On 22nd – 23rd October I will be speaking at London Tantra Festival 2016. A weekend dedicated to ‘Experience the Sublime’ with Tantra teachers and faciliators from different international schools and movements, including Tara Yoga Centre, Ecstatic Joy Temple, Vital Development, Venus and Diamond Light.

We started Tantra Festival in Copenhagen in 2011 and since then it has spread to cities all over Europe and more festivals are popping up on the calendar for 2017, with new ones set to open in Lisbon and Stockholm. Along with Copenhagen, the other cities on the Tantra Festival circuit are Malmo, Aarhus, Prague and Budapest.

This year the festival in London has expanded and will be filling up its biggest venue to date, as the need for spiritual Tantric teachings and more profound experiences is on the rise.

Here is a little bit about what I’ll be doing there.

Sublime Eros – workshop

Together with the amazing tantra teacher Maria Porsfelt of Tara Yoga Centre, on Saturday morning we will kick off the festival with a workshop on Sublime Eros. This workshop delves into the sacred dimension of eroticism and how we can create experiences that reveal the amazingly transforming power of our erotic energy as a source of personal transformation and endless love and happiness.

Our sexuality as a gift that holds in it the promise of truly fulfilling and life-changing experiences – the kind of gift that makes your heart sing and touches your soul. This workshop reveals how to transform a sexual desire into a sublime experience that reveals new dimensions of our existence.

An Open Discussion About Open Relationships

Following ‘Sublime Eros’ I will be part of an open discussion on the theme of open relationships. A hot topic these days, many couples are confronted with questions surrounding the open relationship. This discussion will reveal the tantric perspective on this sensitive subject. Find out why, how and what an open relationship really is.

Happily Ever After and Beyond – A Journey to the Centre of your Heart

On Sunday I’ll keep a lecture demystifying the happily ever after love story, taking you on a journey, far beyond fantasy and fable, to the centre of your own heart.

We will look at why so many people are suffering because of love these days. And why is it that love seems so easy to get, yet once we get it, why is it so hard to maintain? Is long-lasting, never-ending love just the stuff of fairytales or something within our human reach? A profound Tantric perspective will reveal otherwise.

To find out more about London Tantra Festival, and purchase tickets visit their website: www.tantrafestivals.co.uk

You can come for one day or a full weekend, tickets are available for singles and there are discounted tickets for couples.

Trailer Tantra Festival 2016 from Tantrafestivals on Vimeo.