Interesting and Revealing Aspects of Operation Christ (2nd Part)

May 12, 2010 | Silent War, Social Justice

The second part of the story ‘Operation Christ’

The second part of this amazing story (amazing first of all because it is real) further pushes the connections between different facts that were intentionally left aside by their authors in order to conceal their real agenda. Even if meanwhile (after publishing the first part of the article) the events apparently took a better course, Í still consider that one can only gain from reading further and getting the full picture. The most interesting aspect I find in this article (and the whole situation) is the universality of these findings, the possibility to apply the same way of reasoning to many events in the world and thus  find another picture that is more coherent and satisfactory than what we have usually. Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment. The third part is coming soon.

Interesting and revealing aspects of Operation Christ (2nd Part) 


By Maria Nicola

In March 2004, when the yoga school in Romania was the victim of a frantic attack by the Romanian authorities, many of the yogis who were involved in the whirlwind of events could not help but notice, in a state of shock, the similarities between these persecutions and the staggering movie they had just seen on 12th March, at Grieg’s birthday celebration. On 12th March, Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of Christ” was shown for the very first time in Romania. Up until that moment, the movie had barely been heard of in Romania, and it was almost unknown to the public, while the controversies which appeared later on had not yet exploded. As we all know, the realistic vision of this movie is unique compared to all the movies and documentaries which explore the same subject. With tears in their eyes while they sat there freezing, thousands of yogis watched this movie, which was translated there on the spot, in a gigantic hall. They may have wondered why they were watching this movie on a day of celebration which in previous years was filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

Only a few days passed before the brutal searches of 18th March occurred, followed by interrogations, the media campaign, the hunt for Gregorian Bivolaru, and his completely illegal and abusive arrest. Violence, brutality, scorn and random hatred brought chaos into the lives of many and left behind traumas which have not yet healed. All this is difficult to imagine from the outside and impossible to explain according to logic or common sense. It seemed as if waves of hate and hostility came upon us daily. Each day we did not know what would hit us next. When Grieg was arrested, the development and media coverage of Operation Christ made us wonder, as it was analogous with the events of 2000 years ago: How far will they go?

Many of us probably wondered if Grieg knew these things beforehand, and if he did why did he not do anything to avoid them, and to save himself and us? “The Passion of the Christ” can help us discover many answers. The fact that the movie was shown was a warning in itself and, for those who have eyes to see, it reveals a certain divine integration of Grieg, which made it so that God indicated through signs the coming events.

Before we go further with these revealing explanations, let us first clarify something. Since its inception, the Romanian authorities called the action of 2004 against the yoga school “Operation Christ”. Of all the possible names, they chose this one, while they still want us to believe it was random – as random as the action beginning just before Easter. In reality it is obvious that the name indicates gross sarcasm through which the authors of this action cynically tell us that they actually know Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent, but they still intend by any means to destroy him. This was later confirmed by the discovery – which was astonishing at the time – of some minutes of meetings of the PSD (the Social Democratic Party) which prove beyond any doubt the political order given by the then prime minister, Adrian Nastase, to arrest Gregorian Bivolaru even though he was innocent.

Still, even if it was the authorities who chose the code name “Operation Christ”, the media absurdly speculated about this detail, going as far as saying that Gregorian Bivolaru thought he was Jesus. For example, in December 2004 the National Journal published a photo of the statue Pieta (which depicts the Virgin Mary holding the lifeless body of Jesus in her arms, after the crucifixion) and a similar altered photo of Gregorian Bivolaru in the arms of a woman. The purpose of this photo was obviously to mock him but at the same time it revealed the irrational desire of his enemies to see him dead. They did not hesitate to express this desire in the media for many years, as they did for example on the occasion of the attack of 1995.  At the time, after the apartment of Gregorian Bivolaru had been blown up in a criminal explosion, some of the journalists did not hesitate to express their regrets that he was not home in that moment!

Therefore, when we speak of the movie “The Passion of the Christ” or about Operation Christ, we do not have the intention of making unnecessary connections or speculations, which are specific to the Romanian tabloid media, which, in the absence of concrete accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru produces various aberrations, such as this completely stupid idea that he believes himself to be Jesus. Of course, there are certain similarities, as is the case with all spiritual schools and groups that are violently attacked in this strange era in which we live, when values are completely upside down and, in general, everything that is authentic is the target of virulent attacks from authorities and the media. This clearly shows that the media as well as the government and the authorities are controlled by the satanic sect of worldwide freemasonry, which is leading an open and continuous war against good, divine light, beauty, harmony, and authentic spirituality. In the era of spiritual decadence in which we live nowadays, we are often stupefied and helpless (and, unfortunately, many of us also unconscious) witnesses of such an overflowing hatred and aggressiveness towards everything beneficial, beautiful, true, authentic and spiritual. But, everything, all the events, have their secret meaning in the great divine plan, and from our human perspective, we only have access to a fragment of the general picture. Sometimes, certain things must take place. In the case of Jesus, even Him, the Son of God, went through certain extremely difficult trials and, as we all know, he was eventually killed by his enemies and crucified. This crucial event had a great importance; certainly history would have been different had this event not taken place. The necessary sacrifice of Jesus has left its mark on the life of each of us, much more than we realize. Before the beginning of the tragic events which preceded Jesus’ judgment, ordeal and crucifixion, He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane: ‘Father, if is possible, let this chalice pass from me! Father, all things are possible to Thee, remove this chalice from me!” However, in the next moment he added: ‘Nevertheless, not my will, but Thine be done.’

Along with Jesus, the great martyrs of humankind became, through their sacrifice, exemplary models for the human race, while at the same time making an efficient contribution to the global evolution of humanity. Those who use only their rational mind and judgment and lack the integrating perspective of the love and wisdom of the heart, spreading all kinds of mean ideas and becoming the tools of demonic forces, always ask the same question: why do these exceptional beings not save themselves, since they have certain divine powers? In reality the reason they do not do it is not about inability, but about the spirit of sacrifice and unconditional acceptance of the Divine Will. These beings have accepted, through their exemplary sacrifice, to go through martyrdom, and their sacrifice always had a meaning, even if it was difficult to intuitively perceive in that particular moment and in those circumstances. Can we imagine the first Christians being able to heroically endure the persecutions they were subjected to without Jesus’ personal example of sacrifice on the cross, followed by the miracle of the resurrection?

Inspired by demonic ideas, some people want to make us believe that a human being who is the victim of certain insistent persecutions and calumnies, or even the target of aggression or attacks, is not divinely integrated and does not have spiritual realizations or “powers” that are out of the ordinary. Yet, if we look around us carefully, we will notice that actually the opposite is valid. Almost nobody tries to attack or fight evil. We can be certain that a person with great material, financial and social success who is also favored by the media, reaches this false success due to the help of demonic forces and is supported because of being, for example, a member of the satanic sect of freemasonry. When somebody wishes to promote aberrant ideas or strange events, such as hard-rock concerts or gay parades, he or she is regarded with sympathy and supported. But when someone wants to make something good, uplifting, and spiritual, he or she is instantly ridiculed and attacked. And this does not happen in Romania only but all over the globe. I invite all those who dare to say that the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru is the victim of huge persecutions and that he was even imprisoned is a proof of his weakness, to think that actually he overcame all these difficulties and he was miraculously saved, many times, despite the huge forces which were unleashed against him. Moreover, he was the one who supported most of us during this difficult time and he made it so that the activity of the yoga school could continue efficiently and successfully. Therefore, by carefully balancing all these elements, we will understand that the fact that the movie “The Passion of the Christ” was shown on March 12th 2004 was not a coincidence.

Also, at that time, Gregorian Bivolaru made an exceptional exemplification with one of Shiva’s aspects – Shiva Nilakanta – Shiva the Alchemist that transforms the manifestation through the power of sacrifice or, in other words, the aspect in which Shiva takes the venom, suffering and poison of the world into His being. Also, on March 12th 2004, a movie produced by a company which makes initiating movies was projected. The movie presented certain astrological interpretations (we will give more details in a separate article) and amazingly it anticipated the events that followed, including the set up at Nadlac border and the arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru. All these aspects were later on confirmed, both immediately (only five days afterwards, by the events on March 18th), as well as through everything that happened to him in the following period. Analyzing the chain of events, all these elements prove to be extraordinary synchronicities, which are profoundly significant and indicate, among other things, the divine integration that existed in Grieg’s case.

Even the synchronicity of the verdict in the Sibiu trial being given immediately after Easter is connected to the completely un-random name: “Operation Christ”. The journalists who were accomplices in the set up at the Nadlac border should be the first to realize it, since they had access inside the headquarters of the border police and they filmed Gregorian Bivolaru behind bars, relentlessly mocking him in all possible ways, and provoking him to break free using his paranormal powers (later on, some of them were confronted with the well-deserved traumatic experience of also being arrested.)

The Jews provoked Jesus, during the trial and while He was being crucified: “If you are the Son of God, save yourself!”

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