Iran Invasion on The Agenda of The Bilderberg Group

Jun 24, 2010 | Politics

This is the way they are planning to gradually take over the whole global economy. We have to remember that the EU was in the beginning a trade union and at that time it was constantly stated that there is no chance this coal&steel trade union will turn into a political union. Now it is done and has been done so strangely that it gives a very good reason to go further because it seems we cannot stop in the middle of this change. Eurozone have all the chances to soon collapse and it will create the need for a bigger control system and the global currency will come as a “natural” solution. But for this the global power need to go a few more steps further and eliminate all the alternative ways of thinking and social organizations.

It is very clear now the way things are evolving that they are following the plan that was long ago exposed, but carefully hidden under the “conspiracy theory” ghost. It is also very clear for everyone that the hidden agenda of the Illuminati and the freemasons (at the top levels not where the naive ones are) comes more in place and they are pushing it forward with greater strength then ever before. The assassinations of 9/11, the actual economical crisis, the assassination of the polish president (as one of the most noisy opponent of the globalization movement), the chain of world manipulation-made “global disasters” such as the swine-flu, global warming, gigantic oil leakages, all show the arrogance of the power that these occult forces manifest in the world today. And this is just the beginning. When the snowball is rolling they will push it more and the effects will start to become global. And that is the sign of the last stage of the plan….. unless there is something else that is counterbalancing this trend of actions. And this is already taking place, for the moment in small spiritual communities but it will soon become a bigger phenomenon that will unite people from all over the world. The recent disclosure of the Romanian secret service involvement in the M.I.S.A case from an insider is the kind of symptoms i am expecting to see more and more today . For the moment we have a set of separate events but they will soon become more and more entangled and will make sense for more people who will not remain silent anymore 🙂

Thursday, June 3rd 2010

A Spanish newspaper announced that they have information on two of the main topics on the agenda of the famous group of the world elite, in spite of the fact that the agenda is secret.

The elite group has a meeting, beginning today, in Sitges, Spain, in order to discuss topics such as the Iran invasion or the collapse of the European currency.
The Bilderberg group is an organization with a global agenda, including political leaders of the western world, businessmen and scientists. They have had yearly meetings since 1954. Due to the secrecy of the meetings and to the fact that they refuse to give out any press releases, the group has frequently been accused of worldwide conspiracy.

Although the founders of the Bilderberg group wanted to keep their agenda, as well as the list of their members, secret, not even this exclusive group could avoid the leakage of information. Therefore the Spanish press managed to find out some of the subjects on the agenda of the Group: a potential attack of Iran and the future collapse of the euro currency, according to Nueva Tribuna.

Most members of the Bilderberg group have not been elected in their positions through the vote of the majority nor do they belong to any organization created through an international treatise.

This powerful exclusive group has had yearly meetings since 1954, in order to promote a closer cooperation between Europe and the United States of America. The founders of the group were David Rockerfeller and the banker family Rotschild.

Strauss-Kahn, president of IMF: “The solution is to adopt a unique global currency “

The Bilderberg group pose as saviors who can resolve the international economical crisis, offering the solution of a world government. This point of view was recently presented by the president of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a member of the Group. He declared, in Zurich, that the solution to the crisis could be the creation of a “world currency, emitted by a global central bank.”

The only question is when and how much will the European currency drop and how soon will the American dollar follow. According to David Blanchflower, a former member of the Political Committee of the Bank of England, the area of the euro will “disintegrate” as a result of the crisis and of the debts of Greece, which will propagate to other countries as well.

“The new world powers” Brasil, Russia, India, and China have not been invited

The assumption that the group wants to trigger a drop in the euro and dollar in order to impose a new global currency is supported, according to the journalists of Nueva Tribuna, by the fact that all those considered responsible for the financial crisis were invited to the previous meeting of the Bilderberg Group last year in Dublin: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker (president of the American Federal Reserve), the leader of Goldman Sachs, Peter Sutherland, etc. Most of them is also attending this year’s meeting in Sitges, in Catalunya.

Considering these premises, the source continues, the “congress of witches” in Sitges is scary. If one goes through the list of the participants, this feeling becomes even stronger. All the representatives of the so called piigs countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) are all invited but no representative of the bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) quartet is. According to the economical analysts the “Piigs” are the main ones responsible for the financial crisis, while bric represents what certain economists of Wall Street have called the group of the future world powers.

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