“KALI is the great Cosmic Power of the Energy of Time and for the one who adores her, she is the one who grants Spiritual Liberation. KALI always protects and inspires those who know and love her. For the fearless, KALI is the Terrible, the Destroyer of Time. As the dark Shakti of Shiva, KALI is the space, air, fire, water and earth. KALI carries out all the physical desires of Shiva. She governs the sixty-four arts and she is also the one that produces the Joy and endless Happiness of the Master of the whole Creation. KALI is Shakti (the Feminine Cosmic Force) in Her Purely Transcendental aspect. KALI is the Night of the Darkness from which the mysterious energy of Time springs.”

On 13-20th July together with Adina we will be guiding a 8-days long retreat dedicated to the the most powerful of the Dasha Mahavidya, the Ten Great Cosmic Powers of the Tantric system – the Universal Energy of Time and Transformation: Kali. It will be the second time we will be meeting with tantric aspirants from all over the world to reveal and explore the ways to access the immense sphere of force of the Great Mother Kali. This time however we will be offering much more than we could during the previous Kali retreat we kept 5 years ago.

We will be exploring how through the gigantic Sphere of Force of this fundamental Cosmic Power we can transform our perception of time and eternity, experience the intensity of states, access the power of now, harness the erotic energy and learn the ways of its transmutation through the mysterious tantric alchemy.

The retreat is aimed both beginners on the Tantric path as well as highly advanced Tantric practitioners.

Mahavidya Kali is the first of the Ten Feminine Cosmic Forces of the tantric system. Her terrifying appearance is meant to inspire us to pursue the heights of the spiritual sphere, setting us free from the enchainment by the ego. She teaches us to be aware of death, embracing it as our major ally on the quest towards perfection – helping us to live each moment of our lives as intensely and as fully as possible. Scary for the ego, She is the most tender for those who earnestly long for being in a state of Eternal Love.

Through the grace of the Great Cosmic Power Kali, we get rid of all the ephemeral attachments and focus on the true eternal values in life, of which Love is the most important one we share, the one which echoes in Eternity and beyond all limitations. Kali is the mother of all true Spiritual Heroes, and the supreme Mistress of the Tantric Path. She is inspiring, guiding and blessing the tantric aspirants, helping to advance rapidly and decisively towards excellence.

The retreat will include initiations and revelations never before presented. It is very much recommended for all those who participated in the previous Mahavidya Kali Retreats, in Denmark or Romania, as it will present invaluable guidance of establishing and deepening the communion within Kali’s sphere of force. It is also a great opportunity for those who are taking their first steps on the path of Mahavidyas and we will provide a comprehensive introduction necessary to fully integrate the connection with these pillars of the tantric system in the spiritual and daily life.

In order to participate in the retreat it is necessary to be initiated into Maha Vidya Yoga through Tantra Intensive or Yoga Intensive course taught in one of the schools of International Federation of Yoga and Meditation Atman

The program of this 8-days retreat includes:

– presentations of the Tantric traditions of adoration of the Great Cosmic Powers and other tantric principles
– secret practical aspects of entering in a state of occult resonance with the Great Cosmic Power Kali
– tantric exercises of transfiguration and meditation specific to Kali
– sessions of Hatha Yoga practiced in unison and integrated in an unique tantric manner
– sharing of profound experiences of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Kali
– polar sessions where men and women will learn the specific ways to approach Kali’s sphere of power
– special exemplifications, offered by our Spiritual Guide Grieg, of specific nuances of the energy of the Great Cosmic Power Kali
– a special unique initiation available only in the Mahavidya Retreat Kali: The method of conscious control over the energies of time

The retreat will be taking place in the picturesque Paradise Retreat Center, located 60km south of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a location where many of the most advanced spiritual events in Europe are kept. It will begin right after the Summer Soul: Polarity Retreat, where we will be exploring one of the most efficient methods of transformation available to spiritual aspirants – having conscious tantric relationships.

Participating in both retreats will provide an unique experience.

The price for the retreat is 274€ and there are options to book accommodation and food at Paradise Retreat Center for an extra cost.

You can book your place in the retreat here: