On Wednesday 28th May, guest speaker Advaita Stoian spoke about meditation at Natha Yogacenter Stockholm’s event “Give your Heart Wings and Master your Mind”. With his former career as a scientific researcher at the Academy of Science he impressed the audience with his graphic examples and recent neuroscientific statistics emphasizing that in fact meditation is a science with a very clear methodology, which if practiced systematically has very precise results.

“Now let’s do a little practical experiment. Try to think for a just 1 minute about something you really like – a person, a place or an object”. Advaita guides the audience to focus inside and after the exercise he explains: “How many thoughts you believe you had about other things than the object you focused on? Did you know that in fact on average we have 3000 – 5000 thoughts in between or underneath the object we consciously focus our attention on?”

Advaita further explained in the workshop how the control of the mind and ability to focus effortlessly on an object is in fact the key to open our affective potential also known as our ‘spiritual heart’.

“We are like Gods in amnesia. The only reason we do not remember our divine potential that lies dormant within our being is because we do not know how to maintain our focus of the mind for a very long time. If we would be able to focus effortlessly on any desired object we would quickly discover another and more profound nature underneath the rapid fluctuations of the mind”.

Advaita makes the audience smile with a very visual example: “Imagine that you have a little bird in a cage and you open the cage to offer it freedom, but forget to remove the cat from the room. It would be a total disaster. It is the same way with our heart and our mind. If we try to open our heart before we control our mind, the minds agitated movements will constantly take us away from the essential inspirations, deeper feelings and genuine wisdom offered by our spiritual heart.”

You can hear Advaita speak more about meditation and how to give your heart wings in his next guest lecture in Natha Yogacenter Stockholm on 10th of June from 19.00 – 21.00 at Terrassen in Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23 B, 11628 Stockholm, where those who participated in the first workshop should be very curious to hear what follows and newcomers easily can join in this talk on meditation with practical exercises. You can sign up to the lecture at [email protected] or call tel: 076 961 31 19. Read more on