Dear Mihai Stoian,

Thank you for your mails.

The warmth of your welcome in Kopenhagen last year is still in my memory.With growing concern I have taken notice of your situation. Especially because I would like to attend the congress you organize in Bucharest in June and wish to help you. But now I have an uncomfortable feeling about you, making me hesitant to come.You explain how bad people attack you and your organization and you speak of calumnies against you. But that is disturbing me. Because you cannot deny you are involved in sex business, as proved for me by the presence of a sex shop on your congress of Kopenhagen, where everybody could see and buy pornographic material, books or sex toys.

The essence of your problem, Mihai, is that you are busy with an own form of Tantra Yoga, which has been transmitted to you by Grieg Bilovaru. And you still believe the man. Maybe you could start wondering about this, knowing that sexual desire is a very dangerous thing to handle, especially when dealing with beginners. Therefore, in ancient times, the Rishi’s (reference “Science of Soul” by Swami Yogeshverananda Sarasvati) have described the difference between Bahirmukhi Vritti (energy vibrations leading to external life) and Antarmukhi Vritti (energy vibrations leading your internal life), which are called commonly the left path and the right path. Using sexual desire to attain internal life is an extremely demanding art, where the practitioner has to be fully detached, with his mind under total control.
Failing to achieve that, the practitioner will fall in external life, which is the cycle of reincarnation.
Where is your practice Mihai, when you stimulate sexual desire in everybody walking by, without distinction, and even more, ask money for your sex tools? Is that not dangerous and a clear sign of attachment?My problem now is that I doubt you can recognize the danger of your lack of knowledge about Tantra Yoga. I hope that you can recognize this and act in consequence. For that I am ready to help you. Coming to Bucharest on your special invitation will then be a pleasure for me, giving me the opportunity to explain you more.
Greetings to Adina.
Namaste.Yours friendly,
Shri Yogacharya Ajita
(Philippe Barbier)
Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for the European Union
President of the European Yoga Council of European Yoga Alliance
Honorary Life Member of the World Yoga Council
Member of the World Yoga Parliament
Member of the International Yoga Therapy Council
Member of the Coregroup of the Samenwerkende Yogadocenten Nederland
Director of the Raja Yoga Institute
Ilpendam, Holland

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