“Do you want to achieve success in meditation? Do you want to be able to focus your mind perfectly on anything that you choose for as long as you choose? Do you want to reach deep and efficient relaxation and stress-relief? Do you want to master the keys for success in life? Then come to an introduction to the world’s most comprehensive and practical system of meditation training.

15 januar 2015 19:30 – 21:30
Natha Yogacenter København Nordre Fasanvej 230A, 2200 København N, Denmark

In this free Meditation intro workshop you will get to know Natha’s Meditation Intensive Course – a systematic and practical approach to achieving success in meditation, combining theory and practice, gradually guiding the practitioner on the path of meditation. Anyone who applies perseveringly the teachings of the course can become an advanced practitioner of meditation.
In this evening you will begin to explore the mechanisms of your own mind, experimenting with various techniques of meditation, getting to know some of the obstacles on the path of meditation as well as some of the ways to overcome them. You will become aware of the great benefits which meditation brings to those who practice it correctly and will get glimpses of its effects within your being.
After the workshop it is possible to sign up for the Meditation intensive Course and get a reduction of 25%!

Sign-up now for the Free Meditation Intro Workshop and get a first-hand experience in meditation.

Language: English”