The International Yoga Day, takes place every year on the 8th of October

It is marked simultaneously in many places throughout the world. This year it will be celebrated in unison, in cities such as; London, Berlin, Bucharest, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmö.

This year NATHA YOGA CENTER will host a special event for The International Yoga Day in the new Yoga Center Concordia

The International Yoga Day program will be a shared event with other schools of Yoga and Meditation that are based in Copenhagen. The event is open to all people: practitioners from all the disciplines of  yoga /meditation, beginners and newcomers!

The day will consist in a series of lectures and presentations on various subjects regarding the practice and theory of  yoga, plus yoga-sessions from  the different disciplines of yoga. The events will be kept by the teachers and representatives of the various yoga schools. There will also be a panel debate with Questions & Answers, and the end of the yoga day will culminate with a spiritual show.

yoga-patanjali-25The list of schools that will participate continues to grow, confirming the fact that the Yoga Day becomes a popular event among the yoga schools this year.

October is an important month for Yoga, as beside the International Yoga Day in Bucharest Romania  M.I.S.A. Yoga school will host the International Yoga Congress between the 13th and 17th of October.

These type of events help to bring spirituality to the forefront of our consciousness, raising the awareness of how to live in a spiritual fulfilling way that enhances and improves every aspect of  our lives.

For further information about the International Yoga Day contact Arthur Leder on (+45) 30645548 or see

We will have a full report of the International Yoga Day coming soon…