My First Reply To Jyllands Posten’s Allegations

May 30, 2009 | NATHA Denmark, Silent War

Here is my reply to the articles published in Jyllands Posten on the 24th May 2009. As it already appears clearer now, the articles are just a flag bearer of a systematic media campaign against NATHA YOGA CENTER with a clear agenda. I am already in possession of information regarding the next steps of this campaign and they confirm the “prophecy” made by NATHA’s team regarding the next step: finding some angry parents and personal stories. The predictability of this campaign is a clear sign of the hidden agenda behind it.

We also have shocking material that explains as a direct example the “anatomy of a systematic public campaign of lies”. To the extent of the time I have available I will aim to reveal this manipulation step by step whilst the campaign unfolds.

I want to thank you all for the messages of support and emails, I hope we will soon have again time to talk about spiritual subjects. For the moment your contribution is a great support for the cause of spirituality.

Stay tuned for more will follow….

I wish you love in the heart and peace in the mind.


Mr Orla Borg,

On my return from traveling, last weekend I had the unpleasant surprise to read the article published by JP newspaper in your name.

Counting on your professionalism as a journalist, I send you my opinion, which you had not asked for in due time, when you wrote your articles. I send you this, asking you to publish it in its entirety. It will also be published in its entirety on my blog, in case you prove to be reserved with regard to certain parts of this letter.

From the beginning I want to underline that my role as the coordinating teacher of NATHA YOGACENTER should not be mistaken with the role of the administrative council of the school. Each one does its job and the insinuation that I decide everything in NATHA is a silly calumny, with the purpose to discredit me and the yoga school and its management team. The fact that, due to my position, I am consulted by many people about different matters does not imply that I decide everything. It is more a matter of me having something to say with respect to several aspects of the school, considering that the purpose of this school is to promote yoga and my specialty is yoga.

The activity I have within NATHA YOGA CENTER allows me to be in contact with many people who ask for my advice and who are free to decide if they want to follow this advice or not and I have NEVER had a position from which I can force anybody to do what I have indicated them to do. If I had wanted to do that which you insinuate in your articles, why wouldn’t I have ensured my position in front of the others, doing so that I can have an official power of decision within the yoga school?

The fact that I can say my opinion, even in the absence of the official position of taking decisions, is because of the experience I have regarding yoga and Tantra. I assure you that this authority cannot please everybody and the proof of this is those people who are now lying shamelessly about things they previously used to embrace willingly and without being forced by anyone.

This is why it is a mistake to ask me (on Friday evening) to give you the summary of the general meeting of the association, because I am not the one who deals with these administrative aspects. These documents were handed over to the right authorities and you could have also received them if you had asked.

Another serious mistake that I ask you to correct is your affirmation that the funds of NATHA YOGA CENTER come partially from so-called “sexual activities”. These affirmations are nothing but calumnies and I am surprised you actually publish them in a respectable newspaper. In NATHA’s financial activity there is no connection to the so- called “sexual activities”. What kind of investigation did you do considering you missed this “detail”?

To help you in your investigation, you need to know that there is no financial connection between NATHA and the Tantra temple, just as there is no connection between JP and the Tantra Temple.

Regarding the connection of total dependency that you insinuate NATHA YOGA CENTER has to MISA in Romania, I firmly state here that NATHA uses the integral yoga system put together by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, synthesizing in an exemplary way several traditional yoga systems and adapting it for the needs of the modern person. This is why, regarding the yoga and tantra courses, NATHA YOGA CENTER is in close collaboration with MISA yoga school and many of the yoga teachers in NATHA collaborate with the yoga teachers in MISA in Romania as well as from other countries, regarding the organizing of seminars, courses, summer or winter camps. There are no financial connections between the two yoga schools, as MISA offered NATHA the yoga system for free with the only condition that it is followed correctly!

As a student of Gregorian Bivolaru, I was asked by NATHA to take charge of coordinating the yoga and tantra courses as well as the work of forming new teachers. My role is to ensure that the structure and principles these courses stand for are respected within the teachings in NATHA. I have to remind you that even in the case of a so-called “franchise” of a company, there is a clear discipline of the process of copying the system from one company to the other so that the system is not corrupted by deviations from the initial purposes.

Moreover, in the case of a spiritual system with all its complexity, it is natural to have a certain clarity regarding its transmission and to have a person with experience in the system to take care of this process. Only one with a malicious mind or driven by a hidden agenda can twist this situation, presenting it as an authoritarian system that has nothing to do with spirituality.

Your request for me to personally send you NATHA’s annual budget shows another serious lack of information from your side, considering you already wrote about this yoga school, and a little research would have shown you that I am not in the position of sending you such a financial situation, for the simple reason that I do not have the position that gives me direct access to this financial situation, especially on a Friday evening! I know for a fact that NATHA’s sources of income are only the course payment and the support from Copenhagen’s Kommune. Your other statements in your articles, regarding NATHA’s financial funds coming from sexual services, is blatant slander and I ask that you take them back immediately. As a coordinating teacher in this school I participate actively to the courses and activities of the school and I have never taken part in such manifestations within the school.

In fact, the articles presented in JP contain other absurd statements that I will point out in the present reply and – when time will allow – in some further comments showing also who is behind this systematic slander campaign.

I personally know Kim Schmock as well as “Jesper” and I can say with full responsibility that all the statements they made are only lies and twisted versions of the truth, with personal revenge and material profit as their main motivation.

I am surprised that a journalist with your experience was misled, without even checking the truth of these statements. I tend to believe that you know as well as I know the importance of a word once spoken, and the difficulty of taking it back. To further help your investigations, you should know that Kim Schmock has a huge personal interest in putting down the yoga school, currently being in a court dispute with NATHA over a property from which he wants to gain 2.5 million kr, paid by the work of his former colleagues from the yoga school. We have hundreds of witnesses regarding this situation, and the property is the subject of an ongoing court case. Besides, you need to know that several times his violent actions against some students of the yoga school have required police intervention, and this can be easily verified with the police in Helsinge. All these facts disqualify him from the very beginning as an objective source in the discussion you started. His statements are only the expression of a personal interest as he made the same statements several times in front of his colleagues, when his behavior required police intervention. We can provide you with video recordings of such violent episodes from Kim Schmock’s side. I also want to underline that the personal problems he has against me make “Jesper” an equally unreliable source. For the time being, I will respect his wish to remain anonymous and will therefore not reveal his real identity.

As for bringing The Dialogue Centre into discussion, I am sure the reply the NATHA team offered you (but which you didn’t publish), could provide you with enough arguments that would show that once again you were wrong in your choice of sources. Personally, I did not have ANY direct contact with those people who claim to be experts about us and I definitely did not have the occasion to keep a Dialogue with them, dialogue that is hypocritically used in the title representing their organization.

I also want to underline here some important elements regarding the initiative my wife and I had some years ago (in 2001), to participate in a project of making a series of movies which combine erotic art with an educational purpose. Perhaps this will be the only part that you will quote from my letter, as it seems to be the only interesting subject for you.

First of all, the connection between this project and NATHA YOGA CENTER doesn’t exist since the movie “The Magic passage” was made before we came to Denmark! This project was afterwards stopped and since 2002 we didn’t involve ourselves in other productions, being focused on the activities in the school. You intentionally “forgot” to put that in your articles because it would have weakened your allegations. Bringing it up now and in connection with NATHA YOGA CENTER shows a clear intention to discredit me and to indirectly to shed a strange light on the yoga school. This is a classic method to transfer some impressions to the subject you want to depict in your own colors.

This movie was made as an artistic and educational movie where eroticism is shown in a spiritual manner, offering an alternative to the pornographic productions that invade today’s market. Any honest person who watches it without prejudice can see that.

Besides, to say that such a movie was made for material purposes is completely stupid. As it can be seen in the video clip “The Making of…”, the cast and crew that took part in making this movie was rather big, and you need to know that the movie was sold by the company producing it for only 3000 euros. This amount can be checked in the contract that the distribution company has. To make such a movie with this crew and make some profit within this sum of money would be an amazing achievement, even in times of financial crisis, but back in 2001 – 2002 this would have been impossible. Therefore to connect this project with the finances of NATHA proves bad intentions that are beyond making mistakes. In light of this, it becomes clear to anyone that you had a dirty hidden agenda when you started this so-called “investigation”.

Through this project, what we aimed for was not material profit (my wife and I did not earn any money for our participation in the project), but to trigger a new understanding of human sexuality as seen from a spiritual, superior point of view, where love and transfiguration, combined with self-control, uplift human beings. We didn’t do this by breaking the principles we teach in tantra, on the contrary, we were aiming to find an artistic expression for them. In absence of material profit, since when is it a crime to openly express love and spiritualized eroticism as a possibility of personal transformation? Positioning the images from the “The Making of …” as a crime in your article, tends to manipulate the public opinion into believing something that doesn’t exist. There are so many strange attempts to represent love and human intimacy in a deformed way and they are not the subjects of a slander campaign, some are even gaining international prizes. Why is an open and honest project, done without material gain, presented in this strange light if not for a hidden agenda?

In your articles, there are also other manipulation techniques that you use in order to induce a state of fear about NATHA, as if it is a dangerous organization. Besides the fact that this is only a cheap manipulation technique that has nothing to do with the moral and professional integrity of a journalist, it also represents a grave violation of truth. The repetitive use of certain imperative warnings, as if NATHA YOGA CENTER is a real public danger, BUT WITHOUT EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANY OF THESE WARNINGS, can only put you in a ridiculous light in the eyes of those who are lucid and who can easily see this perverse strategy. Nevertheless, for future reference, I ask you to refrain from such cheap strategies and to have the uprightness to say things clearly and objectively, in the name of the accuracy you owe to your readers.

In this reply you have requested from me, I also want to show you that NATHA YOGA CENTER is an organization with many spiritual projects, which you fail to mention in order to give the image of a sect that is blindly focused on some obsessive sexual subjects. How can you imagine that hundreds and hundreds of people will allow you to libelously speak of their work and their spiritual path with such cheap dirt.

If you try to draw similarities between the structure of a sect and NATHA then why don’t you notice the striking similarity between the press campaign you aim to trigger and the extremely violent press campaign against MISA in Romania. In Romania, the press campaign has reached the limits of the absurd. Did you know that in Romania more than 7000 vicious articles were written about MISA yoga school and IT WAS NOT ONCE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO REPLY!! In this context I wonder why you do not check your quoted sources before publishing the article and not afterwards. What does a journalist in a democratic country think about this? The press campaign in Romania contained proven lies as well as statements that were not proven by any journalist and by any court. How come such a situation is not seen by a journalist who is a specialist in such matters? Is it only a coincidence that these mistakes shown here in this letter are only in NATHA’s disadvantage? Statistically speaking, in the absence of a hidden agenda, “natural” mistakes belong equally to both sides, so that in the end each one has something to win and something to lose.

I wonder why JP did not raise the problem regarding the unbelievable abuse of the yoga movement, MISA in Romania, particularly after 2004. We announced the Danish press about these events, bringing about the international disapproval of Romania, however, your newspaper did not find that subject interesting. Now, all of a sudden, you find it interesting, but without making the minimum effort to update the information and to present the situation in a balanced way.

In the name of the same balance you have to know that the Swedish Supreme Court ruled that Gregorian Bivolaru cannot have a fair trial in Romania, and one of the reasons was the slanderous press campaign against him and the yoga school. This is why the fact that you present the file – which was abusively opened by the Romanian authorities against 21 yoga teachers – in the terms presented by the mass-media and not according to correct legal terms is a strange attempt to mislead (among many others in these articles!). It makes me wonder what is it that you are so keen on proving? What kind of journalism do you practice, since you can afford such an intentional error? Considering these specifications, I ask you to make the necessary corrections and to remember that I am at your disposal with the information you need so that the investigations you make can be objective.


Mihai Stoian