Tripura Sundari – the Great Cosmic Power of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Goodness and Truth

Summer has arrived and with it one of my most cherished moments of the year is almost upon us – the Maha Vidya Polarity Retreat in Costinesti,Romania. It began two years ago with the Kali Retreat, followed by Tara last year, and this year, in this historical moment that is 2012, we will delve into the mysteries and wonders of Tripura Sundari, the third of the ten (Dasha) Maha Vidya.

Also known as the Ten Great Cosmic Powers, the Dasha Maha Vidya are the ten faces of God in manifestation, the manifestation of the Supreme Feminine aspects. Together they include all the energies of God, and they constitute in this way a complete spiritual path, collectively and individually, which leads the aspirant to the highest possible spiritual realization.

Through the perseverant application of precise practical methods one can attain the supreme Self-knowledge through the sphere of force of one of the Great Cosmic Powers, to whom they devote themselves with profound adoration and transfiguration. Although all the Great Cosmic Powers are very dear to me and each has played a pivotal and deeply important role in my life, Tripura Sundari holds a special place in my heart and this special Maha Vidya event held in her honor is a moment I look forward to with great anticipation and reverence.

During this special retreat, we will have conferences on many aspects related to Tripura Sundari, including essential introductory elements and stages on the path of Maha Vidya Yoga. There will be a very special and even unique way of ritualistically integrating the spiritual practice of yoga asanas with the sphere of force of Tripura Sundari, both in individual practice and in the practice of the couple asanas. And one of the highlights of this event will be a special initiation that will be given for the first time, integrated into the sphere of power of Tripura Sundari.

The only pre-requisite for attending the retreat is to have received the initiation in the secret mantra of at least one of the Great Cosmic Powers. You can join on any day and stay for as long as you feel. For more information you can contact Cami Marin at

I wish you all a summer of intense love, filled with the beauty and joy of being alive.