My Second Reply To Shri Ajita

Mar 27, 2008 | Silent War, Social Justice


“Patience strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, stifles anger, extinguishes envy, subdues pride, bridles the tongue, restrains the hand, and tramples upon temptations”

“Before you pick on the straw in the eye of your neighbor, take care of the big stick in your own eye”.

Dear Shri Ajita,

I have answered your first message. Please understand I also have other things to do then to answer messages on the internet. Besides, I had to structure my answer so that I make myself well understood, because I noticed that some of the ides you presented in your message were unclear and they needed a proper explanation. Now, after you read my answer, I hope that the aspects related to left or right hand Tantra, as they are understood in our school, are more clear and that you are no longer so scared by the Tantric path perspective.

Nevertheless, I want to assure you with full heart from the beginning of this message that I am open to listen to any common sense advises that you have for me. Actually, I also read very carefully your first message and I hope that the answer I gave you is at least a proof for this. So far, you have only made affirmations and I answered in detail in the previous message to the points you have outlined. I am still waiting for the advice you promised. Yet, there are certain aspects which I would like to underline regarding what you had written to me. These aspects show that although you want to help me see something, you are actually not consistent. Last year, when you were our guest, you said: “This weekend was unforgettable. The Eurocongress in Copenhagen lead by the warm energy of Adina Stoian in the service of mankind, remains in my heart.”

But this year you say you have a problem with our school, which does not follow the right path. I took care of the morality of this second affirmation in my previous message, but now I would like to ask you if this 180* shift is characteristic to a wise man? When you were enchanted by the hosts of Euroyoga Congress, we were on the same spiritual path and under the same guidance of Grieg as we are now. How come you did not say anything to me and Adina? How come you become anxious just now, when on the International Yoga Federation forum those calumnious messages appeared?

I see that you insist on the Tantric system also in this message (message which you have send in a strange rush, without waiting for the clarifications you asked from me), but considering that I have already answered you, I hope everything is more clear now. The danger that you insist upon almost obsessively – regarding the Tantric path – seems to be only in your mind, because in reality, having a well structured methodology, the practitioner progresses safely on this path. Tens of thousands of practitioners, who have obtained remarkable results on the spiritual path in this school, using this precise methodology, stand as a proof for this. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to come and learn this system, having the openness for this. Later on, after you know it well, you can offer us the advices you keep mentioning. But I must underline that your affirmation, that the Romanian government is worried about the spiritual practice of people and this is why they attack the yoga school shows either an amazing naivety – for a man with your experience – or a hidden bad intention. Is this your conclusion, after all you could see even from the documents published on the internet by our school, regarding the abuses of Romanian authorities? This affirmation makes me smile. You say:

 “Your government certainly feels that danger, but can not prove it, because they are not expert in the field. You can correct your practice and your problems will vanish as snow under the sun.”

I would like to specify one last thing regarding your affirmations about the relationship between our school and the International Federation.

From the moment we entered the International Yoga Federation we acted correctly in the favor of the Federation. The proof is the two congresses we organized in this period of time. These events (At least the congress in Bucharest) were by far the biggest events I have seen so far within the International Yoga Federation. I believe you are aware of this reality, honestly. But when it was the attempt to impose on us to organize this year a contest of so called Sport Yoga, we said that this branch is not traditional and that we do not wish to compromise yoga. In fact, we showed at that time (perhaps you remember the message Grieg sent to Swami Maitreyananda) that sportsmen often use yoga to improve their sportive accomplishments, but that yogis do not use sport in order to improve their spiritual accomplishments and not even their yoga practice. At our suggestions, the International Yoga Federation agreed to also organize in Copenhagen (when we will meet I can give you the entire file with messages from the federation), besides the Sport Yoga Contest (as this had already been announced), a contest of traditional yoga, which we then named “esoteric yoga”. In Copenhagen, you or anyone of the guests did not have a problem with this (as it can be seen from your own words, which I hope were honest). After the end of the Congress in Copenhagen, the leadership of the International Sport Yoga Federation (which is different then the International Yoga Federation) said that they disagreed with the fact that we changed the rules of the contest and added that section.

In the meanwhile, the International Yoga Federation decided that MISA should organize in Bucharest the World Congress together with the World Congress of Sport Yoga. Due to the fact that the International Sport Yoga Federation did not accept anything from what we had suggested and in order not to compromise the idea of yoga through this pseudo world championship of sport yoga, we had to renounce organizing this world championship. BUT THIS WAS OUR DECISION AND NOT THE DECISION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SPORT YOGA FEDERATION.

After this decision was taken, the decision of the International Sport Yoga Federation to no longer communicate with our Yoga School appeared. At the same time, though, in the talks I had with Swami Dayananda, president of International Yoga Federation, Swami Maitreyananda, the former president of the International Yoga Federation, Carlos Miguel, president of the European Yoga Alliance, we agreed that the International Yoga Federation will sustain an international congress in Bucharest. This congress should be put on the agenda of the international activities of the federation, but it is different from the world congress, which includes the sport yoga championship. NOTHING was mentioned in any of these discussions about what you say in these messages. This makes me wonder: IN WHOSE NAME DO YOU MAKE THE AFFIRMATION: “you must also be aware of the fact that the International Yoga Federation is not happy with MISA”? WHO GAVE YOU THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE SUCH AFFIRMATIONS WHEN THOSE RESPONSIBLE WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ALIKE? The final affirmation, that the IYF sustains or not our practices – which you wrongly call “left hand Tantra”, is absolutely hilarious. It was never discussed within the International Yoga Federation which practices are sustained and which are not. Moreover, the intense focus was on “unity in diversity“. Therefore, this affirmation belongs to you and it is an authority abuse.

I hope that by pointing out these things regarding your letter, I did nothing but to respect the open and honest dialogue between us. At the same time, I expect a real concern regarding the abuses in Romania, because those are real problems and the international spiritual community should look into it.

I wish you love and peace

Mihai Stoian.

ro.gif Pentru varianta in romana apasati aici.

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