Initiation in Mantras for communion with Krishna

This initiation presents a unique synthesis between the modern view of spirituality empowered by recent scientific discoveries regarding the mysteries of the Universe and the universal spirituality which encompasses all spiritual traditions in the far-east as well as the western world. One cannot find a better expression of this spiritual synthesis of all concepts as the one that is brilliantly expressed in the teachings of the great avatar of Vishnu, Krishna. 

Structured as a genuine spiritual initiation that is offered by the mentor of the ATMAN schools, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, this event peaks with the initiations into the secret mantras of Krishna. 
Through attending this event, one can easily approach the understanding and direct experience of such sublime realities as that of Krishna, which would otherwise remain hidden by the common level of understanding and experience. Far from being just a cultural construction, the sublime reality of Krishna was also depicted in other spiritual traditions throughout the world, always adapted to the cultural context of the local population. The magnificent and sublime reality of this divine sphere of existence shines forth beyond all differences. This event aims to connect the participants to this magnificent reality.  For the first time, a direct method is made available to the western public in order to experiment in the communion with these sublime realities. These realities are always present in our existence but we rarely understand them. 

During this retreat are offered initiations in two secret mantras for entering in communion with the magnificent realty of Krishna.
The retreat also includes workshops, exercises, special activities and movies for deepening the resonance with the sublime sphere of consciousness of Krishna.

The two mantras given in the retreat are independent of each other – one can have both or just one or the other. The initiation in the second of the mantras requires passing a selection – more information about this selection will follow. Those who will get only one of the two initiations can participate, if they wish just to part of the retreat: for the first mantra -Monday 14 April; for the second mantra – 15-21 April.

Participation is possible only for students from the Yoga and Tantra courses who have received the initiation in Laya-Yoga.

The retreat is guided by Advaita Stoian – coordinating teacher of Natha, eminent spiritual teacher, and direct disciple of Gregorian Bivolaru.

This camp takes place in Paradise Retreat Center – a Paradise on Earth. Paradise offers comfortable accommodation solutions, delicious Yogic food, a magic garden, a wellness center offering massages for the participants of the camp, and trips in nature.

Starting time: 14th April, at 12.00
Ending time: 21st April, at 17.00

Language: English

Price:750 kr  + food and accommodation (220 kr a day)
Deadline to sign up: 1st april