict tendencies toward that end as “conspiracy theory”. And only a few years after (and one crisis) the same conspiracy theories are now the European political agenda!

In the beginning, eurocrats started their secret agenda by introducing the unnecessary common currency. Many specialists stated at that time that this common currency will only create an artificial and unnecessary limitation for the whole European financial system. Indeed, these specialists were right…but what they did not see was the fact that from the start the euro was designed to serve a European empire, not a group of independent nations.  Without foreseeing what was coming, most of the nations took the euro bait in the same way they took the Union as a progress factor that would not lead to a new empire but to a strong union of independent nations.

When all was set in place, at the convenient time and with skillfully controlled maneuvers, those in charge of the financial system created a crisis in the euro-zone. It is obvious that this crisis was carefully planned years in advance in order to serve this moment. And (as has become the norm) every voice that warned about this coming
crisis was labeled as…conspiracy theorist, of course! And again the conspiracy theory has become a reality before our very eyes!

Now their politician friends (co-lodgers with aprons 😉 ) are making great efforts to save the euro (which was not needed in the first place) by blackmailing the citizens of the 27 countries of Europe (ten of which do not even have the euro currency!) to accept to let go of their national identity and freedom for the greater good of a common currency. The arguments used by the eurocrats are futile: let’s save the euro common currency by introducing economical and political union. And the political and economical union is only possible if we have a common currency. This is a strange way to convince people unless you do not care what they think.

By aggressively promoting nationalist-phobia, and maneuvering the crisis so that it looks as if only with the euro it is possible to make it through, the pro-euro politicians are now having no shame in stating what a few years ago they screamed that nobody will ever ask of the Europeans: to create a European superstate that will become the new empire of Europe. And the draft is already on the European table, placed there by the non-elected European president, Mr. Van Rompuy. So this president of Europe has come forward with a new European agenda that is identical to the former conspiracy theories of a few years ago…can anything be more arrogant?

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