On Saturday the 8th of November we celebrated the opening of our new center and a new stage in the life of Natha Yoga School in Denmark. The marathon celebration lasted 18 hours; it started with an open house and ended in the early hours of Sunday morning with a party. Around 500 people attended throughout the day and night.

The organisers had prepared a full programme that began at midday with various workshops, a spiral meditation and an “angel walk”. In the evening we had a special programme hosted by two of Natha’s yoga teachers – Sahaj and Elodia.

Sahaj and Elodia

The efforts that had gone into the building of our new center were crystallised in this important event where the teachers, students, friends and guests of Natha came together to celebrate this wonderful achievement. The spontaneity, humour and talent flowed creating a harmonious and beautifully integrated event.

One of The Great Cosmic Powers – Tara

The evening programme began with a special presentation of the Ten Cosmic Powers, otherwise known as Dasha Maha Vidyas. The Maha Vidyas are ten fundamental energies or aspects of God that continuously create the universe. They awaken various qualities in the human being such as harmony, beauty, order, transformation, evolution and so on. Following this was an invocation of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers through an opening ritual. In this ten women representing each one of the cosmic powers came onto the stage offering a symbolic gift and their blessings onto the new centre. For many participants this was a powerful experience, even if they never before experience such an invocation – ritual.

The Ten Cosmic Powers

The night continued with a presentation about our Spiritual Guide Grieg and a short movie about his life. In his inspiring story Grieg speaks about his childhood in Romania, his relentless search for knowledge and his state of spiritual awakening at the age of 19. The whole atmosphere was charged with the spiritual inspiration that was coming from Grieg due to this moment of evocation. People who have never met Grieg had the opportunity to hear the story from Him and following this hear the amazing story of the trial in Sweden and his asylum.

Friends and colleagues from far and wide had been invited to our celebration. Guests and teachers came from England, Finland, Germany, Romania, Hungary they were invited to share with us their thoughts.

Bogdan from London, Meike and Doru from Germany

Another very special part of the night was with the karma yoga teams who have been involved in the construction of the new center. The construction team have been the “hard core” of the whole team who have made possible the construction of this new centre.

Me, announcing the presentation of the karma yogis

One by one the karma yoga teams were invited onto the stage to receive a gift from the school and also our appreciations for their wonderful transformation. The idea behind such a project is always the personal transformation that is having as an effect the work done for the benefit of the spiritual community. The aim is always to gain the spiritual value inside and that will be reflected outside as the value of what you are creating for the world. I have seen each one of the members of this team significantly transform from the moment when they arrived and took their places in the teams and the result is visible now for everyone as one of the biggest spiritual centre in Scandinavia and maybe in Europe.

Brothers – Mihai and Nick

For me this is one of the most rewarding aspects of all that has been created here, to see the Grace manifested when the individual abandons to the will of God, and be witness to the subsequent transformation through their efforts. The team was an international mixture of people coming to join this project and in the same time to take the serious task to transform themselves.

Each karma yogi has their own story that makes them a fine thread in the colourful tapestry of our center. Each of them put their heart in this process of transformation and gave the best in this process. The moment of harvesting is therefore highly rewarding especially from the heart and I could see many from the audience taking away discreetly a tear from their eyes especially when the images from the construction time were projected on the screen. These images are showing also the atmosphere and the transfiguration of the team, working together in the real spirit of CONCORDIA.

You can see here the slide show with these picture


The ‘hearts’ behind Natha – the teaching team

The next moment was not less intense since it was the moment when the whole teacher’s team of Natha was presented. All the teachers of Natha were invited onto the stage and a short presentation of each one of them was made and they were asked questions pertaining to their spiritual development so that the audience would see them more from their inner vision rather then from some pictures (even though Adina made a very nice and touching picture presentation for each teacher). The yoga teachers of Natha teach in Copenhagen and in the provinces of Denmark, many of them travel to teach and return to the city (some also travel abroad). This presentation gave everyone the chance to see the ‘Hearts’ who are behind Natha’s team.

Mariah and Hans from Ibis

Then it was the time for the students of Natha to shine… the second part of the evening was dedicated to performance. It was wonderful to see the natural talent that lies within the students and for them to have the confidence to express themselves through music, song, dance and jokes. All the acts were a delight for the audience and a spiritual lesson for the artists. First the Danish band Ibis took the stage with music from their new album. Being already musicians and yoga teachers, IBIS were giving a breathtaking experience of spiritual music, a performance that I rarely have seen on stage in any part of the world. The hall transform for one hour in a Divine Cathedral of music, dance, poetry, in a harmonious combination that was bringing the assistance into deep states of spiritual trance. It is worth mentioning here that the music style IBIS is promoting is a natural one, springing from the experience in the spiritual practice and therefore creating sublime resonances without any artistic speculations.

After these wonderful spiritual tunes we had spontaneous acts of creativity provided by our students. The moments of fun were alternating with moments of music and dance, all in an atmosphere of celebration.


Dance group symbolizing the play of tattvas

Some of the acts also spontaneously came from the audience, increasing this way the state of delicious spontaneity.

Louise and Maria

The evening finished with a party leaving the “hard core” karma yogis and many of the guests dancing until the early hours of the morning.This was the Grand Opening Day in Natha. Now starts the time to practice and provide the spirituality to all that are open to it…

 Thank you to all that were putting their Heart into this project and made it possible.
Thank you to Grieg, our spiritual guide and inspirer.