After i have been in India few times and have taught there yoga and tantra to a very enthusiastic crowd, it is time for my dear colleagues from Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga to start experiencing the Indian immense thirst for genuine spirituality and amazing capacity to receive and assimilate what comes to them, even if the teachers are not what they are used with.

In front of a great number of students and university teachers, Rainer and Angela were bringing the message from our school and were received with great enthusiasm and interest to hear more about the revolutionary approach on spirituality that our school is providing, based on the law of occult resonance. Having together a great number of spiritual seekers and scientists that all together are searching a path to higher levels of consciousness uniting all the methods and principles that are known is also an amazing characteristic of the Indian reality today.

I cannot think of a better context for our school’s teachings then this new stream of holistic gatherings since within our school one can find the very essence of this modern attitude. Here is Angela and Rainer’s letter:

After almost 2 years of teaching and practice, Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, MISA’s ‘child’ in South India, has seen several events both within and outside of the school’s frame. First milestones here were Mihai and Adina’s open talks and workshops in 2008 creating the desire to have these teachings in India, and in the summer of 2009 the Camp of Enlightenment and a Tantra Workshop both with Mihai, underlining Satya Yoga as a sincere and profoundly spiritual school and source of wisdom. And we have made several spiritual trips, like the 5 trips in relation with the 5 Tattvas to the Shiva temples with lingams manifested in these elements integrating specific practice and teachings.

shivaThe national newspapers, the Hindu and the Indian express published well received articles about the school. Now that the school starts to become more known, we have been invited to hold lectures and workshops in several occasions. Most recently Satya Yoga was invited for a lecture and other talks at the Yoga University in Haridwar. Angela and Emanuel were well received, and invited for further lectures and workshops, even future integration into the university’s curriculum. However, the following experience outdid everything until now in sheer terms of dimension. Based on the recommendation of one of our students we were invited to participate with a lecture at the Congress of the Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists (IFSS) on December 21-31 in the small town of Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, ca. 500km North of Chennai.

We were told to expect an audience of ca. 500 people, and prepared a very nice and scientific presentation about the ‘Mystery of the polarities’, synthesising some of Grieg’s, Mihai’s and Adina’s lectures about the topic. After 8 hours of train ride plus 1 hour of bumpy taxi ride into the romantic and dusty rural India we arrived in the morning of the 26th of December in Amaravathi, on the beautiful banks of the river Krishna, once the southern most point of Buddha’s pilgrimage of teaching in India, still housing the remains of a 49m Buddhist stupa.

Guiding us to our accommodations, Mr. Rajan, the vice chairman of the federation, casually and warmly welcomed us. Among the practical details he asked if we have a power point presentation, informing us that we had the possibility to show the presentation in front of a small audience (up to 500 people), yet until now all the speakers had preferred to address a ‘larger crowd’ (ca. 50.000 people) without the presentation. It didn’t take us long to choose the crowd, leaving our presentation in our bags and behind us.

After a few hours we came to the grounds of the congress, and we saw what can roughly be described as Costinesti times 5, Indian style: Under a 15m Buddha statue, that is constructed to celebrate the initiation into Kalachakra given here few years ago: a field with big tents for very simple accommodations, meals and of course one huge tent open to all 4 sides, for the congress program for the 50.000 people with a huge stage, and several cameras and big PA system. The daily program of the Congress is 4-7am meditation of awareness on the breath as instructed by Buddha, break, some talks and the main lecture, lunch break, cultural program, 7-8pm same type of meditation, dinner and evening program.

Starting in Indian standard time, about 2 h late, we were guided from the VIP area onto the stage and welcomed by the Guru Patraji, founder and chairman of the IFSS and of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

There we were, sitting on the stage in front of the audience extending almost until the horizon. It was then when we were presented to audience by Rajan as two “great European masters” (not totally unusual for somebody in the teaching position in the Indian context yet quite unusual for europeans teaching in India!), that we learned to our astonishment that I (Rainer) had established the Yoga Centre in Denmark and more than that had built Yoga centres in Tibet and other countries. Upon our reaction of surprise, they explained us that by ‘established’ it was meant being part of the team who manifested the centre and if the centres in Tibet and other countries are not yet built, they will come.

Now we had to adapt our lecture with the rather abstract topic of the mysteries and principles of polarities to a crowd of mostly people that were mostly into spirituality from the hindu perspective. However, since it was translated into Telugu, the predominant language of Andra Pradesh, we had time to adjust our next phrases to the reactions of the audience. And in a game of polarity between Angela and me, as well as between the crowd and us – every now and then 50.000 people were applauding our words – we did our best to develop the principles of yin and yang with many examples and simple words, especially relating it to love in the couple relationship.

Rainer-Trubel-Angela-OesterWe are very grateful for having the chance to pass on the teachings from Grieg and Mihai in such a dimension. In the end we did the meditation exemplification of “Shakti adoring Shiva”, (the women – as Shakti – were focussing to have an attitude of adoring Shiva in the men and the men – as Shiva – being adored) and after that the exemplification with the state “Shiva adoring Shakti” (vice versa). In this way we crystallised the lecture in this inner experience of the cosmic game of Shiva and Shakti. It was an overwhelming experience to act as a Divine channel for such a big number of people that were already familiar with these concepts but with a different perspective than the one we were providing. And afterwards many told us that it had given them a very new perspective of spirituality and that the meditation had been extraordinary for them.

Afterwards we were blessed and anointed with sandal-paste and red Kum Kum powder on forehead, cheeks, hands and feet under the vibrant applause of the crowd. And more and more it dawned upon us that this is the Indian dimension of a spiritual camp. This is normal here: Many schools can draw such a crowd and bigger. And it opened a new perspective for us, how our school will and should become in India. The country is still pulsating with spiritual aspiration, even if most of the practice has become routine-like ritualistic, with the right guidance and the right approach to their hearts and needs the spark will lighten. Integrating the fundamental law of occult resonance that was revealed and wisely explained by Grieg many years ago, the ritualistic practice in India can transform into an extraordinary powerful and efficient method that can channelize the aspiration of so many people. For example these 50.000 were meditating daily from 4-7 am: That shows quite some aspiration. And we felt that this change of perspective was perhaps the most important lesson for us.

From the moment we left the stage almost until we left back to Chennai on the next day, we were now “stars”. So many people came to shake hands with us, to have their picture taken with us, taking our cards and our autographs, wherever we went.

Anyway we were the only white people there in these days and Indians love to say hello to foreigners, but this was quite different than anything we ever experienced. We were accepted as spiritual teachers which is quite rare in India for foreigners. This is a rare chance for us to feel in a direct manner the extraordinary richness of the spiritual heritage of this amazing country and in the same time was giving once more a profound sign of confirmation of the authenticity of the teachings of our school. And these people  were so sweet: The women were hugging Angela, and both men and women were shaking our hands, and everybody was laughing and joyful to see us. Especially, it was very nice to be casually close with so many Indian shaktis.

prayThe article below appeared in the newspaper describing the Congress, and that we presented some tantric elements on meditation and spirituality.

The next day was my birthday, and I felt like I had already received my present, so much bliss, joy and love. Since the moment of my birth was around 4:30 am, I used the opportunity to do my birthday meditation in the company of 50.000. It was a wonderful experience.

Invoking the presence of Grieg, I felt more and more like a channel of the Supreme Consciousness polarizing both the huge energy of the meditation and the rather loud, well-performed live traditional Indian music that was used as a background to keep up the alertness and/or to prevent people from sleeping. My meditation was becoming – integrating it in the manner i was initiated in our school – the Shiva consciousness polarizing the immense energy that was surrounding me.

Later that day we went to see and meditate at the feet of the Buddhist stupa and in a famous Shiva temple, where the Shiva Lingam (that is made from amrita) grew up to 33 feet in the 2nd Century after being adored by devotees with Marigold flowers. I bathed in the holy Krishna River, and we arranged with Rajan (who has his birthday in the same day as me) that we come again to their next meeting in Bangalore, doing a short workshop, and if possible a yang spiral. The rest of the day we shook many joyful hands and smiled together with many, many people.

We like to thank very much the Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists for inviting us to speak at the Congress and wish that our cooperation will continue, helping to bring more and more profound spiritual realizations and experiences to this blessed country and the whole universe.

Rainer Trubel with Angela Oestergaard