28th of May, 19.00-21.00

We all wish to be happy, yet happiness seems to be most of the time just out of reach, and once obtained it rarely lasts. Happiness is like keeping your balance – it can not be stored or kept by force, it needs to be recreated moment by moment. Then it is as easy as breathing.

This balance is between the needs of the Mind and of the Heart – the two fundamental systems of our being.
The heart needs to be free, it needs spontaneity, it needs to feel and it needs to fly. The Mind needs discipline, like a horse which needs to be trained, it needs structure and it needs routine. Then they work in perfect unison and we find ourselves in a domain of deep harmony and fulfillment, at peace in the eye of the storm of life.

Yet this seems often to be the thing we dread the most – we fear letting ourselves love fully to our hearts content and we quickly grow bored of trying to tame our thoughts. Instead, we rather keep our hearts locked in and let our minds to run unguarded. And so, we find ourselves often thrown to all sides by the winds and turmoils of life, happiness always a glimpse in the corner of our eyes.

One can learn to be happy, just as one can learn any other art or craft – it just takes knowledge, it takes tools and takes practice.

This workshops presents principles and simple exercises with daily life applications that can ensure a great deal of harmony and balance for all those that are caught into a daily existence. There will be taught and practiced methods to allow the heart to become free and present in all our experiences, as well methods and notions for training the mind.
There will be presented simple methods for harmonizing these two fundamental systems (the mind and the heart) within the being in order to obtain a durable state of happiness.

Join this workshop and discover that happiness can be always there, if you wish it.

Giving your heart wings and your mind discipline: the introduction to happiness in Life

First session:  28 maj, 2014, 19.00-21.00
Second session: tisdag 10 juni, 2014, 19.00-21.00
Place: Terrassen, Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23 B, 11628 Stockholm.