M.I.S.A Yoga School – Reply to the International Federation of Yoga Forum

Mar 26, 2008 | Silent War, Social Justice

Dear yogi friends,

In the last period, on the International Yoga Federation forum, there has been a series of messages sent from Romania which contain notorious calumnious affirmations regarding the M.I.S.A Yoga School and its activity. It is significant the fact that all these messages are actually some common anonymous letters. We wonder why the respective persons did not have the courage to give their real names? Is it because they feel guilty? Is it because they know they can be held responsible for the calumnies they spread out with such insolence? We know that anonymous messages can never be taken in consideration, because they are already suspicious. Nevertheless, we will put aside this significant aspect and we will answer the letter, in order to thus make the truth triumph over lies.Out of respect for those who know us by our real names and with whom we collaborate, we must make certain edifying specifications that are meant to reveal what is actually hiding behind this furious and fierce denigration campaign against our yoga school, which is the biggest in Europe.A completely sensational, but profoundly significant aspect we start our reply with refers to a so called recent message (which is actually an anonymous letter) that appeared on the forum of the International Yoga Federation. From the very beginning, in this message the intention is to create the false impression that an expert and great personality, famous in the field of yoga system has something to say against M.I.S.A Yoga School in Romania. In this way, a skilful diversion is structured presenting this message not as an anonymous letter, but as an official statement coming from a serious person, qualified to formulate valuable judgements and justified opinions. The aspect that nobody knows by now is that this person, presented as emitting in the year 2008 some conclusions regarding the M.I.S.A Yoga School had actually died on January 7th 2006. This personality who is fakely attributed a so called message which was formulated against M.I.S.A was an eminent Austrian professor and mountain traveller. He was also an inspiration for the famous movie “7 years in Tibet”, which had the well known American actor Brad Pitt playing the role of dr. Heinrich i. Harrer. For those interested about the accuracy of this, here is a link regarding the website of this famous professor: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article786458.ece

We hope that it is obvious for everybody that this man did not come from the other world, taking a material form, a year after his death, in order to write calumnious messages addressed to the M.I.S.A Yoga School. The hidden denigrators did not consider the fact that there will also be some curious people, who will check who is the presumed judge of the Romanian M.I.S.A Yoga School. Revealing this to you, we also ask you the following: who is it that had the insolence to write this message, which is obviously a fake one? How is possible that the respective person had the impudence to sign it in the name of dr. Harrer? Even if many of you will be surprised by this rude manoeuvre (unfortunately, it is not the only one), we, the ones from M.I.S.A Yoga School, are not surprised by this gross trial to mystify the reality, as until now it can be noticed that the same methods have been used many times in the desperate and fierce attempt to slander M.I.S.A Yoga School at any price. Considering the facts, it becomes obvious to us that this message is nothing else then a poisonous anonymous letter, skilfully “disguised” as a letter that wants to be serious. This is the rude manner in which some people who claim to be objective and to know yoga. Besides, these people are saying out loud that they want to show the truth, but in fact they promote calumny and lies!

Since we are here, we must underline that this furious and systematic campaign of anonymous messages is not at all new and spontaneous, as it is intended to look like. Significantly, these anonymous messages started to appear shortly after Romanian authorities started a series of flagrant abuses against the M.I.S.A Yoga School. For those who do not know what it is about, here we make reference to the dramatic events from Romania which started with the brutal intervention of impressive so called police forces (over 300 police officers, prosecutors, agents, anti terro special troupes, army), against some innocent and peaceful people who practiced yoga. It is significant the fact that in some cases, victims of these abuses were even people that had nothing to do with M.I.S.A Yoga School. These abuses, which started in March 2004 (and still continue in the present – undercover, it is true), are the continuation of a series of harassments and attacks originating from the communist period in Romania. The first such political files against some yoga practitioners from M.I.S.A Yoga School appeared in 1984 (at that time the organization did not exist as such, as yoga was forbidden by the law during the Romanian communist regime). The recent series of abuses that started in March 2004 is well known both in Romania as well as by the international authorities. It is not a coincidence that due to the notifications sent to these international authorities, Romanian authorities received official admonitions regarding this case since 2005. Also, we want to remind you about the fact that the spiritual mentor of M.I.S.A, Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, could no longer face the threats and abuses he was subjected to, therefore he had to find his refuge in another country, member of the European union.

In 2006 yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru was accepted as political refugee in Sweden. This fact was almost singular at the time. To clarify in the light of truth some aspects, which, with a bad will (intention?), were put in a strange light in a pervert way by some of the so-called “offended citizens”, which are actually the anonymous authors of these absurd and calumnious accusations against M.I.S.A, we want to remind you that Mr. Bivolaru had chosen the political asylum in Sweden at his own will and he followed the legal procedure for receiving the political asylum. As a response to the repetitive and insistent requests sent by the Romanian authorities and due to the international treaty of cooperation between Romania and Sweden, valid at that time, Swedish authorities submitted Mr. Bivolaru to a treatment which, in the present moment, worldwide and in Europe, it is considered torture. It is significant the fact that nowadays this procedure: complete and prolonged isolation in a prison cell is not legal. Mr. Bivolaru was kept like this in complete isolation for more then 7 months, at the explicit and special request of Romanian authorities. They presented him to the Swedish authorities as being extremely dangerous. This revolting situation took place considering the fact that in Europe detention in isolation for longer then 12 days is unanimously considered a severe form of torture that can affect the psycho mental integrity of the respective human being. At the same time we also remind you that during the communist regime of the dictator Ceausescu, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru was forcefully put into a psychiatric hospital for almost 8 months, by the political secret police, which considered him dangerous because he was practicing and teaching yoga.

In 1984, at the order of dictator Ceausescu, yoga was prohibited in Romania. We hope that these facts are eloquent, together with the ceaseless denigration campaign and the furious mass media attacks in Romania (attacks which led even to endangering the life of Mr. Bivolaru in Romania, as well as to seriously affecting the life of thousands of yoga practitioners within our school, who had files made by the political secret police meant to bring their persecution in all kind of ways, including at their jobs). All these and many other facts led the authorities in Stockholm to take the decision, without a precedent, to accept witnesses in the trial that took place at the high court in Stockholm. Eventually, Sweden’s answer to the extradition request of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, sent by the Romanian authorities was decided. The trial in Stockholm was a public trial. In this trial, among the witnesses that were heard was also the presumed victim of Mr. Bivolaru. At the same time, other witnesses heard were people living in the ashrams of M.I.S.A Yoga School in Bucharest, as well as an international expert regarding sects, Prof. Rev. Carl Erik Nylund. The transport of the presumed victim of Mr. Bivolaru to Stockholm was arranged by the Swedish authorities and it is in itself a premiere. This took place due to the serious situation Mr. Bivolaru was in. After hearing these witnesses, the conclusion was that M.I.S.A was not a sect and that Mr. Bivolaru was definitely not the leader of a religious sect. At the same time, it was notified that the accusations were false (since his file was made following a political order). The conclusion was that in this situation his life would be endangered if he was extradited to Romania. Shortly after this ascertainment, mr. Bivolaru was freed from isolation and then he received political asylum in Sweden.We want to underline here the fact that to receive political asylum is completely different then to receive asylum out of humanitarian reasons. If a person broke a so called law in his own country, but the punishment he received breaks in a flagrant way the fundamental human rights, the Swedish government offers asylum to the respective person on humanitarian grounds. In the case of Mr. Bivolaru, the political asylum he received shows that the investigations made by the Swedish government have led to the conclusion that there is an unfair campaign against Mr. Bivolaru, based on political persecution. All these shade a clear light upon the lies, absurd accusations and set ups against him.

In the light of all these undeniable truths, we wonder how is it possible that these so called revelations, made by anonymous people, appeared only in this period of time and not when the presumed facts took place. As we can easily notice, all these anonymous, dirty and calumnious messages attacking, full of hatred, our yoga school are structured only around some speculations obviously false arguments, with no objective consistency.Besides, we should not forget that all these affirmations are insidiously posted only on suspicious forums by anonymous persons. The fact that none of these accusations is made by people who have a real name and address speaks by itself. Besides, as anyone can notice by visiting these discussion forums, some of these anonymous people spend almost daily more then 20 hours posting continuously many calumnious messages and slandering articles on such sites. It is normal to wonder how these people make a living. How is it possible that daily 7-8 people spend about 20 hours daily, manifesting a visceral hatred against this yoga school and the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru? We have received information from people who are in contact with the secret service. We found out that in fact these forums are open and administrated but Romanian secret service, together with the prosecution and with the former politician Adrian Nastase.

Initially, when he was prime minister, he gave the political order to destroy this yoga school and to imprison immediately yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. In the light of this information, you can easily realize who is financing these people. Some of them are ex or still active agents of the secret service, infiltrated in time within this yoga school and later on used as false witnesses for some absurd accusations, unique in this world – such as the fact that the ancient karma yoga practice is in fact unpaid work. Such people, paid from the secret funds of the Romanian special secret service with over 1000 euros per month activate as anonymous on these websites, having the dirty job of misinforming, calumniating and denigrating this yoga school (M.I.S.A). Behind their anonymity, they benefit of a completely inherent protection and impunity. As we know, anonymous persons cannot be held responsible in a calumny trial. Due to the huge wages they receive monthly, when in fact in Romania the average wage is 150 euros, such corrupted people – tools of prosecutors and secret services – who have nothing better to do then to spread calumnious and anonymous news on the internet. And if they are only some “offended citizens” who make so many fierce efforts, full of hatred, in order to show a so called truth about MISA Yoga School, then naturally we wonder why is it that none of them takes responsibility, honestly and openly, for these ideas? For an intelligent person it is very easy to understand what makes them act in this way: nobody can make responsible an anonymous person for all the dirty calumnies they invent and spread around. If these people were of good faith, considering the surprisingly great efforts they make for writing daily hundreds of anonymous letters, they would come out into the open and, openly and full of courage, take responsibility for the affirmations they make.

It is obvious that if at least 5% of those so called facts pointed out by those anonymous who claim to be knower of the M.I.S.A phenomenon were true, then those who write continuously about it would drop their anonymity and would take full responsibility, even in front of the Romanian authorities, for the affirmations they made. For example, it is hilarious that many of the absurd accusations of these anonymous persons are not even in the file against MISA, made due to political orders. Therefore, it is significant that none of these calumnious accusations is found in the files made by the Romanian prosecutors, at political order, against the yoga school. Besides, here we must remind you that M.I.S.A Yoga School, together with yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru and over 7000 yogis were under continuous surveillance by the Romanian secret service for more then 15 years (according to the declarations made by the authorities). Actually, another serious and yet sensational aspect that will unmask these low actions of these anonymous people is that, despite their serious accusations based on the 7-8 false witnesses, it has been years since the Romanian authorities did not bring any convincing proves, meant to prove any of these accusations. Here is how this furious campaign made and supported by some anonymous persons now has the tendency to spread its poison and visceral hatred against M.I.S.A Yoga School and on the forum of the International Yoga Federation. In the light of these undeniable facts presented here, we can see that the only thing these anonymous persons aim for in secret it to make a continuous scandal and to shade a bad light on the reputation of MISA yoga school, which is the greatest yoga school in Europe. Moreover, it is necessary to remind you that the abusive actions of Romanian authorities as well as the mass media full of hatred campaign against M.I.S.A Yoga School determined the authorities of the European union to take notice and to send to Bucharest repetitive warning messages regarding the persecutions both against M.I.S.A Yoga School and 20 of the best yoga teachers in this school, which are absurdly accused. They are unfairly harassed and brought to court. These serious aspects are not mentioned (we wonder why?) By these anonymous people, in the same way they do not mention the fact that Romania has been severely warned by the European commission for the serious irregularities in the justice department. Unfortunately, among them the MISA case is also mentioned. Doesn’t the fact that in the present the case of abuses against M.I.S.A Yoga School is at the top tell us something? All these internal and international perspectives are completely ignored (we wonder why?) By these anonymous people who, in this way, try to create a false and perverted image of the Romanian M.I.S.A Yoga School.

Besides, another aspect that must be mentioned here is that the only arguments these anonymous people come up with refer to the fact that Mihai Stoian, one of the yoga teachers within this yoga school, acted in porn movies. The cunning tendency to manipulate the information is obvious also in this case. He has never hidden the fact that he practices tantra yoga and, as it is well known in this ancient science, the conscious and controlled involvement of sexual energies is part of a precise methodology for spiritual evolution. Among the elements for promoting these teachings and especially in order to promote the idea, extremely useful nowadays, of sexual continence, a series of artistic movies with erotic theme was made. But they were and are meant to be, first of all, educational. Here we will not judge the quality of this action, because this is the job of the public; nevertheless, it is strange that in these messages it is evoked, as crushing arguments, the participation in such movie productions. How else do these “chaste” sanctimonious persons expect us to start creating in people a different attitude regarding their own sexuality, without showing them a completely revolutionary and superior alternative, based on promoting the ancient science of sexual continence? Instead of the mechanical sexuality, lacking love, we aimed to promote a different vision – sacred, pure, sensitive, beautiful and elevated upon couple lovemaking. But, in this context, to accuse M.I.S.A Yoga School for spreading and distributing porn movies is a serious manipulation. In fact, even the accusation that these movies are to be kept secret is ridiculous and shows the idiotic tendency of manipulating the public opinion and of bringing calumnies, because all of those movies were sold in shops, therefore they were made public. On the other hand, we must underline that, in fact, the initiative for making such erotic movies belongs to private persons who were just attending the courses of this yoga school, and not to the M.I.S.A Yoga School. Therefore, all these absurd and calumnious accusations unfairly brought against the school are only another side of these desperate tentative to denigrate and destroy, at any price, the image of M.I.S.A Yoga School.

One very severe fact we were amazed to discover was the unauthorised publishing of certain images taken from a private archive. This was done through an erotic movies distributor in Scandinavia. At the same time, we found out that this illegal and vile action seems to belong to certain messengers of the Romanian secret services. It was meant to create separation and hatred among yoga practitioners which were revolted seeing those images. Those images have never been authorized for distribution by M.I.S.A Yoga School leadership. Yet, those images were illegally distributed, even on the internet. Another vile purpose of this manoeuvre, in our opinion, was to unfairly shade a bad light on the yoga school. But the proofs we have gathered are meant to invalidate this absurd accusation: that MISA Yoga School secretly sold these private images, which have never been destined to public distribution.In the following, we offer you here, in premiere, the transcription of a discussion recorded in the presence of the owner of the Danish distribution company for Scandinavian countries. From the very beginning we want to specify that this discussion took place when we investigated the strange way in which such images, taken from the private archive of the initiating theatre Sophrozin, were published without copyright and without a written authorization from the management of Sophrozin theatre and, in a strange way, appeared publicly on dvds. Later on, they were also published on the internet by certain anonymous malicious persons. We underline once more that all those images which later on appeared (without copyright) in the movies distributed by the respective Danish company have never been and will never be authorized to be distributed publicly. Initially, those private images were and continue to be destined only to those people which are part of the initiates within the tantra yoga system. In this way, the image rights of those who appear in these shoots (images) were totally protected. It is strange the fact that those images (which were not authorised to be distributed) appeared both through this Scandinavian distributor as well as on the internet, without having approval from the management of erotic art productions. This is not only flagrantly breaking the copyright law, but it is also an obvious proof that certain people (maybe even the prosecutors), who had access to those tapes that had been confiscated during the house raids in march 2004 were aiming, to destroy M.I.S.A Yoga School – Reply to the International Federation of Yoga Forum through these vile actions. Without a doubt, those people who were not yet identified were involved directly in this dirty operation. As we have shown above, the respective footage, which later on had been distributed without any authorization, had been confiscated abusively, together with all the footage from the archive of Sophrozin theatre, by the police forces, during the house raids in March 2004. Later on, some of those private footages were made public, without having any authorization. The clarifications we offer you here are necessary, in order to be able to understand the real nature of these vile calumnies against MISA yoga school. The fact that those images (the respective footage) were made public (with no right to do so), in order to contribute to the denigration of the yoga school, was most certainly done, in complicity with the police or the Romanian secret service, who were in the possession of these materials which were confiscated from the archive of Sophrozin theatre in March 2004.

In the following we transcribed some significant recordings of this discussion:

Reporter: “how did you enter in possession of the originals of the last three movies you published?

“Barny: “I had a meeting in Fredericksburg’s garden. For sure Mikael was there. I know him well since the beginning of our collaboration… but with the last three movies it was there, in that garden. Mikael was there and he handed me the matrix tapes…and who could have been the other one?…for sure that one is the one who gave me the invoice. But I cannot remember that one. We were three people there.
We wrote the check, and then ate something… i am trying to remember here, because i am neither senile nor amnesiac. I remember clearly we were three people sitting there, but i do not remember who the third one was.

Mihai: “it is interesting that there was a third person there… can you tell us more?”

Barny: “it was Mikael, me and a third person at that meeting. It is a totally strange story. It was about some guys who use our movies and put them on the internet websites, in order to harm what they called: the “tantric sex sect”.

Barny’s wife: “but how can you modify the master tape?”

Barny: “you can easily capture the original and then edit it again. In fact, when i bought the first movies a very detailed contract was made, but when we took the images from the last three movies (the ones with the girls), the contract was very simple, only the title and the brute material (images). It was very strange, indeed.”(end of the transcription of this dialogue)

Moreover, as a consequence of revealing to him the fact that these images were sneaked into the movies of the Danish company distribution network in the name of the yoga school, with the purpose of causing as much harm as possible to the image of the school, the owner of the respective company (Barny) decided to immediately withdraw those movies from the Danish market, which were the subject of manipulation to which he had unconsciously taken part. It is obvious to any intelligent person that his decision is significant, considering that this decision will cost that company some money.

At the same time, this decision shows that the owner of the respective company had definitely realised that what he had done was illegal – to accept from an unknown person the respective movies (which did not have copyright from the erotic art company).Considering all the facts we presented above, it is no wonder that the actual report about M.I.S.A Yoga School – Reply to the International Federation of Yoga Forum is in fact a mixture of lies and calumnies, made by some anonymous people who used the anti M.I.S.A forums as a source of inspiration, where also these anonymous people had written the respective calumnies over time! It is not a coincidence that even the name (obviously, fictitious) of the one who signed the so-called report is the same name that appears to have signed most of the calumnies on that respective forum of anonymous discussions.

This so-called report continued to be sent to other people who over time took a stand against the unfounded abuses and accusations against the M.I.S.A Yoga School – Reply to the International Federation of Yoga Forum. Nevertheless, due to their experience in this field these people were able to recognize immediately the classic techniques of manipulation, misinformation and calumny. This once again convinced them that the aggressions against the MISA Yoga School are directed by groups in which people belonging to the authorities are involved. These manoeuvres convinced them once more that the aggressions against the MISA Yoga School are directed from the backstage by certain groups in which, without a doubt, people belonging to the authorities are also involved (prosecution and Romanian secret services).We faithfully hope that everything we have shown you here is enough to give to all those of good faith an image based on compelling facts and proofs showing what these anonymous persons are actually aiming to. I

f you wish to have more details, we wait for you to send your questions directly to this address:[email protected]

With respect and friendship into yoga

Yoga teacher Mihai Stoian

MISA representative for the international yoga federation

Honorific secretary of the International Yoga Federation for Scandinavian countries.

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